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  1. yes , i did go overboard. who started this topic ?nimesh . why ? because he had just bought his linea and wanted to do ANHC bashing and tell the world that he made a "sensible" decision amongst the two. his topic about accessories pricing could have been directed in the right spirits , but sadly was'nt so.
  2. buddy let it be launched first . then we will make the comparisons too ! guess u may have heard it - dont count your chicken before they are hatched. can assure you fiat petrols cant even come close ... forget competing ! be it the battle of ANHC vs Linea. or the jazz vs the GP.
  3. @ sudeep : indicas/indigos are mostly used as taxis. thought you were aware of this fact. indigo xl ... do you know the sales figure ? ANHC sells 4000+ units per month. does the indigo xl (your "premium" sedan) sell even 40 ?. would'nt be surprised if tata closes the door on xl. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU OPT FOR FEATURES RATHER THAN THE CAR. LINEA OWNERS TAKE NOTE ! @cartoos : yes , hondas are not used as taxi. wondered why ? because they have expertise in only petrol engines. they have'nt yet gone into the diesel territory. nobody's even "close" to them when it comes to petrol engines in india. tatas and fiats years behind if not decacdes. BTW , no one would like to run a petrol taxi when diesel options are around ? correct me if m wrong.
  4. dont even compare ANHC and a tata indigo ! one is a premium sedan whereas the other is a taxi .
  5. well thanks for the concern sudeep. atleast i wont be running around tata workshops after buying 2 indigos . have said that before ... but how on earth can you commit the same mistake twice and please for christ sake correct the FE figures in your signature . 30+ on an indigo ? what were you thinking ?
  6. oye congrats autofreako ... i've booked the same machine man. should be getting my dreamcar tomorrow. BTW , how much did the 1st service cost you. want to know if it is actually "free" service as honda claims or do they charge you for the consumables ?
  7. appreciate your views guys ... @ coolboy : i'l stay clear of ur linea since u wrote the same in post. but beware if i am in my ANHC , u'l only see the dust emanating from my tyres ... yeah guys booked the SMT (habanero red) , thanks to a "JUGAAD" managed to get it at the old prices 8.56L on road in delhi . no there's no waiting period . freebies ? u guys have already bashed honda for their stingy attitude , so u know they are'nt offering anything. that i'm getting it at the old price and saving 31.5 k is a big deal man . you know what is the height of cost cutting ? you wont believe it ! they are'nt even offering mudflaps ... but i am still picking it over the linea (as for reasons said above). yes you may call me dumb , stupid , etc etc but cant help it guys ... am hooked onto it ... BTW guys , you should thank me as i share most of the credit for taking the thread so long ... i guess you will atleast agree on this !
  8. @ coolboy : nothing personal ofcourse man ! i dont know any of the members ... so no offense from anyone . finished my exams ... got nothing to do ... so thought of some linea bashing ( linea owners are gonna kill me for sure ... )
  9. @ flash : yeah have booked one. should be getting it by day after tomorrow. ( at the old prices though ...) @ rahul : so you say that collisions happen mainly because of the fog ? grrr ... can you support the above statement with some stats ? talk sense dude ... @ coolboy : ecu remap ? i hope you know your warranty gets void ! knowing the already poor a.s.s of fiats , god forbid if s'thing happens to the engine ... you will have nowhere to go
  10. yeah man would'nt be surprised if button makes it three in a row ! button n barrichello are driving their best ever cars !
  11. so you are comparing the FE of a diesel vs petrol ? . and whos it his karan raheja ? do you everytime go to him for a query ? or is he an auto god that his opinion has to be shared with one and all ? i though people here had "a mind of their own" rather than blindly following some raheja ... @ Zoomy' date=' FYI, Karan Raheja is a member of this forum and an owner of ANHC so speak with some respect towards other members. I hope you understand what BUILD QUALITY is, its not about features, thats an alltogether different thing. ANHC is over 140 KGS LIGHTER than Linea Petrol even though it has a bigger engine. This speaks for itself about why Honda compromises Solid built for FE. Noone having a family will count poor build quality as a PROS for his car if it helps in 1-2 more FE. In the event of an Accident, solid built cars protect you a lot. Thats why Skodas are famous here, not that you will be immortal in a Skoda and Fiats but safety on a whole increases. Even if one opens the Bonnet of two cars, he can make out which car has good build quality lol [/quote'] i guess you are trying hard to sound more smart than you actually are ! as i said before abs/airbags/ebd is standard even on the base variant on the city ... compare this to linea . these safety features are only as an "option" on the top end variant . knowing the money-conscious indian auto market , i bet 80 perecent of the people will NOT buy the topend variant thinking the features are not really required and are an expense ! now my friend you tell me , that if a linea and a city meet with an accident ... who would survive : the city with abs/airbags/ebd or the linea without these features ?
  12. so you are comparing the FE of a diesel vs petrol ? . and whos it his karan raheja ? do you everytime go to him for a query ? or is he an auto god that his opinion has to be shared with one and all ? i though people here had "a mind of their own" rather than blindly following some raheja ...
  13. i'l like to throw some light too on your respective points : 1. linea more fuel efficient than the ANHC ? are you for real ? the world knows sans you that honda is more FE. 2. A.S.S is improving ? and how would you know that ? are you having a database? 3. linea better ride quality ? well that is purely debatable amigos ... 4. city's looks are gonna be outdated in a short period .... ??? dude its the most futuristic looking amongst the contemporaries ... i've could understood if you would have said the same for sx4/fiesta ! 5. poor build quality ? please dont mix up with the poor features list on the ANHC 6. yes , here linea wins hands down. no comparisons here. NHC is shockingly ill-equipped . barring pt6 , i dont agree with you. as sharash said , personal preferences !
  14. i never said its a VFM car in any of my posts. yes it is expensive , yes it has less features than the competition ... but then you buy a car ! not features first and then the car ... features dont make a car man ! look at the indigo xl ... its got a million features more than the ANHC ? so is it a better car ? all i want to say is features itself dont make a car ! whats the point with a loaded car when an a-star moves past you and u fail to catch up with him ? you gotta have a "decent" engine in a 7+ lac car. the puny 1.4L engine fails miserably to do the job !
  15. okay guys ... come on one by one . @rahul : no dude , i did'nt say anything about the burnout. this was hinted at cartoos who said linea was just a sec slower than the actual 5 secs. as u see from the above posts , the a-star and the wagon-r are quicker than the linea. i wanted to clarify that it is a terribly underpowered car which people are not ready to accept. if u've spent 7+ lacs on a sedan , you surely want to atleast beat the a-star and the santro ! or you are happy trailing them ? u said it : "linea satisfies the need for NORMAL use " ! so if you want something more than the normal ... look elsewhere ! @ cartoos : if fiat brings their "best" engines ? what best engines man ? the 1.4 L FIRE is not even in comparison with the i-vtec ! i am just waiting for 'em to launch the 1.6 L. that will be the "end" of petrol sales for sure ! hope u guys remember the fate of siennas/petras. they are languishing in the 2nd hand market and going at 80-85 ks. lineas gonna join them soon. all the best with your fiats.