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  1. Thanks Indeed the driving experience is awesome. Now getting mileage of around 13 kmpl in Kolkata's stop and go traffic. As the car has done only 250 kms so will update more about milage after some days. Yup the tyres will be change to XM2+. And I know what you mean .
  2. Thanks all.. Also I'm not able to see the Estilo's picture. So I will upload it's picture once again.
  3. My first ride was the Zen Estilo. Which was bought by my dad in the year of 2009, it's a car which is close to my heart as it was the first car in the family and also because that I learnt to drive in this car. I can say that it's a hassel free car, low on maintaince, light on pocket, easy to drive in the traffic of Kolkata. But out on the highway this car has some drawbacks like Bodyroll , too much vertical movement at high speeds and some times the engine runs out of breath. But still it's a good car for city commuting. We have never planned to sell the car until the car met with two acciddents, luckly though both of the time no one was injured. After that my dad planned to sell the car but I told him not to sell the car as the car is very relaible, the car also has very less KMs in it's odo. It has run only about 13000 kms. So the plan for selling the Estilo went to cold storage. But I always wanted own a car like Swift. So it was decided that the Estilo will stay in the garrage and my dad will use it for his office commuting and we will buy a new car. But suddenly everything changed and due to space constraint my dad told me that he wanted to sell the car and as the problem was genuine so the Estilo's fate was decided. And we exchaned the Estilo with new Swift. design(our old car) In the meanwhile one of our relatives had to settel in US so he gave me his car's keys and told me to look after it as he didn't wanted to sell his car and eventually that car was also a Estilo the new one though. before deciding any thing about Swift we shortlisted some cars those were, 1) Swift Petrol 2) Polo 3) Ritz Petrol 4)i20 Petrol 5)Figo Petrol The Polo was ruled out due too its ASS was totally unknown, Figo was ruled out because too me it's petrol engine is underpowered (personal opinion), Ritz was ruled out because of its tallboy design. After many brainstorming sessions and many sleepless nights we decided to buy Swift VXI. So we booked the car from Mohan Motors Kolkata and the booking was a nice experience and after 2 weeks we got our new car the delivary process was hassel free and I can say that the sales executive has done a fantastic job through out the process. So it was time for driving home the Blue bird but before taking it to home installed ICE and did some puja. Now let the pictures talk.
  4. thanks thanks. Sure I will share informations and pictures about my new Swift
  5. Thanks Thanks.. I will start ownership review thread on both the cars. Thanks
  6. Hello guys. I'm Kaustav from Calcutta, joined this wonderful forum some days back. Thanks to the moderators for accepting my membership. Me and my family owns two cars and they are Zen Estilo 2009 and the new Swift which is the new member of my family just got it delivered last week. I think myself privileged to be part of this great community and hope to do my bit for it. Cheers.