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  1. Maruti doesn't test their cars on road??? Yes. I am quite sure that this is not going to be here at least till end of 2014!
  2. But why is the panel gap so huge. I am unable to visualize the beauty of this Machine..
  3. Looks like the Fiesta Hatch.. if it can give a killer pricing like the ecosport... It would be awesome. The tail lamp does not look like the ford focus. So must be the fiesta Hatch...
  4. Wrong. You have to try the vehicle before advising someone. It is the only available luxury hathback below the mercedes A class. There is nothing in between. With the indian greed to have more, hatchbacks dont find too much of space. We will not on any day get the fiesta hatch, i30 or even the sx4 hatch. The i20 is the best possible luxury hatch with maximum features that we can buy in India. It is an absolutely refined car with ample power. Both petrol and diesel. The petrol is one of the quietest and the diesel is more powerful than the Maruti's and is in the league of punto 90 and Vista 90. Will be a great buy.
  5. Companies have to remember that, the next priority for an Indian after economy is looks. Thats why fortuner, XUV and Duster had huge waiting lists immediately after introduction. But as a company, mahindra must try all possible options to make the vehicle survive; the last of which will be 'discounts' before withdrawal. It has happenned to many brands in India.
  6. I am sure micra will not any day revolutionize the indian Market. But the upgrade looks quite striking
  7. The discover 100T is absolute crap. Bajaj has to learn the basics of physics once again. In the last 15 days, I have seen at least 3 different instances of people skidding off the bajaj latest 100T. When bajaj knows to up the power, It has to know that, it has to stiffen the chassis and provide meatier tires. Shame on you bajaj for not worrying about people's safety. The skinny tires immediately skid on hard braking. Take a leaf or two from yamaha's book. And people, When looking for a bike's price, power and mileage, please look for its safety options too. after all you carry your precious family along.
  8. Absolutely. The Xylo, Aria and Innova are the only available true third row seaters. Wish Tata had not priced the car so ambitiously. Aria would have been a great car with a good third row seat. In fact, of all the huge ones I have driven, the best 7 seater is the ARIA in terms of ride, handling and the feeling of power; even more than the XUV 500 for precise steering. Coming to the topic of discussion, all the manufacturers in the market for sometime know that even if their target customers are stupid enough to ask for seven seats even if they will not use it through out the life span of the vehicle, they do not want to lose market share to competitiors. All of them are following suit. Probably a day will come when the extended TATA marina with 7 - 8 seats will come for under 6 lakhs and make people feel like owning a cab when they buy a car with 7 seats. And that day will change everything.