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  1. hey rki2000.... I dont know also what is happening with the indian bike manufacturers, they are not innovating...they keep adding some little stuff to the bikes but no big changes at all!! Definately Yamaha refreshed the indian mind by bringing these two new great bikes to our market! Despite being great looking they also provide us with great technology and quality!!
  2. Hey Guys, check out this video of the actual champion of MotoGP. http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=7kmGnxOlvks On this site :motogp.com you can also see some more nice stuff!! And also on the yamaha-racing.com....which is a site only for racing part of Yamaha!! Really nice!! also possible to check the new YZR-M1, bike for the 2009 season!
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean, but actually I want a bikr to stay for a while with it!! And I am not sure if the Pulsar would last so long w/out problems..I will check how my money goes till there and probably go for the Fz.....I feel more confident in buying a Honda and Yamaha than the others!!!
  4. yeah true, FZ is an amzing bike, I also had a test drive and loved it!! Yamaha really did a great job on this 2 bikes and surely will contonue to bring us nice stuff like this!!
  5. wow man....that was really bad.. to fix this bike it would spend the price of a new one, better to sell it this way...also the chassis must have bent.. really bad that happen to a brand new bike, but at least the rider is safe!
  6. Yeah, this Honda seems pretty interesting....I am still saving money for the bike, so maybe till I get the money this one is out, lets see.. But even if not I am going for Yamaha, bluesapphire has a point there, bajajs are not reliable, cant compare with Yamaha nor Honda... cheers
  7. Hey Guys, thanks a lot for the replies, it really helped!! I actually was already keen for the FZ but those doubts always come up!! Checking I could see the FZ is way better and nicier!! So I will probable sticky with the FZ, and besides that it is an Yamaha bike!! Yeah, lets see if until i get mine anything shows up!! Thanks for words guys!! Cheers
  8. Hey guys!! I am considering of buying a bike in the next couple of months and the two that came up in my mind are Pulsar and FZ 16. I am leaning for the Pulsar due to the cc and also its FI, but I have heard a lot of FZ 16 and loved the look and the riding... What do you guys recommend? Please post your opinions with the cons and pros of each or just why I should go for one and not the other... Thanks for the replies, this will help me make my mind up!! See ya
  9. yeah, the bike is really nice indeed!! very beautiful, with great technology and performance on it!! Yeah, this pain in back I can imagine how it is, I am also no used to this type of bike (Sport) and got a lot of pain also when I drove it once...Me myself dont like the sport style bike, I would rather buy the FZ 16, more my style, like a Fun bike!! Cheers
  10. I think glad is okay also between the listed ones!!
  11. wow, it seems we have a Hot top really... FZ 16 is on top by far from the others!! Yeah, it seems that this bike has really caught the people, it caught me also!! lol...Congrats for the the pool and Yamaha for the great bike!
  12. Exactly what I think anjan...Either you buy right away because you feel and know that is a good deal or be patient and keep looking till find something nice!! Thanks for the comments, and will let you guys know once I buy it...It will probably take a while though, aroung March...but lets who knows earlier! Cheers
  13. Yeah, I am not surprised also!!! Do you guys know if there is a way of attaching a file here?? I could attach the one I got... cheers
  14. Hello All, I have received a Doc which shows a test with R15 and the other 3 mentined on the subject, made by Media Review , No 3!! Its a ppt file with all the pages of the test....I tried but couldnt attach it here!! What do you guys think about this? They did the test on the roads, track and city...R15 had the majority... Congratulations to Yamaha and R15 owners!!!
  15. Yeah I know what you mean, I thought the same, a 90's one for example is too old, would give me a lot of problems... Yes, I found a guy who is fan of Royals and he will help me to go to search and buy the bike!! The problem with a new one is that I am staying just 1 or 2 years with the bike, thus I think I would lose a reasonable amount of money... Cheers
  16. Hey people!! I am considering buying a Bullet 350 for myself, I just loved the bike first time I saw it!! Does anyone know where I could find some good secondhand Bullets in Delhi?? And also how old should I get and what would the average price? Im kinda new here so dont know that much.. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  17. yeah..the engine I also think it is pretty crap...Honda has the CBX 250 Twister with carb that makes 24hp...It is a good difference...A picture below.
  18. Yeah man, thats something I thought too...now that they launched these 2 great looking bikes they have to keep up in the same way. This would be nice to make a FZ 25...I would love it..
  19. Hey Guys!! Do you think that if Yamaha launched this bike would it make success? I mean, after having launched 2 innovative bikes... SPECIFICATIONS OF FAZER 250CC: Engine = 4 stroke SOHC Transmission = 5 speed Engine Capacity = 249.0 cc Max Power: 21bhp @ 7500 rpm Max Torque: 20.5926 NM / 2.10 kgm @ 6500 rpm Compression: 9.80:1 Bore x Stroke: 74.0 x 58.0 Dry Weight: 134 kg Tank Capacity: 19.2 litres Fuel Injection Battery: 12V 6AH Electric Start Front tyre: 100/80/17 Rear tyre: 130/70/17 Suspension Front: Telescopic Rear: monolink/monoshock Brakes 282mm Disk up front 130mm drum at rear Please let me know what you guys think about this bike??