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  1. I drive a verna crdi vtvt (diesel) since 2009. Starting week1, the vehicle had a curious starting problem. After several excalations to the management, the problem was rectified temporarily only to resurface again. Interestingly, no one from the local hyundai workshop was able to identify the root cause. I must have written to the management on umpteen occassions only to get a service manager contact me to understand the problem without a meaningful resolution. What I could gather from my limited knowledge, there is particular key coding problem owing to which sometimes the yellow indicator in the panel lights up and stays constant which means the circuit is complete and the vehicle will start. Whenever the same lits up and goes off, the vehicle will never start. When I infiormed the workshop, they did recode the keys but the problem comes back again making the vehicle very unpredictable to drive. Otherwise the car is awesome to drive in terms of power and mileage. How do i get rid of this problem permananently, is there anything that I can completely change in the keyswitch circuitry so that the problem can be corrected. Till date its a mysetery that even Hyundai motors could not solve. Will highly appreciate if someone from the forum can throw some light and guide.