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  1. You can get Optra Magnum Diesel on road at Rs.1009000 on road top model with three years package in Delhi november 2008 manufactured car in GM yard in Gujrat
  2. nitesh

    Skoda Laura

    only rs. 60 000 and i have news that till 30th april 2009 they have given skoda laura at rs.12.49 lakh ex-showroom Delhi and that also top variant
  3. todai i saw in zig wheels newspaper that skoda laura ith all features is available at Rs.12.49 lakhs ex showroom delhi ,so is it worth to buy skoda car ?
  4. no airbag , no usb port , no steering control
  5. i read it somewhere and i do not remember
  6. we Indian are foolish we buy car at such a high price and call it value for money go to hyundai america website and see why i am saying this
  7. booking is 20 to 25 days
  8. yes it has been launched but not officially dealers are booking with 20 to 254 days delivery , price are same as posted earlier no change inside and they hace done cost cutting and a cheap audio system is here and interior features are same but new colors are available they had just called old verna and attached something and called it facelift verna and reason is they are launching avante in march with all goodies and to make another segment