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  1. I was happy on launch of Xylo IT WAS BETTER THAN EXPECTED. There were few BASIC DRAW BACKS IN EVITABLE. ( 1) VERIABLE GEMOTRY TURBO. (2) 4x4.(OPTION) 4X4 ECM option( no sticks) (3) ALL FOUR WHEEL DISCH BRAKES( The basic version should by accomodating from their own stable)WITH ABS.(Internal Expanding Drum are obsolite Techno TO DISCARD) 4.R.P.M.METER. 5.The TYRE STANDARD FITMENT to be used 265x50x15R or 16R. for GOOD TRACTION. 6.CRUISE CONTROL.(know all A class & METROS are FOUR/SIX LANE. PROVISION/OPTIONAL TO BE GIVEN FOR FITMENT FOR OFF ROADERS OR SUPPLED BY MANUFACTURES EXTRA ACCESSORIES :- 1.To instal fit GPRS. 2.Winch fitment Provision. 3.Alt.Meter. Inclo Meter. Compass. 4.Adjustiable Steering. 5.Adjustable Eletronic sturt. (TO AVOID SWING MOVEMENT) 6.Spot Light/Fog Lights Higher end should . TCS. SRS.System. AUTO TRANS OPTION. SUN ROOF. FITMENT PROVISION/OPTION. For REVERSE CAMERA.(as tail gate is to high and diffcult to veiw from driver seat ,rear end lower would be diffcult to veiw.) I want know to the DIFFRENCE m HAWK & m.EAGLE. CHASSIS FRAME DESIGN CHANGE SUGGESTION:-M&M SHOULD WIDEN WHEEL TRACK ON ALL MODELS WHICH IMPROVE ROLL OVER STABILITY. JAMSHED. KAMDIN. AHMEDABAD.