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  1. well rki2007 , i am also a cbz user nd i am getting around 50kmpl now with good oil and new sparkplug even i have d same 03 model things i did 1-changed my spark plug to ngk g-power (rs130) 2-used motul with STP which improves mileage and smoothness of d bike 3- regular check up - i give my bike for service every 2500kms or will not exceed 3000 kms on d same oil if u know good mechanic ask him to decrease d power only little nd only do this if u dont like to speed up in short distances pick up will reduse but not so much one more thing only do this if u want mileage and hav some money change the carburetor to cd100 or platina ur mileage will go to around 65kmpl my friend has done this to cbz nd is getting 70kmpl but power will decrese by 20% if ur top end is 120km thn it will only go 100km or max 105km nd he is usin ngk spark plug one more thing u can do is instead of ngk g-power if u have money change to ngk iridium sparkplug i have bought it but still not fitted it to tell d real increase in mileage nd power it costs 550 rs waitin for d service to correctly tune nd clen d bike b4 using iridium plugs