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  1. Nice review. As you mentioned the two cars are in different leagues and both offer good VFM
  2. I think they should remane the punch line to "Worldcup of Ferraries" to "Worldcup of the nations".
  3. I have voted for Karun. I have always believed that he is a better driver then Narain (who is pretty good himself) and Karun deserves a shot at the pinnacle of motosport.
  4. Spyker has a great driver in Sutil and one of the best technical chiefs in Mike Cascoyne. If Mallya can pump in the cash, and manage to get sponsors for the team from India, theres no guessing how far he will go. Reading his recent interviews, he sounded quietly confident of pulling out a coup next year. Lets wait and watch.
  5. With the recent updates to the car the team seems to be performing well, atleast in dry conditions. Heres hoping that either KC or NR get to drive in F1 next year.
  6. I think the name of this topic is sligltly insensitive. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> You cant just go around saying that you HATE a car, especially when there would be proud owners and prespective buyers for that car on this board. One can say that he dosent like a car, but HATING a car, how can anyone hate cars?
  7. Congrats Karun, you have won on a truly great circuit, and came close to winning on probably the only one of Tilkes real circuit, Turkey. Hope you keep the form going and treat your fans to some more podiums if not wins. Way to go!