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  1. Racing...

    the last time I checked this was a democratic people are entitled to their opinion.. be it love' date=' hate, disdane, adoration..

    So yea.. I dont think theres anything wrong with saying you HATE something..

    You trying to tell me you have never hated anything in your entire life? WOW.. you should be up for a sainthood then!

    Since you are the first one to discover that quality in me (sainthood), I leave the honour of nomination to you.

    Theres a difference between democracy and being sensitive. I can explain it to you if you so wish to.

  2. I think the name of this topic is sligltly insensitive. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    You cant just go around saying that you HATE a car, especially when there would be proud owners and prespective buyers for that car on this board.

    One can say that he dosent like a car, but HATING a car, how can anyone hate cars?