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  1. i will suggest u to go for the swift since it is the best car so far with good looks nice interior and more over very good average.
  2. u can wait for jazz since she will acctually be jazz in its class.
  3. I will suggest u to for for fz16 well if u can wait a while honda is launching its new bike just like stunner as it has come in bike india thins month. Like stunner is to shine a cbf125 same like unicorn will be to the new cbf150cc just before monsoons.
  4. Well as for the price it was mentioned in the text of that magzine that it will come for 10lac.. it is not me who is saying. It is Auto car india. I will find out the article and post it on the net for you all to see. Give me time to go over the magzines.
  5. the car is really good i said safari reason that when u sit in xylo in to drive the car it is just the feeling because of the height of safari. and yes safari is my fav. suv but now I have changed my desire for ford Ende..amazing car dude.
  6. Yes how much did it cost and a nice review I guess.arjunb252009-01-23 17:02:38
  7. The cars which I am having is a honda city v-tech 2 years old and a tata indigo diesal 4.5 years old. Which I am planning to sell and go for a swift diesal
  8. Well I had seen the pen drives like 32 gb in palika bazar. Well to my surprice I saw a customer buying it and it acctually showed 32 gb but one more thing I saw it was a catch these people they run a software before showing to the customer which I dont know what it does it changes the file to show 32 to 64 gb.
  9. Well a 3inch cusion for front half portion and a 4in gata for the back then it was all made in 3 to 4 parts so that the shape could come out well it just costed me 250rs. For getting this beautifull shape well very soon i will get a black color seat put on it. and the mirrors are comming. Been oredered to the company. My stock one they were taken away from my friend since he really liked them.
  10. nop no idea but have been infor.. that they have open some place else. Where dont know may be check on the yamaha website. If they have the information.
  11. well if u ask me stunner. and it is stunner today because of this machine only this machine the company has been ranked 2 position where sale and the category of the company is there. well the latest news which has just arrived is that the company is going to launch a 400cc bike and a 1000rr by next month. With a big launch in delhi and mumbai only.arjunb252009-01-22 18:51:47
  12. well why have u not added honda unicorn in the list well i think that bike also deserves alot. it is the best bike with a good handle one and selling also like a hot cake. Where as speaking for fz16 well it is a new bike i have driven it and is a good machine with the handle and everything but there is no compa.. with honda since they are the best better than any bike.
  13. it is giving a look of toyota inova and xylo
  14. A Hard Disk Drive (hdd) has moving parts - the disk rotates at5400/7200 rpm and can get damaged easily due to minor shocks. Hdd's for mobile applications have sensors that lock the components when they sense sudden shocks - so the playback skips as the drive can't read data when you are driving over a broken road (similar to CD's).? You can notice this with any modern laptop being used in a car. Flash memory(pendrives) don't have any moving parts and are better suited for car's as they are immune to bumpy roads. Also' date=' most common HU's have a limitation on the size of the media supported by the USB input. So your hard disk may just be too big for your present HU. Modern Hdd based HU's are just entering the mainstream ICE market and are still beyond the reach of most buyers.? The best thing about technology is - it gets cheaper and commonplace over time . So I'd wait for those just a little bit longer. [/quote'] Hi what are u saying brother i bought an external hardisk from delhi nehru place for a genuine shop 1.5 years back it is 80 gb hard disk with warrenty for 2500rs. now these days the computer market has gone to a toss a 8gb transend one cost for only 999rs. and if u wana go for a external hardisk with a capacity of 160gb then it will cost u 4000 rs.
  15. I agree with this, i am from u.p and here the cars if going on the highway u cannot think of going on this car since from allahabad to kanpur the road is good no doubt with the good national highway 4 lanes but before that 40 km is like hell for this car sure and short you will notice that there is something missing in the car.
  16. The price tag is too much for this kind of a segment. 8 to 9 lac.
  17. well i have driven both the cars well there is a very very tough 2 chose between both the veriants. Since both are good. Well maruti is an old brand no doubt and swift performance everyone is aware with. on the other hand the new I20 is new to the market that is the other thing that i10 has made its name in the market but it is not that this car will also because it is new for all of us. See the price tag difference is there between both the cars. I will say if u can wait for the performance then I think it will be a nice advice from my side and if not then I will suggest u to go for swift diesal. Very good car my uncle is driving it and he is appreciating like anything. On the other hand with i20 the kind of goodies they are giving with car it is a class in its own since these kind of facility most of them is only with either civic or sokada cars so far i know. That u will not get in swift.arjunb252009-01-22 18:04:29
  18. does anyone have the snap.
  19. these are the best pictures i have seen. Nice work guys
  20. Well good for the mumbai people well if I am not wrong it is already there in Delhi
  21. just waiting for 2010 since there will be alot to discover plus the auto expo.