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  1. The Autocar Forum has a Skoda on it
  2. Since when did Eurpean markets and Indian markets start getting compared. The highest selling car in India has been the 800. Now take it to UK and try to sell it. Understand the markets first before throwing up such questions.
  3. Nice review. HAve to admit you are good with Photoshop.
  4. Looks good, what is missing though is an extra cylinder and a few more bhp. The rpm should have been analog and the odo digital. Good job TVS.
  5. Awesome pics dude. And yes the P220 is a good ride, could have been better though. PS: Why dont you wear more protective clothing? Stunting can be dangerous.
  6. Spitfire


    Hi guys, Nice to see a forum on autocar. Good to know publications and manufacturers are supporting such forums. And hope thay take some things from here, I tell you there are a lot of great folks around. I am on a lot of other forums both national and international, this forum is new and probably has to go a long way. Also we would like to see more involvement from the Autocar Team to answer queries posted here by members. I see a lot of familiar faces here, way to go guys. This place seems familiar already.