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  1. Thank you SG, Cyrus, Durango and SB all your advices are very very valuable to me, as most of my friends who have got these mods done to their cars were quite hesitent to give the performance details and i think they are facing most of the common problems reported by you all. I think i will get the stanley seats, Exedy clutch, Aura company alloys(still thinking about this or other company details are kindly required), pipercross filter, NGK spark plugs and I still need advice on what company make Free flow exhaust should i opt for that should be good for both performance and fuel efficiency. Once again Thanks a lot for your advices.

  2. Hello Friends, I own a 2005 model Getz GL model and i am happy with the car and i have no plans of buying a new car but its been long since i have made any kind of modifications so now i wanted to know an experts advise regarding the below mentioned mods.

    1) Can i fit the car with an good after market air filter like piper-cross or K&N, along with NGK spark plugs and what advantages will i get and what about performance and mileage?

    2) Whats the advantage of fitting an Turbo charger and what about performance and mileage?

    3) What are the advantages or disadvantages of fitting alloy wheels along with low profile tyres.

    4) The silencer on my car has started to rust and has broken in few places for which the service center has welded the silencer and now the vehicle has dropped on mileage so can i fit an free flow silencer if so the advantages and disadvantages and if i can fit then the make and cost of the silencers.

    5) Can i fit the car with a rear defogger and a rear wiper blade.

    6) A good brand of actual leather seats and padding for the doors, handles etc and is there a dashboard fitting too? if yes the cost and details.

    7) What kind of head light conversion should i go for, a HID light conversion or a bi-xenon fitting and do these last for long time and is it RTO approved if yes then the brand and cost.

    8) Any other modifications that actually help improve the car in all aspects will be humbly accepted.

         I hope i will be getting an encouraging reply to my queries and also the place to buy these parts from in Bangalore.

                  Thanking you and eagerly awaiting reply. Have a great day.

  3. Hello,


          I am seriously planning to travel around India in my Bajaj Pulsar and so can anyone please advice me on which company bike jackets, Glows, knee gaurd etc to purchase. I have two indian companies namely DSG and Cramster. Which among these two have the best all round all weather and great looking and practical jackets and glows available in the market and the price they are available for....Hopeing for someone with great touring background and an expert in this department can answer to my doubts.

  4. Hello, I read your oppinions about the safe ride abs system and must say it is very effective and really safe and also easy to fit and the cost that the company is selling is also justifiable. That abs has saved me many times under hard brakings. I have it fitted to my Discover and my Pulsar my friends Suzuki GS150, Apache RTR 180 front and rear, pulsar 220 front and rear and they are very very happy by the results. Its easy to fit if you can get the instructions read properly. I think it can be fitted to R15 without any problems.

  5. Hello guys, i read in the above articles that some of you guys are not very keen on bajaj's achevements. Firstly the first version of Pulsar was in collaboration with Kawasaki and engine was perfected by the japan giant who i must say and as mentioned above have vast experience in manufacturing bikes and Hamara Bajaj is still growing now. The twin spark technology was definetly developed by other bike manufacturers like Peugeot, Honda, Harley Davidson, Enfield etc but these were big bikes with above 500 cc capacity but it was bajaj, on its own that made the worlds first Single cylinder small capacity dtsi engine and the Discover was the worlds first 125cc Dts-i technology engine and so Bajaj has all the rights to patent it. Now Tell me how many new inventions have the oh so perfect Hero Honda introdused on its own? Then why is bajaj been so hated for its efforts? Bajaj is definetly not perfect but hey its giving us products thats in par with other bikes in the market that is its own creation and improving it also. 

  6. Im regularly opening the form and so far i have'nt faced any such problems. But i have one request though, can you please put a home button on the main page because some of the news on the home page will not get posted in the form and when we want to read the home page we have to reopen the home page. So please make this change.

  7. Hello to all. I want your oppinion ang suggestions regarding purchase of my next bike. As most of you know I am a proud owner of a silver Bajaj Discover Dts-i 2005 smiley10.gifsmiley10.gifsmiley10.gifsmiley10.gifsmiley10.gif model for which i had asked priviously posted as Discover modifications. I have done some new and refreshing modification to my bike. I will post the pics soon. I recently travelled to Mysore on my Discover and found the trip very tiring and unconfortable, in the city she is brilliant but she is not a highway prefering bike smiley9.gif . Hence I want to buy a second bike and have decided to go in for the new 2009 edition of the pulsar 180, 200 or the 220. Now I am crazy about the 220 smiley1.gif and want to go for it for shure but i recently took a test ride of the pulsar 180 and boy was i suprised by that bike and its engine. It felt very refined and no vibration even above 80 kms smiley4.gif. So this got me thinking about the bigger pulsar, so what do you guys suggest, what do I go for, the new 180 or the to be launched 200 or 220. I will wait for the bikes but i need your suggestions and past experience for the 200 and 220. smiley5.gif Please do not suggest me any other brands smiley7.gif for I have a brilliant Automobile engineer smiley32.gif working for bajaj and he is nothing but a genius and only he will be servicing the bike.

    Thank you and sorry smiley9.gif for posting such a long story....awaiting reply soon...smiley4.gif

  8. Hello guys, I read a lot of reviews about the Pulsar 220 and now the news doing round of an upgrade is on, so i took a test drive recently and found that the bike is very good, may be there are problems with it and i am hoping to buy the upgrade version. So i need all of your opinions about my decision to buy the bike...

  9. Hey nice work, but the price may be on a 2 lakh plus or minus range, I don't think it will be priced at one lakh. Its been imported you say hence the price should be high. Hope that kawasaki introduces the high end bikes from its range in the future. Anyway please post any further developments about this bike 

  10. Hello Darxide. Thanks for the advise and i will not carry out any kind of modifications that will harm the bike. I will keep her as classic as possible and also decided not to sell her. Next year i might buy a new bike but i will not sell her and also the fact is that the asking rate for this model is very low and for the money that i have spent i don't think its worth it. It shall be a classic case of guys keeping thier old yamaha and so on....I have plans to improve her astetics by making some nice looking changes. I will post the pics let me know about your oppinion.....

  11. Thanks man, my bike will be 4 years old tomorow and she had clocked 55,555 kms a week back after this i and my friends went to mysore on our bikes. They where on there new under one year and higher capacity big bikes, but still i was just behind them and that too at the speed of 80 plus, no troubles, no vibrations and no sigh of slowing down even after continous riding and by friends admired her for her capabilities and guess what i filled her up with the usual fuel shell super for 300 rupees and we did about 289 kms that day and then after we got back she ran for 134 kms more before she came for reserve. After this if anyone complains that bajaj makes non reliable bikes then i would suggest that they kindly ask the owners of the old bajaj models who will swear by their bikes...... I will carry out some minimal modifications that will harm the bike in any way...I will kep you posted about that..

  12. Thank You Anijog.. I love that machine it was the bike that I wanted to go for and that's the bike i got, that too on the 5 th of may 2005 and i got the keys of the bike at exactly 5:00 pm that makes her 05-05-05 at 5 pm and i did'nt ask for it.. It was fate and i am not complaining....and Im not going make unwanted modifications and make her feel horrible or cause problems to if these mods are harmless and functional only then i will carry out the mods...

  13. That bike has been with me for the past 5 years and has been delivering all fronts...And hey why are all you guys surprised when i said 50k. the amount i have spent on fuel and i only use shell super that costs 5 Rs more than normal fuel from the day i purchsed the bike, service for every 2000 Kms without fail, addind a front disk brake assembly, new flexible indicators, Ind number plates, fitting the original instrument pod which has the tachometer, getting the rear swingarm painted to silver from the original black, fitting of the rear tyre hugger, fitting of the ignition on off swith of pulsar instead of the ride controle switch, getting the engine gaurd painted silver, fitting of new tyres, irredium sprk plugs 8 and 9 numbers, fitiing of K&N filters, rewinding the dynamo to increase the head light power, fitting of europe made original phillips 55/50 bulb, using of only 100% synthetic oil from Mobil one or Motul, washing the bike every second sunday and using mettle polish for mettle surface, crome polish for cromed surfaces, plastic polish for plastic surfaces, leather polish for the seat and tank cover, non greecy tyre polish and all thse items are from the well known brands only and good colleection of stickers and endless amount of time spent on maintaining her..Its my bike and i like to keep her looking good..and hey if she looks good then i look good, You can call me obsesive or anything but that's who i am.My bike is my extention of life and I feel proud when people stare at my bike and ask me questions about her....Ok, Now you do the maths for your bike and wonder about the actual amount you have spent on your bike and then compare it to mine...and tell me how much you have really spent...huh what say...

  14. Thank you Cyrus.. i have actually done all the mods you have mentioned one year back itself, but i want to visually and mechanically improve her capabilities even more...hence i am requesting all your advices...But i will take care of her and i don't have any plans to sell her, because the asking rate for her is under 20k and i have probebly spent more than 50k on her so far....

  15. What will be the problems if i fit a 90/90 17 tyre or the MRF 80/80 17 thats on the honda Stunner, to the front rims..I am currently using 3.00 17 rear tyre on the front of my bike, it wobbles because of a defective centre tread..but otherwise has done a lot good to my bike in tearms of road grip....So what do you guys suggest...

  16. Hello... My name Is Irwin Dsouza. I own a Bajaj Discover Dts-i 2005 Model. I got this bike on 5th may 2005 that makes it 05-05-05, and since then she has been running absolutely problem free...She does'nt have alloy wheels but the most shinning rims...I want to improve her capabilities even more and would like you to give me your technically sound sujjestions and not dumb coments like i got last time..So here goes..

    1) I want to fit the GRS Rear suppensions of Hero Honda Hunk.

    2) Can i fit a Fuel Injector system that bosh offers as coustom made product.

    3) I want to fit the front suspensions of Yamaha FZ16, that too upsidedown if possible or an coustom made suspension.

    4) I want to make the seats a little bit broader to help me in my long drives.

    5) I want to make the gearbox into a 5 speed unit.

    6) I want to fit a free flow exhaust that isn't too noisy..

       Kindly specify the neccesary and important methods to follow to make these modifications with the availability of the genuine parts in bangalore. So I am expecting a technically sound professional to answer to the above quiries and not some dumb jerk who only knows to comment about these mods..Hope you will reply back soon. Irwin Dsouza, Bangalore.. 

  17. My friend's brother in the month of may 2007 bought a second hand palio 2004 model and since then he has been servicing the car at concord motors, bangalore, he has faced no problems with service and all the parts required was fixed within the same day. Tata has defenetly given all the support to Fiat. I know that the service will continue because both the companies are depending on each other.