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  1. Hello to all , heard and read the good news that Fiat India has recorded good numbers for Linea, hope fiat makes it this time for they deserve to be in the race. How can we forget that fiat was the car that was dearly loved by the families back in the 80's and 90's, they were great cars and still are running strongly alongside with the indicas, logans and so on in the taxi world (in Mumbai). Iam a great Fiat fan and my uncle also owned a Fiat 1100, even Jay leno has a White/ pista green Fiat 1100 in his garage and he appreciated the car for being a sensible and great family car. Fiat also anounced that its 500 has sold more than 46 numbers, this made me feel very happy And even TATA has been giving good service backup to the old fiat cars, and if everyone is still complaining about the bad service given by TATA then kindly contact any old fiat owners who get thier cars serviced by TATA. So Congradulations Fiat and wishing you more success and record sales for the next comming models and hoping to get my hands on The Baeutiful and dynamic looking Linea....