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  1. dear bhalchandra; thank you so much for suggestion but the problem is how do i contact the senior members of HONDA. regards capt shashi tokas
  2. sir; 1. special attention for HONDA PEOPLE . 2. Its been more than 10 days for my veh getting stuckup at lally motors patiala. I have been ringing up the sevice manger plus the customer care people .sending various mails . But to my uttar dissatisfaction nothing is being done. 3. As a customer of HONDA i am feeling CHEATED on your part. As my veh is just 03 months old and is under 01 year warranty period. 4. I am a serving army officer and running from lamp to post to get my veh back. visted twice to lally motors leaving my job,made several std call's but no reply. 5. just wishing that my this message is heard and some action done by HONDA PEOPLE to safeguard the goodwill of HONDA.
  3. sir; 1. Thanks you for ur concern. Its been more then 10days i have been in regular touch with lally motors in patiala and customer care dept in gk delhi . But my problem is not being heard .They always say we'll come back to u .No one is giving me satisfactory ans . 2. I have personally visited twice to honda motors in patiala .sir i am a seving officer and dont know much to technical details of car and there way of functioning. 3. I am facing lot of domestic problems ,feeling as if i have been CHEATED and done something wrong by buying "HONDA CAR".these people are just not bothered what there customer is facing . 4. Ill be greatfull if you could help me getting in touch with senior honda people. regards capt shashi tokas
  4. sir; 1. Thank you for your concern. actually there was a burst sound in engine and when i opened the bonot of car the coolant pipe was leaking . later from lally motors in patiala i came to know that the connecting rod has broken which hit the side walls of block (engine). 2. I have been daily contacting the customer care ppl as well as the service manager lally motors patiala but no one is paying any heat to my problem. My veh is under warranty period. 3. sir ill be greatfull if you could guide me a way out.
  5. Hello everyone 1.I am capt shashi tokas posted at patiala. 2. I have purchased Honda city from lally motars karnal .car no HR99CK(TEMP)6570 in the month of nov2008 with one year insurance cover. 3. The car got some mechanical failure and unable to start.I contacted prestige Honda in patiala on 14 Jan 09. 4. since then i have been in regular touch with the service manager but my problem is not being delt properly . No clear conformation is been given to me. I have also contacted customer care complain no 10900577. 5. If anyone spare some time and guide me a way out i'll be greatful. regards capt shashi tokas