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  1. I hope that Grill is optional. I have never liked those body coloured grills. Alloys are same as that of the City. But i like the Enkei Alloys sold by Honda. It's price was around 50k earlier but it has been reduced to around 20k recently.
  2. If you want to buy a diesel hatchback then go for Figo. If you are looking for a diesel sedan i would suggest Vento Diesel. Go for a diesel car only if your monthly running is atleast 1200 kms.
  3. I would suggest you to go for a BMW 320 CE. It's a good driver's car and is well priced. For your 2nd car you can also consider a SUV(new or used) since you are fond of SUVs. I like the Audi Q5.
  4. @ garg.vineet : Good decision. Even i would suggest Sportz variant as rear wiper and defogger are useful features and you also get the well integrated music system
  5. I opted for oil change in 2nd service which was at 3months/5000km.
  6. Fabia is too old and i am not much impressed by the Polo either. You can wait for Punto Sport which will have better performance. Figo is a very good car and i feel it is the most vfm diesel hatchback right now. i20 has better performance and you can go for it if the price is not a problem. I would suggest i20 Asta.
  7. I know i am late but nevertheless Congrats sir. Civic is an amazing car and it will be very reliable in the long run too.
  8. @ mac and rahul : Yes they did change the oil. Service cost inclusive of oil change. Toyota is even better in this aspect, Our Altis has done 20,000 kms in 21 months and total service cost till now is Rs.2900(1300 for 2nd and 1600 for 3rd). @ anjan and vr.46 : I shall upload some pics within few days. I don't mind the low sales as it makes it exclusive. Regarding the price and vfm factor i will express my views soon when i upload some pics. @ sgiitk : Sir they did change the oil. I opted for Mineral Oil. tanmay872010-06-26 10:31:36
  9. @ kinshuk : I got my second service at 10,000 kms which was around 14 months from the date of purchase. @ goenkaushal : Yes the difference was around Rs.360. I will look at the break up and let you know. The dealer said that synthetic oil is used only for Landcruiser(among toyota cars).
  10. @ rahul : Yes i agree it is overpriced by around 50k but was the best overall petrol hatchback for us. Got done with the 2nd service few days back. Total cost came to be around Rs.1100.
  11. @ mods : Logged in today after many days and i see that the other posts in this topic are missing. Why were they removed?
  12. Update on my Altis : Done with the 3rd service(20,000 kms free service) few days back. It costed Rs. 1660 including taxes. My Altis has covered 19,600 kms in 21 months. Total Cost of Service till now is Rs.2960(1300 for 2nd service).
  13. I would suggest you to go for 3 series corporate edition. It is a good driver's car and it is close to your budget. But you may not like the ground clearance. As rssh said you can also consider Freelander 2.
  14. I don't see much takers for Micra especially when the likes of Figo and Beat are doing well. According to Motobeam, bookings for Micra start today.
  15. Thanks BF. I only got 10k discount after some pushing. The problem is Honda is not giving any discount, the discount is being given by the dealers and the dealer here was not giving any discount. Additional 10k discount was available in December though. There is only one dealer in the entire State(Orissa).