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  1. check this maruti versa on the road back from shimla though one spare wheel is seen quite on few vehicles here but two wheels on back of this car is like hacing two backups
  2. i in anyways never liked the looks of that woods impression, which just kills the fresh and better looking dash, which feels like a fake wood is being fitted into.
  3. some of its pics of interiors from ukarine site which might be similar to ours. these were three GP spotted at Mum-pune highway
  4. u-va is a good small hatchback but as others said its due to get a facelift, so if u can wait till then do so.Also getz is a good car to have with ample of space and quality on hyundai, and also is a good car.
  5. saurabh


    if you can stretch your budget , have a look at new i20, much better built with enough of 295L of boot space with loads of features to have.Out of Dzire and Aveo, if looks are not your concerns with swift and also of its rear space, nothing wrong in going for dzire, but aveo is far superior in its quality and is a perfect sedan, along with GM 3yr maintenance offer, but with the company in fiancial trouble, do rethink before opting.CHEERS!!!
  6. no archit no ikon or rather ford, its expensive to maintain, as compared to others.For me maruti,hyundai,tata are of the same league as far as maintenance are compared which are cheaper to others.more or less all these 3 costs same, was though impressed by hyundai's built quality, tata though not gr8 in plastics and all but overall a good car with that price.Any idea about dicor engine of TATA, how does that perform
  7. hello all, i had a look at new i20 few days ago but was not able to get test drive as they didnt had a vehicle for that. Its a neat work done on this new vehicle, but what i thought was this car would be bigger then getz, but to my surprise, the rear seats are not even that comfortable as my indica, getz rear seats seemed more better then i20, else its rich with features as you all discussed here, with good 295L of boot space for a hatch, but i thought they could have given few more inches on its rear seats then this.Also to mention that if you are 6" then steering also gets very closer to your thighs, which again i didnt liked it as compared to my indica, so i cant pay 6 and half for just features only.
  8. from last few months i've been ceeing lots of getz on my roads, which were not seen then dunno why along with few crdi.
  9. hello balchandra, yes they are my concers as my parents needs good comfort, as well as i have guests visiting round the year to also a bit of boot, which is why i thought CS would be a good option with this price bracked, but when went to see getz, even that was a good car which had good space and good ride,
  10. well i went through different sections in this site and no where i came to know abt new indigo cs, rather a new indigo on vista's base is suppose to come, so is this a confirm news abt CS version too getting new launch guys???
  11. i second this after your detailed explanation, go for a new one.
  12. hello all, though i am not an expert but still feel that a honda vehicle is far more better to own then fiat's not because fiat doesnt have good products line but they fail badly on their service,backups, customer satisfaction departments which any customer would want to have along with his car owned.
  13. archit well i20 is almost 6.5 k and the rear space is not enough, infact it was lesser then my indica so not that, and for vista, i am already having one indica so dont think ill go for another indica but what would u say for indigo cs lx dicor model is it worth goin for, which has good boot as i need... but doubt to spend that on tata's cars..