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  1. The international companies come to India with only one motive of making profits only. They try to carve out a nieche image for themselves trying to tell us that everything Indian is crude and only they offer latest (sic mostly internatonally outdated) technology to us. We Indians have also proved them right by going all out after the Hondas and Toyotas which have been priced twice their international prices but then these are those Indians who stach up money by dubious means and have no qualms about spending it just the way international companies expect them to. When we are behing as per their expectations and buying those cars with our eyes closed these companies cannot be blamed
  2. Well in that case you also need to factor the wages being paid to employees in India which are almost 1/10th to that being paid in US or UK. You also need to take in to consideration the cheaper establishment costs in India besides the machinery that is used to produce cars in India by these companies is the one uprooted from US when the models are phased out there and are inttroduced as new models in Indian Market. All in all the difference in tax structure is nullified by the cheaper labour and cheaper raw material in India. By Purchasing Power Parity one dollar is equal to 10 rupees. By that standard you can just calculate how much extra we are paying for the cars when compared to US citizens.
  3. My order of preference would be: 1. SX4 because MS sells the same model with similar specs in India as it sells elsewhere in the world and the indian price of 6.2 lacs is close to international price of 15000 US Dollars. 2. AVEO A good car with high ground clearance as required in India with acceptable costs of maintainence. Moreover the indian price of 5.9 lacs is just a lac more than its international price of 12000 dollars. 3. City Though a very good car but highly overpriced. Honda doesn,t sell it in US. In US the base sedan model is a CIVIC priced at 15000 US Dollars. Comparing the indian price of CIVIC to that of CITY the city is overpriced by 3lac rupees. Well is honda fleecing INDIANS by selling outdated models at double the international prices of its cars. 4. Verna Not a good car. Doesnt have brand value. Is available in US with better specs for just 10000 dollars i.e Rs. 4,00,000/-. Highly over priced like Honda City. 5. Fiesta It will cost you an equal amount of money to maintain it for four years whcih you would have spent in buying it. Just too expensive for Indians