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  1. by CIDCO grounds , do u mean bandra krula complex ?? apologies, i dont know much about mumbai
  2. TVS is one company thats for sure coming up with some crazy designs and at the same time is keeping themselves completly in check with the international levels. just hope they do the same efforts with some bigger displacement bikes.
  3. specially when you are doing this , you are one of the most noticed persons on any bike, and on a 220 , whole different story altogether. FuelRunGod2007-09-25 22:52:26
  4. Hey fellows this is my first post on Autocar, i have been participating in the SPEED RUN even from the past 3 years and have taken gold for the past 2 years in the fastest wheelie competition. As far as my views go, the puslar 220 is definatly the best bike in its class, after the bajaj guys fine tuning the bike and eliminating a few minor faults, the bike is a machine that can surprise many. for the indian motorcycling industy the pulsar 220 is a sure shot stunner. Here are a few of my pics on the bike : Note From Admin: Please read on How to post Images in the Announement Section. I have resized them this time. FuelRunGod2007-09-25 23:08:02