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  1. Hello folks, I am a newbie and so I have a couple of very naive question regarding tyre pressure I am on a Swift Lxi running on stock MRF tubeless tyres. a. How frequently do I inflate the tyres(given the fact that they are tubeless)? b. Is it mandatory to maintain the Maruti recommended tyre presuure as the ride quality becomes a stiff.Any recommended tyre presuure for Swift Lxi. Cheers, Lavish
  2. @anijog...Do they (Service Centers) allow to watch the servicing of the vehicle. How do I reconfirm...or just accept at face value....
  3. @sudeepd The car is one month old.I had read that metal particles get into the system for a new car....and so an engine oil change is advisable. @anjan_c2007...Thank you for the suggestions @DnDs I guess that makes sense.As the car has run very less...the engine particled will continue to get mixed...at what distance does this stop happening?
  4. Hello Friends, My new Swift Lxi is going for the first service this sunday.(1000kms/1 month).I couldn't manage 1000 kms as it has run only 300kms(this is my first car ).Can the gurus please give advice/suggestions/pointers for the first service(like if I need to change the engine oil,do not use syntetic oil etc) keeping in the mind the distance that the car has run. Thanks for the help guys... Regards...Pinaki
  5. Thank you sudeepd.I have booked the car with another dealer.
  6. Hello, I had booked a Swift Lxi 1.5 months ago in Azure Grey colour.I had insisted on a 2009 manufactured model and so was ready to wait for 1.5 months for that.But now the dealer(Fortpoint,Thane) is saying that Lxi 2009 manufactured model is only available in Black. Have anybody had a similar experience before? What do you think I should do as I do not want to compromise on the color? Any suggestions would be helpful. Regards, lavish
  7. I was suppose to take delivery of Swift Lxi in 2 weeks.I had just given the booking amount.Now they are saying that the price is increased by 8-9k. One question that I have: If Maruti says that the price hike is by Rs 5000(for e.g Swift Lxi) what is the effective price hike? Why is there an anomaly between the 5K mentioned by Maruti and the one said by thier authorized dealer? Thanks, Pinaki
  8. What do you mean by effortless driving? Does it mean changing gears less often? I took a TD on both the cars and found i10 to have a bit of rolling which was not there in Swift,the other reason being a difference of 20-25 K on road price.. Thanks...Pinaki
  9. Hi, I have just booked a November 08 manufactured Black Swift Lxi.Was able to arrive a the specific month,year by check the VIN Number.Initially I was really confused between Hyundai i10 Era and Swift Lxi.But when I saw the differnece was only 20-25k, I opted for Swift.I have just learnt driving and that too on a Maruti 800. My questions: a)The car that I bought was already displayed at the showroom and after checking the VIN number opted for it.Is that a problem or should I pick one from stockyard.Is a 2008 manufactured vehicle going to pose any problem for me as I am buying it in Jan 2009? As I had told I have just learnt driving.I have heard that Swift is very difficult to park and drive specially in congested places and is prone to scratches dues to its contours.Is it true and what advice would you give to a newbie? c) Have I made a correct decision in opting for Swift Lxi? Thanks, Pinaki