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  1. Most of the Nanos will be for family use , and no boy racer is going to buy the Nano( the 0.6 liter version ) . It's job is to ferry people from one point to another in comfort and safely and it does an exceptional job in that . Why are you guys talking about it's performance . and 0-100 in 17 sec is not bad at all considering it's also very efficient..
  2. Guys I own a Fiat palio stile 1.1 . It has done around 2k kms and its very underpowered . I use it mostly for weekend outings with five people including me on board . It simply refuses to climb steep roads even in second gear . It is very annoying especially in ghats . Is there any way i can get some more power without compromisng on reliabilty . Where can I get it done in Bnagalore , how much would it cost ? please help . you people are my only ray of hope .