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  1. We have been hearing a lot on Mahindra
  2. Hyundai launched Accent eco LPG Posted: 21 May 2009 05:05 AM PDT Picture of Hyundai Accent Eco
  3. Hyundai today launched LPG variant of its Accent. Christened as Accent Eco, the car can run on both petrol and LPG. Accent Eco LPG comes with two year manufacturer warranty. According to Hyundai, the LPG tank in the Accent eco has a special
  4. LML is back! LML has come up with a 150cc version of its popular scooter NV. According to LML, this 150 cc NV can deliver a fuel efficiency of 55 km/litre. LML NV 150cc is available in two variants - base and deluxe. The base version of lml NV 150 at Rs 39,897 and Rs 40,800 (ex-showroom Delhi). For the time sake, LML NV 150cc will be available only Delhi and Ghaziabad but LML is believed to its market in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Assam.
  5. the much expected Kawasaki Ninja is all set to scrotch indian roads soon. In 2008 Delhi Auto expo, Bajaj announced said it woud assemble Ninja in India at 2008. But ever since the announcement was made, Bajaj has been mum on the issue and Ninja fans was left clueless. But today Kawasaki offficals has come forward and announced the Ninja would be here in India in 2009 itself.
  6. Hyundai reiterated its stand to facelift its decade old but most successful small car santro. While Hyundai phased out the santro following the introducion of i10, but continue to sell the santro on account of good response. To further augment its sales, Hyundai will launch the facelifted santro before the end of 2009. However the changes will be limited to styling which means the same engine will power the santro. Since its launch in India in September 1998, Hyundai has sold 9,84,418 units in the domestic market. The price new santro might remain the same.
  7. Car sales continued to show an impressive growth in April 2009, compared to sales in the corresponding period last year. While Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motors grew by 9 per cent and 4 per cent respectively, sales at Mahindra & Mahindra increased by a whopping 36 per cent. Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) too saw an 8 per cent increase in sales. A number of factors have helped maintain a positive sales trend in the past few months. Significant among these are the two stimulus packages announced by the government in December and January, reduced lending rates and the election-related boost to demand. See Details ? Domestic car sales in April 2009 Manufacturer Apr-2008 Apr-2009 Change Maruti Suzuki 59,539 64,857 +8.9% Hyundai Motor 21,501 22,247 +3.5% Mahindra & Mahindra 13,560 18,447 +36% Tata Motors 14,843 13,410 -9.7% Honda Seil 3,400 3,656 +7.5% Fiat India 400 1,205 +201.3% Mahindra Renault 1,713 550 -67.9%
  8. Maruti Suzuki?fs managing director Shinzo Nakanishi has spelled out his company?fs roadmap for the future. He indicated the company?fs plan to launch a 600cc small car. ?gThe Suzuki 660 cc car is a good car for the Indian market, but it will take some years to launch it here.?h But the cost recovery could be one of the main issue hampering cervo prospects in India. Maruti Suzuki recently commissioned an engine plant for the K-series engine, which powers the A-star and upcoming Ritz. ?gWe have to recover this investment first. Once that happens, we?fll focus on the 660 cc car,?h said Nakanishi. ?gThirdly, the 660 cc engine needs to be upgraded to meet Bharat 4 norms, which push up the cost of the car,?h said Nakanishi. Contrary to earlier media reports, Nakanishi said Maruti Suzuki will not phase out its popular model Omni. Instead it will work on the engine and upgrade it to comply the upcoming Bharat IV emission norms. However, he admitted that 800 will be phased out from 11 major cities. He further stated, the Maruti Suzuki engineers tried but failed to make the cut. ?gEvery month, we sell about 7,000 units of the Omni on an average. That?fs a good number and we would not like to let go of it. Our engineers are working to upgrade the Omni?fs engine to meet the new emission norms, so the Omni will not be phased out,?h he said. ?gWe have had no progress on the Maruti 800,?h Nakanishi added. On the sagging sales of SX4 due to the advent of new models like Fiat Linea and Honda new City, Nakanishi said ?gthe company is weighing various options to increase sales of SX4??. ?gOne of the solutions is to bring a diesel SX4 but we don?ft have a big engine as 1.3 litre engine (used in DZiRE) that we have is too small for the SX4,?h he added. On the various conflicting reports on Kizashi coming to India,Nakanishi said Suzuki is scaling down development of large cars following preference of smaller vehicles in the global auto market. ?gThe market has changed and SMC has now stopped developing such big engines. Now they are developing a 2 litre engine,?h Nakanishi said. He further stateed that the if Suzuki launches the Kizashi in Japan then it would make it to India.?hIf SMC launches Kizashi this year in Japan we will think of bringing it in India. Otherwise, SX4 will be our biggest car here.?h
  9. As Indian auto market shows signs of recovery, Toyota plans to follow the footsteps of bigger luxury car makers like BMW,Mercedes and Audi. The much expected Lexus brand will foray into the indian market soon. The luxury car market seen a growth of 22% last year.
  10. Renault which has indefinetely put on hold introducing its cars in the Indian market from its upcoming plant today said that it would introduce two new models. Mahindra - Renault
  11. I know they are the exiting figures but they are tested under standered condition not on Indian road.
  12. No longer you have to harass your friend by asking mileage. Society of Indian Auto Manufacturers has released official mileage figures of all car models, these figures are achieved in standard test conditions. But atleast you can use this mileage figures for reference and check your car