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  1. oh !!! of course i'll give you all a ride. & 1 last thing. should i also see the Merc CLS ???? if it is worth, i can spend a little more
  2. yes, i'm 15. actually my father wants to buy in my name
  3. all right then, i'll test drive the audi a6 & the bmw 5-series. tel me if any import is available
  4. well, i was thinkin of the volvo s80??? is'nt that nice ???? & r there any options of importing a car ???
  5. well, the e-class. i dont want to go for it. its an old car, & spending this amount of money on a car thats just going to be replaced is'nt the right choice.
  6. hi, you'll be glad to know that i have rs. 60 lakh in my pocket & i am keen to spend it on a car. well, all i need is a nice 4-door luxurious sedan. i've seen the buyers guide & found out that there is no nice sedan in rs. 60 lakh !!!! either u have to go up to 70 or come down to 50. u have any opinions ??? any upcoming car ??? any import ???
  7. well, leave that old one. this is a new one, so i say lets carry on with this, & BTW, now its ur turn. so, post a pic & it can ba concept or a production car, no limits.
  8. Rules and notes for Guess The Car (GTC) Hi all, this is how GTC works in steps. 1. I will post a picture of a car. 2. Who ever guesses my car will then post a picture of a single car, and so on. 4. If the person does not post a picture of a car when it is there turn, after 24Hrs (or so) the person who last posted the picture will do it again. e.g. Say X posts a picture, and Y guesses it, then it is Y's turn. If he does not post a picture within 24 hrs (or so) then it will be X's turn again kk!!! i hope u all have under stood, so here's the first pic :-
  9. & plz plz plz, do not use my presentation for personal use. plz. i dont want my 5 yrs. hardwork & effort to be dumped. i'm telling u all about it only 'cause i want the big people on the world of automotive to know about it. For e.g. Mr. Hormazd Sorabjee. so plzzzz.
  10. & whoever wants to see my presentation, plz pm (private message) me ur email address so that i can invite u to my community. BTW, i'm uploading my ppt presentation on
  11. i can easily upload it. but i'm having 1 problem. its 100 MB large & my internet connection is'nt capable enough to upload it quickly. it either stops in between or does'nt give any speed. i'm going to have a visit to a web world this saturday. so i'll upload it from there. i'm sorry but you'll have to wait till then. i really want to show it to you all.
  12. ok !! i'll do that when i'm done, i'll tell you all.
  13. but how can i send it ???? its more than 100 MB !!! & it has 560 slides, not 530
  14. oh !! sorry, i by mistake wrote '' !!! that is 'cause i'm a member at both sites & a subscriber of both magazines !! but of coarse, autocarindia is much better
  15. Hi !! I'm Praveg Maheshwari from Jaipur. I'm 15 yrs. old. This is mainly for the admins of I wanted to tell you all that i have made a huge presentation on Indian Cars. It has around 530 slides & is more than 100 MB large. It has all the cars which r available in the showrooms in India. Each car has a front, rear & interior image along with its name, its company's logo, its on-road Delhi price & a 1-liner on each car. It also has all the upcoming cars with a front, rear & an interior image with its estimated price & its due launch date. I've worked for more than 5 yrs. on this presentation. Now, its fully updated with all the recent cars. Thanx,