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  1. i need a lcd monitor for my car. it will run on my pioneer cd player. it should be below rs10000(it could be more cheap)(cheaper one would be appritiated) it can be of any brand sorry for bad english
  2. i think palio stile is much better than others
  3. what are some cool and cheap accessories for my chevy uva .it could be any thing and from cheap i mean below rs500
  4. i want to buy small(small to medium) speakers for my uva as in it space provided for speakers is very small. so please recommend me speakers. my budget is around rs2500.
  5. you should try u-va its a good spacious and fuel efficent car.i booked it and will get it on 31 st.over all service pakage of gm makes it mouth watering car
  6. i went for base model,cashmere color and i got discount 0f rs25000.
  7. you can get it in omni(i have seen one)
  8. the car is overall good but its back is like a disaster
  9. i will definitely not buy that car cuz its look are very bad but its good for students or girls
  10. my cousin has a lenia petrol he,s getting milage around 12-13 kmpl
  11. i booked u-va.i will get it in my home on 31st.i am very exited.... thank you guys for your true replies.
  12. i want to know weather chevy is offering 0% interest or not
  13. i can go to dealer but i want some help from you ppl cuz dealer can cheat me but you will give me true answers cuz auto car forum is always true.(my reply is not ment to harm you in any ways i am just giving clarification to ur reply)
  14. @ Krace i want a car with space , feul economy. my monthly running is 200 to 300 budget can not increase 4.25 lakhs
  15. i want to knoe waiting period of u-va in haryana
  16. i am interested in the discout given by the chevy on u-va(Rs30,000).can any body give me details on this offer amd tell me the waiting period of u-va.
  17. vibhor currently i am very confused can you confirm me another thing will the new uva have model changes also
  18. i think you should go for spark
  19. i thing that jazz would be agood and spacious car... just wait till its launch