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  1. This question i had in my mind and wanted to know Whenever i have gone to ask for buying car speakers - the first name in the dealers comes is JBL and they insist that this is the best u can get in market my question is there are so many brands in speakers - pioneer,polk,infinity what is it that JBL stands best among the rest what uniqueness JBL speakers have which no one speakers have
  2. how much JBL speakers cost Front 4 inch 2 speakers Rear 2 speakers
  3. Hello All one request I brought Pioneer 2190 car audio - i wanted to know which brand speaker to go for pioneer or JBL . both - front side and at the back Please give me model name so that it is easy when i go for purchase Budget is 5K Santro is the car - I am not interested in amplifier set up - just as this suffices my basic needs Thanks in advance
  4. Hello friends I have a request Please help me to overcome this problem kind of nightmare now for me. On a hill road , on a road which is upper ( flyover) i get tensed when stopped in between - i mean when the car stops for traffic,signal etec I mean car always goes back since it is slope - and behind there are other cars standing by ,always a chance that it will hit the back car. what should i do - help me with the technique so that next time if i get stuck on the hill kind of road what should i care in mind ? and when the cars start moving forward slowly how i should drive
  5. Dear all Thanks in Advance for your valuable time and advise I wanted to know which brand name of car shampoo is really very good.? Also which brand wax polish is really good ? I plan to buy tommorrow The goal is the car should look absoluletly new and people should ask me when did i purchase this new car
  6. i take your note so if i decide to have JBL amplifier can u tell me the model number
  7. 5u3zEr0 what would you advise me then
  8. My budget is 3k and i plan to buy sony Xplod? Amplifier - this fits my budget - request you to please let me know how is this before i buy I have pioneer 6150 + JBL speakers in my Santro AMPS i want to add now MOSFET Power Supply Maximum Output Power: 2 Ch x 110W at 4ohm Maximum Output Power: 1 Ch x 350W at 4ohm Maximum Output Power: 2 Ch x 150W at 2 ohm Rated Output Power: 2 Ch x 60W at 4 ohm(1.0% THD) Rated Output Power: 1 Ch x 130W at 4 ohm (0.1% THD) Rated Output Power: 2 Ch x 65W at 2 ohm (0.1% THD) Low Pass Filter (Rear): 80Hz, -18dB/oct Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 97dB Dimensions ( W x H x D in mm): 321 x 55 x 200
  9. Dear All Request - Thanks in advance I need to buy the 4 inch speakers JBL is the brand i have decided Can u give me the model number - which is the best available for 4 inch in JBL --Praveen
  10. Dtandon are u in bangalore - let me know would like to speak to u
  11. Yes sorry for the late reply It is for Santro car behind 6 * 9 speakers should i take hard one and air tight one
  12. hello Have a request can u please tell me 1 what care should be taken while buying parcel tray where speakers are fixed 2 how it should be - tight , heavy - light 3 what thickness 4 what care maintence required 5 how much a good branded will cost ? Thanks in advance
  13. 5u3zEr0 he wants to go for co axial mode you suggested blau paunkt - what model number would you suggest for 4 inch one in front and rear
  14. Dear All Thanks in advance. - I have a request on behalf of my friend - he asked me abt pioneer speakers, well i thought this is the best place to get good advise and correct answer. Note - my friend has decided to go for ALL PIONEER SET only and not other co brands. Which is the high end speaker availabe for Front and Rear - what model number would be the best combination. Have a 6050 HU ready Front is 4 inch Rear is 5.25 inch , car is Santro. co-axials mode and not component one.