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  1. This question i had in my mind and wanted to know Whenever i have gone to ask for buying car speakers - the first name in the dealers comes is JBL and they insist that this is the best u can get in market my question is there are so many brands in speakers - pioneer,polk,infinity what is it that JBL stands best among the rest what uniqueness JBL speakers have which no one speakers have
  2. how much JBL speakers cost Front 4 inch 2 speakers Rear 2 speakers
  3. Hello All one request I brought Pioneer 2190 car audio - i wanted to know which brand speaker to go for pioneer or JBL . both - front side and at the back Please give me model name so that it is easy when i go for purchase Budget is 5K Santro is the car - I am not interested in amplifier set up - just as this suffices my basic needs Thanks in advance
  4. Hello friends I have a request Please help me to overcome this problem kind of nightmare now for me. On a hill road , on a road which is upper ( flyover) i get tensed when stopped in between - i mean when the car stops for traffic,signal etec I mean car always goes back since it is slope - and behind there are other cars standing by ,always a chance that it will hit the back car. what should i do - help me with the technique so that next time if i get stuck on the hill kind of road what should i care in mind ? and when the cars start moving forward slowly how i should drive
  5. Dear all Thanks in Advance for your valuable time and advise I wanted to know which brand name of car shampoo is really very good.? Also which brand wax polish is really good ? I plan to buy tommorrow The goal is the car should look absoluletly new and people should ask me when did i purchase this new car
  6. i take your note so if i decide to have JBL amplifier can u tell me the model number
  7. 5u3zEr0 what would you advise me then
  8. My budget is 3k and i plan to buy sony Xplod? Amplifier - this fits my budget - request you to please let me know how is this before i buy I have pioneer 6150 + JBL speakers in my Santro AMPS i want to add now MOSFET Power Supply Maximum Output Power: 2 Ch x 110W at 4ohm Maximum Output Power: 1 Ch x 350W at 4ohm Maximum Output Power: 2 Ch x 150W at 2 ohm Rated Output Power: 2 Ch x 60W at 4 ohm(1.0% THD) Rated Output Power: 1 Ch x 130W at 4 ohm (0.1% THD) Rated Output Power: 2 Ch x 65W at 2 ohm (0.1% THD) Low Pass Filter (Rear): 80Hz, -18dB/oct Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 97dB Dimensions ( W x H x D in mm): 321 x 55 x 200
  9. Dear All Request - Thanks in advance I need to buy the 4 inch speakers JBL is the brand i have decided Can u give me the model number - which is the best available for 4 inch in JBL --Praveen
  10. Dtandon are u in bangalore - let me know would like to speak to u
  11. Yes sorry for the late reply It is for Santro car behind 6 * 9 speakers should i take hard one and air tight one
  12. hello Have a request can u please tell me 1 what care should be taken while buying parcel tray where speakers are fixed 2 how it should be - tight , heavy - light 3 what thickness 4 what care maintence required 5 how much a good branded will cost ? Thanks in advance
  13. 5u3zEr0 he wants to go for co axial mode you suggested blau paunkt - what model number would you suggest for 4 inch one in front and rear
  14. Dear All Thanks in advance. - I have a request on behalf of my friend - he asked me abt pioneer speakers, well i thought this is the best place to get good advise and correct answer. Note - my friend has decided to go for ALL PIONEER SET only and not other co brands. Which is the high end speaker availabe for Front and Rear - what model number would be the best combination. Have a 6050 HU ready Front is 4 inch Rear is 5.25 inch , car is Santro. co-axials mode and not component one.
  15. Hello All Have a request I want to know what is the best Audio combination you have ever heard of in a car ? I mean Head Unit + Rear speakers + front speakers + amps ( what combination) I am sure everyone at one point of time somewhere ,must have heard the best - It might be in your car also , just want to know what is it Praveen
  16. so tell me according to you, your taste, which brand front speakers you would have put give me the model number also ?
  17. Sure man let me know when you are in Bangalore will get you Bangalore authentic filter coffee for you I paid - Front 3000 Rear 4750 fixing 250
  18. First of all from my bottom of my heart i thank 5u3zEr0 for helping me and guiding me to buy a system according to my taste. I was not having any knowledge abt rear + front i mean brand wise took me few months to decide and then plan for money and finally got it so my little santro has Head unit Pioneer 6050UB Blaupunkt PCxb 693 rear Blaupunkt THx 542 front rear speakers - there is one square long sheet placed the back behind back seet and speakers fixed to it. The sound is so crisp,best so far i heard of , feels so joy inside when i start listening I normally avoid pop or film songs spiritual chants , lectures , instrumental these are my taste - its just feels great and tempting just to go and play the system in car Thanks to you all God Bless you --Praveen
  19. Hi all Have a request Tommorrow service engineer will be fixing the Head unit /rear and front speakers in sanrto car. He will be doing installation and wiring Please advise me the key points i should take care while he is doing - any special place where it could give more sound and clarity , any advise i need for the engineer to give.
  20. Still not clear about clutch - i will put this in simple way I know clutch is used when to change gear When / which circumstances should i keep my left foot on clutch
  21. Now i have question abt rear speakers which one to go Blaupunkt PCxb 693 6"x9" 3-Way 210W Car Speakers Size: 6x9" Type: 3 way Power Continuous (W rms): 70 Power Peak (W max): 210 Sensitivity (dB 2.83V / 1m): 92 Frequency Response (Hz) 50 - 20,000 Magnet Weight (oz) 10.0 Cone Material Mylar Surround Material Black Foam Mounting Depth (in. / mm) 2.83 / 71.9 Priced per pair Blaupunkt PSx693N 6"x9" 120W 3-Way Car Speakers 6" x 9" Sound PSx Series 3-way Car Speakers Polypropylene cone woofer Dome tweeter and supertweeter Priced per pair
  22. Thanks Man 5u3zEr0 you respond so quickly Thanks man i will stick to my original antenna which is there on right hand side above door 5u3zEr0 are you in Bangalore , i am in Bangalore - i was thinking if u are here i will call and take some advise Praveen
  23. 5u3zEr0 Thanks Man so fast was your reply I have one question - i have santro car - now that default antenna is on right side of door upwards I see lot of cars here behind one small antenna ( black color ) - will this help me or i should go with what i have i mean still not clear why people go for that black color antenna when they have default one