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  1. well tanmay and blue saphire thanksa lot, as far as cost is concerned i have purchased the vehicle from jalandhar as the dealer was personally known to me the car cost is as under:- basic price crdi Sx Abs Model: 8,11,000 discount: Rs 15,000 + Loyality 10,000 (as i already have a Santro) Insurance: Rs 6800/- (65% rebate as my old policy of santro was having 65% NCB so i got the NCB transferred to new car) Free Gifts by Dealer: Foot Mats, body cover, idol of ganesh ji,mud flaps, number plates Registration: will cost around Rs 17,000/- in Punjab
  2. hi every one! I also also bought my new verna on last friday, i opted for manual SX ABS model it is great vehicle, pick up is awesome, i had opted for white colour as it is easy to maintain in long run, till today i have already done 750 kms and got overall average of 20 kmpl ( driven on highway at speed of 90 kms)
  3. well before booking verna i took a Td of fiat liana and in my opinion verna was a better choice because 1) better after sale service network of Hyundai 2) I did not like the front dashboard of Liana 3) my friends who own a verna are all satisfied with its performance 4) all palio owners i know are always complaining as far as the ASS is concerned no body knows till what time the honey moon of fiat with tata last, i feel tata is more intrested in sales of liana then providing service 5) Liana has wonderful looks and space but features of current verna( new one ) are also not bad 6) i trust Hyundai more then Fiat as i have driven a santro for 10 years now 7) Fiat liana needs to prove it self on road for atleast 6 months before it can be a moneys worth car.
  4. at last the so called facelift verna has been launched and it is available with the dealers too here is the link Hyundai launches new Verna in 4 variants- Automobiles-Auto-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times __________________
  5. yes the vehicles are very much in transit for the dealers who booked the same around 29th jan , just now i got a call from a dealer in punjab that the vehicles have been received and will be available for sale tommorrow so folks no ads on tv, no launching, no info on official website just nothing just go to the dealer if he has a spare vehicle he will deliver you otherwise book the vehicle and get the delivery in 10-15 days.
  6. now let on get with the topic in hand, does any one know that when verna is going to be officially launched or it will not be relaunched.
  7. maintaining airbags can prove very costly because if they open up on a minor impact then replacing them is very costly as they are not repacked and have to be replaced, USB port was expected but not provided, steering controls are just not a necessity as the main music unit is never far from driver, what could have been better was that they should have changed the front look a bit more by modifying the front lights then it would have been a real facelift, in malaysia verna comes witha integrated rear spoiler even that could be provided in the top model
  8. these are the first pictures out prehaps the changes are not much but still an company fitted ABS is good addition, the pictures are good and clear, i have already booked one and expect the delivery around 10th Feb as promised bt the dealer he says the vehicles are in transit
  9. because due to stiff competetion from sx4 and honda city the sale of petrol version is not good whereas due to performance diesel version is very popular therefore might be that thye manufacture does not want to experiment much with the petrol version
  10. any idea about discounts being offered on verna crdi sx abs
  11. why not the tested hyundai verna as fiat people are in habit of forgetting their own vehicle after sometime
  12. which is the best sedan car on diesel upto price range of Rs 8,50,000 in terms of resale, performance and most importantly luxary features
  13. cars like hyundai verna disel, ford fiesta diesel and dezire diesel are doing well and they are VFM
  14. i am very sure because i contacted a dealer in Chandigarh in November for a base model and they told me that base model has been discontinued, thereafter i am constantly in touch with them and around 29th jan 09 i got a call from them that company is taking orders for new verna and it would be delivered around 10the Feb, now i have booked the same and the status is that the vehicle is in transit, but i fail to understand that is this the way to compete with fiat liana or honda city
  15. i am going to buy a new verna this month my dealer told me that it would be available around 10th of Feb but surprising still no ad even on their website there is no information