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  1. its a human nature. They are trying to prove that they also have a good bike. Don't waste your tempo on these things.
  2. well, seeing all these answers, i have changed my mind. I have suffered alot by not listening to others in past. So sticking with 220...
  3. I took the test ride, but i could not figure out this thing in that short ride.
  4. sudeep, first of all mind your language. It is not a tuchcha forum. And regarding your question, I tell you that i am not facing any problem, not even general pulsar problems. I bought a 220 cuz i thought a 220cc bike would be better performer than 150. Obviously it is a good bike but it is heavy and i get tired on long journeys. Also I am 5'5' and can't put both my legs on ground to hold bike. So these are the things. And mind your language next time, it is my money getting waste not yours.
  5. Inspite of above comments I decided to sell my P220.
  6. Hi Guys, I bought a P220 in January, till not it has run 2500KM but i am not feeling that thing in it that I expected before buying it. I have not faced any problem as said by others for pulsars yet but I want more good ride than this. Now will it be worth to sell this P220 and get a new R15? I expect this to be sold in about 75000...
  7. okey, i got it. Then FZ is better option for you. But don't forget to check Hunk and Stunner also. I feel they have better look than FZ.
  8. I think you should go for a scooter with best handling, as your sister is going to drive this. Forget about kinetic i said b4.
  9. R15 is the best bike after RD350. But its price is too high. Its slightly faster than 220 but drag races depends on rider.
  10. going for a 150cc bike for 73,000Rs is waste of money!! Better go for Pulsar 220. doesn't matter if its too common, or looks common. You are riding the bike so you should like it. FZ16 is better than Pulsar 150,180 and maybe 200 but its not comparable to 220.