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  1. Totally agree with Tejas.

    The irony for we indians is that; Fiat has the best of products all over the world, including best in design and technology and ofcourse the most environmentaly friendly automobile company in the world, and we get to see those designs and some of those technologies copied by cheaper korean and japanese companies and supplied to India. 

  2. The mere myth comes from people who dont appreciate Fiat technology and research. Fiat has very specifically made changes to this Punto in India based alot on the traffic & road conditions here.

    We in India tend to ignore the facts such as why Fiat has put a low turning radius for its cars, why longer gear ratios, why low speeds and low revs on low gears and so on. All these relate to great chassis for great handling and better FE and ofcourse easy on the environment and most importantly 'The Feel'. Lets admit guys: Most of us here on forums are pure car lovers.

    Even my Palio lets me cruise through traffic easily with little gear changes and I go easy on the accelerator and control more through the clutch.


    Earlier people also complained about the Fiat Linea 90hp and termed it sluggish. I just want to ask something here to we Indians, when we drive in city limits, do we race? Next, on highways do we race?NO.

    Just last week I drove my friend's Linea a 90hp to Goa & back. I even challenge my friend that I wouldnt let any car over take me. The performance was more than adequate. I was driving safely yet at high speeds. It was fabulous.

    There was one question on both our minds while on the highway. Why are people on the blogs asking for more speed and power when I am not able to even drive this machine to its fullest given the kind of road conditions we have on highways, the traffic and ofcourse less sense of highway rules we have.

  3. @DD- Yes the Punto 90 BHP is VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo).


    My friend who had booked the Punto is a very 'superstitious' guy. His Punto was ready the day Fiat promised his delivery(28/oct-Thur). He however thought he would take the delivery on Fri and could leave office early. His work for the day wasnt getting over soon and his eagerness to collect his 'Lady in Red' grew by the hour. He finished his work as quickly as possible and hurried on his bike to Prerana Motors on Lalbagh road. Unfortunately due to the tension of office & the eagerness to drive his new car, he met with a small accident and injured his leg. He was still reluctant to take the delivery and drive his car home & to the temple. However, he couldnt getup the next day from his bed due to the injury. Presently he is at rest for a couple of days & waiting his journey of 1300 kms in the Punto. I guess nothing can stop anyone from an enthusiastic drive.

  4. My friend had already booked a swift vdi, although as a car enthusiast he prefered the Punto, however his father was reluctant on maruthi. He knew the Punto was a much better car but was also taken back by the wrong rumours that the A.S.S. of Fiat was not upto the mark, and this info was given to  him by people who never owned a Fiat. He also had a few questions in terms of technology and I was more than happy to tell him the same.

    After our conversation the next day morning he went and cancelled the booking, informed them that he is going for the Punto & requested for his refund and the maruthi guy told him repeatedly, "Sir, your doing a big mistake".


    He is getting his Red Punto 1.3 emotion within 10 days of booking and immediately driving to his hometown with his family, which is 1300 kms. He is also getting goodies such as GPS system, 3M paper and other additional goodies.

    Will keep you posted after his delivery tomorrow and hopefully his experience when he comes back. I am sure he will enjoy every moment.

  5. It was never ANHC vs Linea. It was ANHC all about itself. And I dont know why you're comparing both of them. More torque definitely means more mileage' date=' but before that comes in the valve timing control. That is I-vtec. Anyways, this is all offtopic. [/quote']


    @driftpunk- Again reading skills, but now it seems understanding skills too.

    It was about anhc and Linea when DD was commenting on the power ratios(Reading skills) and nobody on this forum wants to know what the figures are for the Punto or Jazz or CRV or Sedici (we can get these figures from the chart). Thats why I had stated earlier that if you could get the emission figures for anhc 1.5 i vtec, we can also try to get one from Fiat for the T jet. And since the T jet is a performance car, we have to compare with the other performance cars in our country. So I guess nothing is off topic here as stated by you.



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  6. @saudul hasan you seem to be very confused about whatever you try to talk here in this forum. You still havent posted any written proof for your complaints nor your pics. At times you speak about your complaints the next moment your talking about Fiat's 1.9.

    Fiat is not launching any 1.9 in India and yes the Dual Logic is expected soon in India. There is no such things as automatic HID lamps or rear window curtains coming in. I guess your talking about Boeing's noise emissions and not Co2 emissions.

  7. Did someone say " More emissions and less mileage " and that too about ANHC ??

    Man' date=' I want to clear one thing. The emissions of ANHC are far far below the allowed levels. One fine way of knowing the emission levels is the fuel efficiency. The more the fuel efficiency, the lower the emissions and all of us here know that City I-vtec has mileage which is much better than cars of the segment below, which infact, should be the opposite.

    Mr. Devil, dont just write for the sake of writing. Clear your facts and then write.
    Its clear that you want to show Linea is superior. We all know that its a great car. But then, you cannot blame other cars. Vento and City are very fine cars. Lets see what Linea can do!
    Talking about Linea T-Jet, what do you think will happen when the Turbo kicks in? Dont the emission levels increase?
    So kindly dont raise up issues that are insignificant and irrelevant.[/quote']

    @driftpunk- looks like u got ur facts wrong- the discussion was about the cars doing 0-100, not about proving Linea T-jet is better and no one is blaming any cars here. The issues here are not raised but discussed, get your english reading skills right. Next-The T-jet is not only euro and bharat stage 4 but also bharat stage 5, unlike ANHC. The torque of Linea is more than the anhc hence more mileage (especially in city conditions). The emission level enhancing are best implemented in Europe than any other continent as they have got more conscious than even the Americans, and Fiat leads in the enitire Europe.

    Also find the links below to have a brief about emissions for Honda and Fiat cars in Europe. Although some of our Indian car ratios arent given here, hence would request you to post one for Honda City Vtec1.5 here. Do the math.



    Just to help you understand a little about emission and the norms:

    The ultimate EU target with voluntary agreements are to contribute, is to reach an average CO2 emission (as measured according to Commission Directive 93/116/EC) of 120 g/km for all new passenger cars by 2012


    If want to have even more knowledge, check this out:


    Need more....will be more than glad to assist you in regards to the same.


  8. I agree with Naren. Saudul needs to post his pics and concerns appropriately and ofcourse his statements are misleading.

    although there have been many sauduls in the recent past with various assumptions before the launch of Linea and after, however they have all remained numb now and most of those have never bought one.

    @DD guess you should get your stats corrected once again as none of the petrol cars (Vento & City) do a 0-100 in 10 secs, even with the in-gear-times.

  9. The car  is sweet ! Car enthusiaists will have no complaints and if they do, they would not be looking at environment and safety closely.

    As always I am confident about Fiat's pricing cause they know what they are doing and will give no space for pricing mistakes.

    @saudul  hasan - kindly post ur pics for us to see ur concern clearly and ur date of purchase...cause this is an issue which is unusual for we car owners.

  10. Parhaps, the most impressive story(post) I have read in Autocarindia & BHP.

    Coolboy@ this post was like a movie for me as I read all the posts at one-go.

    First the happy owner, then the problems, later even more problems, after a while the entry of the villain (DD) & lastly a happy ending.

    Very entertaining and nail bitting at the same time.smiley32.gif


    I've been reading all posts related to linea here(Autocarindia), cause my very close friend owns one, has crossed 25k in less than 6 months, very roughly used, always loaded with atleast 5-6 people and completely filled with luggage and hitting the highway twice every week, scraping the horrible roads along the Bangalore - Hassan highway & not to forget the not so good Hassan roads.


    We have no complaints and enjoy every single drive of it.


    FIAT is not for everyone !





  11. Fiat already has the automatic diesels abroad in Punto. Not only that they also have the latest technology - Triptronic - which is both automatic and gears as and when you like it. Even the gear shifting is very easy as you can operate like a video game with just Plus and Minus. This is soon going to be available in India and thats when Iam waiting to buy my Punto.

  12. No. That is incorrect!! The Grande Punto ABARTH gets 215/45 R17.

    Grande punto Abarth gets 17" but Grand Punto abarth SS or super sport gets 18" shoes' date=' I think.[/quote']


    Winner- your right, the Grande Punto Abarth gets 17" and the SS gets 18".

    The GP Abarth has these wheels in order to handle its immense power along with the modified aerodynamics.

    So you will needs these wheels only if you beef up the bhp. Fiat has designed the controls perfectly well for this stock in India. Yes, it will definitely give a great look for your GP if you put 215.

  13. Remember as per the law while the low beam can be HID the high beam must be incandescent (normal halogen).

    That means we need to have twin headlamps right? Is there any other restriction in power of xenons' date=' color, etc..?[/quote']


    If you have the H4 bulb type then you could just put one HID kit. But if your car has high & low beam in any other format other than H4 then you need 2 different sets of bulbs. For eg: the Honda Civic as H1 and H7 combinations, the same as Fiat Palio. These cars need 2 sets of HID kits, one for H1 bulbs set and the other for H7 bulbs set. Alternatively you can put just one HID set for the H7 and just xenon bulbs for the H1. This will save you money.


    Please avoid xenon of over 5000k as they protrude a problem for the on-coming traffic and are of no use (comparing to the 4k-5k xenons) where visibilty is concerned.

    Moreover I think over 5000k xenons should be declared as illegal, where our transportation system is concerned.

  14. As akj53in said they are one and the same.

    Xenon is the name of the gas that helps in giving out the color & brightness of the light. HID (High Intensity Discharge) is the unit (kit) which once switched on, the HID unit functions as a booster and also helps store the energy & discharge in auniform manner.

    K- stands for kelvin (the measurement of the temperature)

    The color of light changes accordingly to the temperature. So my advice is that if you want bright white light then choose the 4000k-5000k, avoid further powerful xenons as the colors keep changing according to the temperature.


    For example: If you exceed more than 5000k then it starts to change to light blue and 20000k-25000k changes from green to purple, which is not practical while driving & where visibilty is concerned.


  15. Its not Indians in the end list. Infact Fiat has been ensuring the presece of cars in India much before others even dared to. The British had the Ambassador because they were ruling us, but Fiat was the only non british company to give cars to India.

    Just for information for lovemycar...Fiat gave Palio to India also, which was its latest launch throughout the world. But we Indians didnt take it well cause we thought in those days that speed & safety was not everything. At the same time other manufacturers gave us models which were either flop or oldaged for their markets hence the technology was transfered to India and we all loved those cars. Now Fiat is giving us world class safety & mileage cars and we still want to complaint.

    Its time we stop cribing & think wise for once.