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  1. The Official launch date has been confirmed to the press. The date is 17th June. The cars are going to be dispatched from the factory to all the outlets through out India soon.
  2. mahajanprateek- Yes the GP is 4030mm every where else in the world, however in India it will be less than 4000mm, maybe 3998 mm, this is in order to save the customers on tax.
  3. Dude thats my price & personally I admire the vehicle myself. No reason to sell except that I am leaving to Australia for good. Definitely I will pick up a Fiat there as well, since this experience was phenominal.
  4. Model : Fiat Palio 1.9D ELX(Diesel). 2004 Sep Bangalore, paid 25k only for platinum number, Ferrari Red, Excellent condition, 63k run, excellent mileage in city & highways, completely company serviced with all relevant bills, Fully Loaded, power windows, power steering, central locking, original company alloys, new imported BFGoodrich tyres 195/55/14, pioneer system with 2 pioneer speakers, 2 pioneer components, 4 pioneer tweeters, comprehensive insurance, 2nd owner, dashboard with pine wood finish, no tint. price - 3,15,000 (slightly negotiable). Eye cathcher :- palio 1.9 diesel ferrari red with very special number plate. email :
  5. @blue - Hyundai is in not getting any respect in any parts of the world except in India & maybe korea. Nobody respects people who are not genuine & have no quality. But ofcourse in present day we have people like @blue who like to appreciate such people or companies- its all about personal opinion I guess.
  6. Both of you were'nt talking about middle east, i was talking about middle east and about myself being there & driving cars & not about Fiat's presence in the middle east. And you were not even talking about Fiat's cars with logos.
  7. Ya its true DD, whether copy cat or not Hyundai now is the only promising company in the world with its new design, technology, etc and in term of sales..Even copy is an art, why other manufacturers cant copy, it needs courage and art...Hyundai is successful whether it has copied or not and Hyundai is in top5 companies in the world today even taking ford, honda, suzuki, etc for a ride and that is the big achievement...Though Fiat makes good cars but Devil everytime you should not go ga-ga over fiat, it seems that according to you Fiat is the Best company in the world.. dd & blue - It is sad to know that you are being bias in giving info to people here without having enough knowledge yourself. First of all companies in the east copy europeans & not americans & no doubt hyundai has pioneered it & so have tata to an extent. Seems you both dont appreciate creativity & quality but prefer the shortcuts & ofcourse everybody has their own choice end of the day. I am very sure dd has never been to any foreign countries such as europe or middle east & checked out what people in most parts of the world prefer-never korean cars. hyundai hardly sells in us or west europe or even middle east. yes they are doing good in india, for the simple reason cause people like dd & blue prefer such companies who copy & make it cheaply available. I have been driving cars since the 80's in middle east & later in europe. Fiat is present in US from much longer time than you can imagine ferrari & maseratis are amongst some of the favourite sports cars of the american. Fiat has also taken 35% in Chrysler. when you are mentioning about hyundai being world's best & top 5 & so on, guess you need to go back to facts & stats & not imaginations. And i cant help going ga ga over something that is genuine. Thats my character. and blue -I never said Fiat is the best company in the world, but its definitely among the top, unlike what you said about hyundai. "hyundai only promising company in the world" - blue know your facts & then give out info, cause even in india they are not no.1 . And if everyone ends up copying, according to blue, then there will not be any creativity left & you & me will not get new tchnologies & new designs. Yes you're right, it definitely takes courage to copy & its an art, just like robbery.
  8. Bond - As of present situation at all tata service centres, palio stiles have absolutely no problems with a.s.s. they are doing a pretty good job so far. I do take my bros palio for servicing - absolutely no complaints or delays with that.
  9. As for the sun roofs,Fiat has got some of the best sunroofs for their models including 500 , Gp , Bravo & Linea in other parts of the world. And the sunroof comes in a style where half the car's roof is tinted glass & part of it opens as sunroof lid. Guess it all depends on how many indians prefer it & how much importance it is to indian customers.
  10. For driving pleasure & the feel of it, I will prefer the 1.3MJD.
  11. akj - Tata is not supporting Fiat the way they are supposed to. Fiat is taking all the initiatives themselves cause end of the day Tata needs to sell their cars also. Did you know the parts for palio, although imported,were the same or in some cases even cheaper than the santro? But recently tata increased the prices of some parts of palio cause of their own competition. Moreover for display you dont find Fiat cars in all Tata showrooms, except a few selected ones.
  12. Blue - the reason i mentioned from the basics, thats cause we need to know how they were made in the first place & what has gone behind making edrive-trains like these. Thats when all the info one likes to know, when 2 technologies like these are compared.
  13. I agree with thatjbond. a.s.s.. is also imp. and as for indian buyers, the a.s.s. is more important than driving pleasure & technology, hence hyundai have better sales than Fiat in india.
  14. The service for the palio stile owners is indeed very good. Thats why we dont hear any complaints from the palio stile owners in the recent past. I had recently been with my friend to a free service check up camp.
  15. as to what DD has posted some article, I could post loads of material in that manner from around the world about Fiat's appreciation & Hyundai disgrace in terms of copying designs & technologies from around the world.
  16. Guyz - Firstly Fiat invented the crdi, Hyndai & others just copied it or took colaboration as in mercedes & other top car manufacturers & gave it different names or versions. Then Fiat came out with the next generation crdi- The Multijet. And again all other companies wanted it also. Hence Fiat is already years ahead in researching engines for the future in their R&D units & do not disclose till they are completely succesful. We should not forget when research is done by Fiat, they spend millions & others just spend a fraction to copy & adjust it to their cars as in Hyundai. Hyundai has not invented or created one single technology till date & is known to copy designs & technologies from world leaders like Fiat. They copy & produce their cars especially for the markets which have little knowledge about cars, thats how they ended up entering India in the initial years. Now they also have markets in europe, but majority of the europeans, especially the western european countries where car enthusiaits are majority, do not prefer Hyundai or Korean cars no matter how cheap they are. The most important factor that we as Indians need to know is that when an engine or a car is manufactured we need to look into many aspects & not just looks or "ok the car runs" factor. What we in India need to know is that the Indian car market has matured & we need to judge our cars in a more appropriate manner.
  17. get it custome made from stanley. It has all that you have been looking for.
  18. ash - A very practical suggestion. Since its for a girl, then a light & easy to handle & decent visibilty car is important. I can compare any car with Fiat cars but in this case I sincerely advice her not to go for the i20, instead go for the i10. Iam sure she will not be looking for driving pleasure or drives extensively. Let her test drive both cars atleast for 10 km each & then decide. Yes, if you have the patience, then march/april will be the ideal time for any car(especially the hatchbacks) as there are chances, the government might give reductions to boost car sales.
  19. I seriously think you should test drive the Palio Stile to practically know what it feels like when you are driving & space.
  20. Man the original itself will raise eyebrows. This is an amazing car in whatever avatar it may come in....Just cant wait to get my hands on this beauty. just for info vibhor - the Bravo & the Linea are built on the Grande Punto platform & not vice versa.