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  1. Thanks for the offer. Do you work for them? Piyush- I dont work for them, its just that since the time Fiat decided to launch the Grande Punto world wide, I have been following them. I work for a software company in Bangalore.
  2. If its about ride quality then we all know that the europeans do it better than the japanese & Italians do it even more better than the rest of the world. As for features(+ or - points/aspects of ash), ak is concerned with the features & also the price & thats the reason he doesnt mind going for the base models. Ak - Why opt for basics when you can get loads of new features & better technology with Linea. Yes, if ak is looking only for speed as the only priority then dont go for the Linea. And definetly you will save a big cash during these recession times & also get all the latest in features with the Linea. This is my suggestion to deals that make sense. Ak - if interested to know more then let me know - cause I'll tell you something where We as customers can benefit.
  3. Try the Palio stile. Its worth every rupee. Its engine is the same as 1.3 as in swift, but more cost effective. And ofcourse driving pleasure is immence & you will never get bored of it. More spacious than the rest of other cars by far. Very enjoyable long drives as well.
  4. akj53in - All the features you are looking for are there in the Linea Emotional Pack which costs lesser than the base model of City. Also it has much more than you can expect for eg. the Blue & Me, alloys & Airbags. Engine is one of its kind also. This is a very practical car that has a lot of style. Think about it & do TD - then decide.
  5. Ash - You can definitely say that the Civic is too low for indian roads, the sales are lesser than the city. This is one reason & the other is - tell them the Linea has similiar features & of course better mileage then why Civic. Hope the Linea excuse will help you get better discount as Fiat has become a problem for honda sales recently.
  6. And Piyush if you have any questions in terms of its technology and why certain things in the car are in a certain manner- please feel free to ask me. This is the most practical car you can think of.
  7. hey Piyush - I just happened to read your blog now & I was about to advice you on Linea, but read in your latest comments that you already chose Linea - Man Congratulations on the perfect choice. I like the car myself personally, but you will realise your choice very soon. Believe me you will always be proud for this choice of yours. Congratulations once again & do post pics if you can of this amazing car.
  8. Guyz did you know that the impact of the opening of the airbags also hurts you, but due to severe accidents, one doesnt realize that & at low speed collisions you will feel that. FIAT has a new technology where the speed at which the airbags open depends completely at the type or kind of impact, this is achievable with numerous sensors all around the car.
  9. The 1.4 will not have reduced tax benefits, but as Fiat will have the prices lesser than the competition between 20k-40k, thus the tax will compensate that & they will still be priced below the competition by maybe 10k or the same as other cars in its category.
  10. check the earliear posts for expected prices
  11. @ash my guess is 30k-40k more than the 75 bhp, cause the differnece is almost 80k-90k in europe.
  12. @csnana- only 2 versions of diesel - 75bhp & 90bhp and 1 version of petrol 90bhp will be available in india. If they have enough buyers for the high powered engines then definitely they will release those engines here as well. The 1.2 petrol will never be used for the Grande Punto as it is an old engine, It is directly coming out with the superb 1.4 FIRE engine, the same used in the Linea.
  13. the starting bhp for india for the petrol version is also 90bhp
  14. In UK you have Grande Puntos, where you can choose between three petrol engines including the brilliant 120 bhp 1.4 Turbo T-Jet and four 75 to 130 bhp Multijet diesel engines. @csana both the specs you have given do not exist in the UK. In UK its 1.4 PETROL DYNAMIC starts with 65bhp(not available in india) and 1.3 JTD DIESEL DYNAMIC starts with 75bhp.(available in india)also available in india will be the dynamic 90 BHP 16V.
  15. @Blue, We should clearly understand FIAT is here not to compete biut kill the competition. So we indians can expect only the best from them this time. More over GP is a premium hatchback(supermini) so its got to be best. Linea is aimed at only a small segment of people(24,000) whereas GP is aimed at a larger group of people & the competition is severe there. The engines are the same as Linea including the gear box. If you compare the power & mileage, then yes the GP will end up giving 1-2 km more than the Linea due to weight(all fiat engines have good torque). The interiors are different except for the upper dashboard. But its a complete different car, different customers and the exterior is one of its kind & there is no single angle in the GP which resembles the Linea.
  16. Thanks cc. got that just not good in editing the pic. maybe next time.
  17. The swift is less than 75bhp, the same bhp is for the GP as well(apprx-74bhp). The linea diesel is to be exact 85 bhp & petrol is 89 bhp. The same will be available for both variants of GP diesel(74bhp & 85bhp)
  18. tried that, but iam not getting the paste option when i right click in the avatar box.
  19. The 1.3 will come as 75 bhp & 90 bhp options. The 75 bhp will be there to compete with swift & the likes. And the 90bhp will be a class apart. Nissmo- you will never regret your decision. Guyz since I have joined only less than a week ago, I have a question? Can somebody help me to upload the pic on the upper left hand side of my mesg(just like crazy cat's white cat photo).
  20. Totally Totally agree with scorp. The service is also very good with the Tatas now. As for me, Iam looking forward for the GP(Grande Punto). Its worth the wait!
  21. Ash 3 of my friends are already waiting for the GP to book
  22. Have been following Fiat from the time grande punto was launched in 2005. See it for yourself after march.
  23. Also guyz the Grande Punto is competing with swift(Petrol & diesel), Getz, i20 & Fabia & the likes of all similiar cars. The petrol is the renowned 1.4 FIRE & Diesel is the world famous 1.3. Prices will be below 5 lakhs for both petrol & diesel & top end diesel priced at less than 5.6 lakh. However they will be options of 75 bhp & 90 bhp to choose from. The features include Blue & ME, ABS, Airbags, Alloys, EBD etc. Variants choice will also be immence.
  24. tanveer you hav got all your specs wrong. The Grande Punto is being launched to compete with almost all hatch backs in India. It is the latest in technology & lowest in price when launched. This time Fiat is here to not compete, but kill the competition.