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  1. if only maruti had its quality matching Honda they would have priced it at same levels as a Honda also, automatic of Honda is way ahead compared to sx4. it has paddle shifts and 5-speed transmission. sx4 has 4-speed, no paddle shifts. the power is also more in honda and there are other aspects which maruti can just dream the blue color looks hawt though deathrace2009-10-27 08:23:21
  2. Altis doesn't compete with cruze, the expected price range for cruze is 13 lakhs to 16 lakhs. while altis is more like 10 lakhs. so if you can afford cruze you can also take a look at other segment choices like jetta, laura and cruze. you can compare these and decide. if not altis is a no brainer in vfm sedan for 10 lakhs
  3. hey cartoos. sorry if you got hurt. no hard feelings mate.
  4. I suggest You Read BBC Top Gear July Issue, Otherwise I am Giving you here What Punto Does, read below: Performance : 0-100kph in 12.5 secs. 175?kph max speed 13 kpl (all figuer estimated) Tech: 1368cc, 4-in line, FWD, 89bhp 115Nm, 1145kg Ofcourse Petrol. Some one at Team Bhp is getting 30 + FE from heavier Linea, spare some time to read before making coments.? here is the 0-100 timings from ACI 0-60 i20==5.2 ; fabia = 6.1 ; swift = 5.8, Punto = 6.28 0-100 i20 = 12.9 ; fabia = 16.2 ; swift = 13.8, Punto = 16.58 Source ACI now as per zigwheels, ' The 1.4 petrol car though was refreshingly quick. Keep that engine revving above 4000rpm and it will reward you like it did us - 0-100km/h in 14.2 seconds'. here is the link so now if you consider 14.2 seconds from a 1.4 L a good time, than i have nothing further to say except 'you are a frog in a well' and because of this varying results i have never believed what car magazines have to write about. the only two magazine i do consider somewhat precise is ACI and Overdrive. And the less said about Top Gear the better.
  5. this has been widely discussed on all forums and now is available in 2009 models of jazz and city. my friend's car has it from the day he got it. please check and let me know. so in your opinion is 1.2 fire engine of fiat at 1st position? which can't even haul punto properly? he was comparing only the 1.2 engines and the technology that goes into building it makes one appreciate honda's effort in building one. just like someone said about 1.2 tsi from VW that produces 100 bhp. that's also a gr8 feat considering how small the engine is. but unless that comes to our shores i think 1.2 from honda will be considered one of the best engines. 1000 odd units for jazz is good enough considering it is 'overpriced'. compare that to linea that sells only 900 units even though people are praising it like anything. if i remember correctly, honda's target is around 10k per year for Jazz. and doing 1000 units a month, i think they will achieve it easily the harsh reality at my place is honda city gets more 'woows' or 'oh he's got a honda look, sayings' compared to maruti sx4. and its still the same at many places i have been too. i too have arrived in a city and a sx4 and i know the difference it makes. i feel i can make this remark as i own both. oh yes sx4 sells less than city. it desperately needs a diesel engine if it really wants to compete with city. else its a no brainer deathrace2009-08-02 05:55:13
  6. hey dhawan, i agree with you. but i think, VW is taking India's auto market for granted. the reason being, their sister company Skoda providing 3cylinder engine in the world of 4 cylinder engine. due to this there is less performance, harshness from engine, not eager to drive among other problems. i wonder why they are doing this? also their famed a.s.s is a big problem. one of major roadblock for VW would be service centers in cities all over India. Honda has a good presence in almost all cities of India while VW has a long way to go in bringing up showrooms and service center in 2nd tier cities. Those splurging 10 lakhs for a vehicle need excellent back up to cover up their money, else it all down the drain. same goes for Skoda too as well as Nissan.
  7. If you find anhc lacking good quality plastics than what would you say about linea? imho, plastics of linea are far worse in fit and finish compared to plastics of anhc. about the complaints of a.s.s. that's debatable. the foremost reason is, we have to consider the number of complaints to the number of cars sold. here is an eg, maruti sells more cars compared to skoda. the number of complaints relative to numbers sold by maruti is less compared to skoda. that's why skoda is facing the wrath of customer for its bad a.s.s. if you don't believe me check team-bhp for the same. this is just an eg, you can take honda instead of maruti and the result would be the same
  8. skip zma as it is due for a makeover. wait for it if you can, else get 220 dtsi. not worth spending our hard earned money on r15 as its a bit on expensive side and is a bit problematic to drive in city roads.
  9. bmw m3 looks like just another 3 series coupe. though karan has made it unique by using CF mirrors, roofs, diffuser, i had take lp640 anyday over it. his garage include flying spur, phantom, m3, r8, lp640, bmw 750 and a porsche 997. thats super garage!!!!
  10. rahul - agreed. also here is a link. new 1.5L coming for JAZZ.
  11. @lovemycar thanks the gear system is what Chevrolet offers for its car. i think aveo, optra has same config. its like there is a button below gears. you have to press it and than push towards 1st gear. that's where reverse gear is located. i think some other muv also had this gear arrangement. i hate this. i don't know why they had to do this. nevertheless, awesome car. worth the waitdeathrace2009-07-02 04:46:45