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  1. If you really require to carry five or more persons most of the time, travel over really poor roads and carry lots of luggage then go for the Logan. Otherwise the New Ford Ikon TDCI is better in looks, fun to drive with a proven, peppy, frugal diesel engine that works well on highways as well as city. I say go for the Ikon diesel!
  2. For 5.5 you can get a loaded swift (hatchback) or a sedan like Ford Ikon (petrol or basic diesel with no frills) Accent or Logan (petrol and very basic). I suggest you seriously consider Maruti Swift or Ford Ikon depending on your needs. If your normal use is only for two adults then Swift is OK. However, if you need to use the car for more than 2 adults and need to a reasonable sized boot for outstation trips then Ikon really fits the bill. The new Ford Ikon looks really good and posh compared to the swift. The TDCi engine is powerful, fun to drive and economical (gives 17 to 20 kmpl). Maruti Suzuki service is really good with low maintenance cost. If you go in for the Ikon then go in for an extended warranty for 3 to 4 years which should prevent major expenses.
  3. Today I read a horrific story in the papers wherein a police inspector and his entire family of six were killed when their Alto crashed against a mango tree near the Goa border. Agreed on a given day you will not survive even in a Mercedes. That does not mean you compromise on safety features and better build. The rules of probability says that your chances of survival are better if you ride a car that is built better and has more safety features. A sedan is better than a hatchback especially in rear-end collusions. The FOrd Ikon has a decent build (for its price) but I wish they had at least given us the option for at least 2 Airbags for the front seats.
  4. Yes Dzire offers more features like adjustable steering, climate control, ABS, Airbags, clock etc. but they come at a price. If you invest say 6.2 lakhs the features you get are not much more. Maintenance of Maruti-Suzuki is know to be cheaper but Ford is improving - though a lot more needs to be done. Where the Ikon scores are in looks and handling - they are great . Maruti-Suzuki produces some of the ugliest cars ever made.During their prime (in the 1980's and 90's), M800 Alto, Zen, Esteem, Baleno and now even Swift look good; cars like Dzire, WagonR, Estillo etc. are in my opinion plain ugly. Of them Dzire takes the cake - undoubtedly the ugliest sedan in India - a Swift with a SX4 size Boot. When I took my family to the Maruti Showroom they refused to sit inside the Dzire and come for a test drive - the rear seats are cramped and dingly. If looks dont matter and you want to play absolutely safe (good resale value) then go for the Dzire. If you want a econoomical, good looking diesel car with plenty of space for 5 people and a great driving experience then go for the Ikon.
  5. I may buy one for my daughter to commute to college - but only after the initial hype had died down and bugs sorted out. A very important aspect for me would be the safety of the car and its occupants should it get involved in a frontal crash. How will the fuel tank hold up? I am sure Tata's have this worked on this but the real test is on the streets of India. Only time will tell I am not sure i will enjoy driving it - I hear it starts like an auto-rickshaw. Also cant believe that to fuel up you have to open the front hood!!
  6. Hi guys! Please see my blog of 13th March (above) wherein I had predicted the imminent price rise of the new Ford Ikon. Yesterday it was in the news that the price of only the Ford Ikon has been raised by 1.5% which means we now have to shell out and additional Rs. 7 to 8K. Ford has taken a chance to increse the price of the Ikon because the response has indeed been good as reflected in the sales figures. In spite of the price increase the Ford Ikon TDCi is a good value for money car. I am glad i bought mine before the price rise.
  7. In January 2009 the price of all Ford cars were raised by more than Rs. 5000 except the Ikon. This was because a new facelifted and diesel version of Ikon was introduced in Nov 08 and they wanted the new car to succeed. Well it did and response to the new Ikon has been indeed very good as seen in the sales figures. Now Ford thinks that it can raise the price by about Rs. 8000 without significant dip in sales figures. I had prediced this rise in my other blogs. The dollar has gone up by more than 20% in the last year and it affects cars that have a high import content. When the dollar rate goes down it affects mostly cars which are exported.
  8. Goa probably is one of the few places in India where once can do registration of vehicles without help of touts. An accessory I found really useful for the new Ford Ikon is the remote boot release. An electrically operated boot release with a small smart button near the base of the gear shift. It is expensive but very useful especially when the family is shopping and you are in the car listening to your favorite music. Save you the bother of taking out the key and going to the rear of the car to open the boot. After 1000 km I dont have a single problem with the Ford Ikon Diesel. In my office it is parked next to a Dzire and an Accent. It looks much better than the other two - especially after the 3M paint protection job, it is ( to use a 70's expression) "far out".
  9. At the moment there is no discount in the Ikon TDCi. In fact the price of all ford vehicles, except Ikon, were increased in Jan 09 by more than Rs. 5000. With the rupee falling to a new low, prices of ford vehicles which have a strong imported component can only go up. Remember, the final price of vehicle is not what is quoted during booking but the prevailing price during deliver/registration of vehicle. So if there is a price revision after booking then you will have to pay the extra money. There is a slight reduction in excise duty announced in Budget, I am not sure how much will be passed on to customers after April 09. Bank interest rates may also be slightly less after April. Best time to buy is now or in April. After a small haggling and a bit of cooperation from dealer I was able to save about Rs. 7000. Freebies include rubber mats, car perfume, number plate (basic) emergency lamp etc. I did my own registration and saved Rs. 2500. Also by registering and insuring the car without any accessories (ICE etc.) I saved a few thousand rupees.
  10. Even though AC in Ford Ikon is very powerful and cools quickly its effect on the engine power is not felt. However, the negative side is that in the mornings evening and night, the car gets very cold even when the AC kept on the lowest settings. Means I have to frequently put if off and then on as the car also heats up quickly. Afternoons ti works fine. Wish it had climate control or at least a thermostat.
  11. Thanks for the pics of your RX 100. I recently sold my Silver RX 100 purchased in 1988 for Rs. 6000. I could have got a much better price but I sold it a youngster who takes great pride in restoring old classic bikes. After more than 20 years my RX 100 still starts without fail on the second kick.
  12. Space. Even Maruti Swift has more Space -Healthy Persons cannot sit in the Rear seat of Fiesta - Thats carrying it a bit too far. Rear Seats of Fiesta can do with more thigh support but it is not all that bad and cannot be compared to Swift.. Rear seat of Swift or Dzire is the worst ever especially for long rides.Legs have to be kept upright all the time and no way to stretch them. Moreove the interiors are dingy with tiny windows.
  13. The Ford, Honda even the Maruti-Suzuki dealers in Goa impressed me with their commitment. Tatas were the worst. AC not on in the showroom, Cracked floor tiles at the entrance steps, unkempt surroundings (where new cars are parked), Xerox copies of brochures, poorly trained sales staff etc. They have to improve considerably before I consider buying automobiles from them.
  14. [if you want to spend 8 Lakhs on a car and are driving only 600 km per month why are you concerned about fuel economy?. Your fuel bill will be max Rs. 2500 per month! Maintenance cost also will not be very high. If looks, handling, ride qualiity and safety are a priority they go in for Ford Fiesta ZXi or Fiat Linea (Emotion). New Honda City is above the budget. Local factors.play a major role in the decision making process. Quality of roads in your vicinity especially potholes and speed breakers; the traffic conditions (metropolis or small town, do you have a lot of cyclist, rickshaws, trucks etc.) and most importantly the reputation of the service station. Ask around and take a few test drive before deciding.
  15. Totally agree with you on this. No matter what the reputation of the car - both nationally and internationally - It is finally the quality of service that your local service station provides that determines the performance of your car. Gone are the days when the local roadside mechanic could overhaul the engine; nowadays cars are very sophisticated and require precision tools. So the bottom line is - ask around and check out the quality of service that your local service station provides. Maruti service is legendary. Ford has a reputation for expensive maintenance - but they provide good service. I recently fitted a lot of accessories on my Ford Ikon TDCi and workmanship was top notch.
  16. For 568K you get only the basic model with AC and power widows. All other accessories you have to pay extra. In a way this is OK as you save on registration (and insurance) charges if they are factory fitted. 27.5 K covers almost all accessories. In addition go in for a remote boot opener -it will save you a lot of trouble later on. Also go in for underside and paint protection to keep your car shiny for the first few years. I would also suggest to go in for the extended warranty for the third year for peace of mind.
  17. Hi swiftvxi06 Congratulations on the new car. Looking forward to hearing about your experience after the test drive. What accessories are you going in for?
  18. Hey rams.goa the spares parts of Ford iKOn has been reduced by 30%this year. that includes Fiesta, Fusion, Endeavour too. Maybe This year Ford iKOn might break this record!!!!!!" THE FORD iKOn TDCi IS HIGHLY FUEL EFFICIENT .. IT HAS OUTPERFORM MARUTI ALTO'S CLAIM OF "INDIA'S MOST FUEL EFFICIENT CAR.."!!! What u say buddy? Help me choose the color of Ford iKOn. Dark shades look good in iKOn TDCi... Great News about the reduction in cost of Ikon Spares. You are right - dark shades look better on Ikon TDCI. The diamond white or brush steel looks drab, though the moondust silver or platinum is passable. Black does not really suit the Ikon as it is not long enough to look like a limousine, also maintenance is difficult. Paprika red is best and Morello if you want to stand out in a crowd.
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    If you can live with the contrived looks of the Dzire then go for it. Also keep in mind that the rear seat passenger will have a dingy feeling (small windows) and tight leg-space which in uncomfortable for long rides. . If you are going in for a petrol vehicle then this is one of the better options. Try the diesel. Modern diesel engines do not need daily running of 50 km or so. Try Dzire VDi or Ford Ikon TDCi 1.4 which is in the same price range. I dont understand why you want a big boot of Dzire if you are going to do only 500K per month. If you dont want a big boot try the swift or i20 .
  20. The new Ford Ik TDCi 1.4 Diesel has extended warranty and maintenance cost will not be high - at leasr for first 3 years. Ford scores over Dzire in terms of bright airy interiors, ample rear seat leg space, and frugal reliable proven diesel engine. The TDCi engine (from Fiests) provides 68BHP power which gives it a fantastic acceleration with no hint of turbolag. Dzire diesel engine is as good with good accelearation. However, looks of Dzire is terrible. The front and rear do not match. The Swift looks great -but putting a boot on it spoils its looks completely. If you are not bothered about looks then go in for the Dzire. The Ford Ikon TDCi though a bit dated still looks Great!