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  1. Loks like skoda yeti size wise only how will it cost any ideas guys and when will it be launched .
  2. its not about my problem being rectified ,its rather about how it is done ,i think skoda is learning from its past mistakes and improving its A.S.S . At this moment i can not comment on the cost of ownership but i can say this about owning a honda city zx for the last 5 YEARS is that these cars (honda) dont need much spares yill 40,000 kms or say 4 years ,but then starts the bills pouring in and then you realise that how abnormally these spare parts are prices i have been charged RS 300/- for 3 plastic srews that go in to one of the mud gaurds . i have spend nearly RS 20000/- on the last 10000 kms (40000-50000) only on service station bills ,out of which onlt one major part that has been changed that is disc pads around 3900/- rest is servicing bills .
  3. Thanks for your time people my car AC has been fixed and that to free of cost as it is under warranty and the condenser has been changed with compressor and i have 4 years with out worry as its under extended warranty . To my suprises my uncle who had bought same laura tdi a/t has faced the same problem and even that has been sovled , he even had a octavia before and he says he had that cars condenser changed also under warranty . Really as per my view i see skoda service better now i dont know about before but it surely is better that honda today . (THIS IS MY FIRST VISIT TO A SKODA SERVICE CENTER)
  4. ITS Not been 6 months and hardly 9000kms run and yesterday the AC was not working and i went to the dealer and he said the AC condenser had failed and said it will be replaced . He said there have been many problems with the new laura AC . But i rembered while buying the car i was very concerned about the AC as i read it in AUTOCAR many times about the problem and the sales said it has been rectified in the new model . Problems like this spoil the fun of ownership and cause a long term disbelive. Anybody else facing any problems with the new laura tdi /tsi please reply as it will be helpfull for other owners /buyers to be carefull . Thread moved. BornFree2011-08-03 13:20:35
  5. the jazz was a clerance sale and when i went to buy one on 14/07/2011 the sales person said the factory has no stock and confirmed it as a clerance sale and said jazz will relaunch on 15 /8/2011 with just an increase of 30,000 on the discount price .
  7. i dont think using 30 % lesspower will effect anybody much as it is doing you good indirectly as cng/lpg are less polluting and hence saving the planet and at the same time saving your pocket from a big hole i dont think anybody are using their car engines to 100% efficiency .
  8. Its better honda get in some LPG /CNG fitted cars from the company which makes sence and which can be done in couple of weeks max . And who needs diesel when we can get LPG which is much cheaper .
  9. With the latest increase in petrol prices its very difficult to buy petrol cars ,which i very much like to do but it does not make any sense econimically but there are so many good cars which are only available in petrol version , the cars which i personally like to own but wont is due to its TYPE OF FUELUSED IN IT . 1) honda crv 2) honda accord 3) mistu outlander 4) SKODA LAURA TSI (LPG when you travel and PETROLwhen the racer in you needs that dose of instant speed) As every one knows diesel vechile cost a little more to buy and to maintain but cheap to run than petrol but if the petrol vechile gets LPG/CNG option it wont cost more to buy nor maintain nor run them . IF SOME ONE FROM HONDA ARE SEEING THIS PLEASE LAUNCH LPG HONDA CRV I WILL BE THE THE FIRST ONE TO BUY ONE
  10. bargain with honda showroom ,they will pick you like a fly in a pie and say sorry sir we at honda dont belive in discounts "that means we will stop selling cars but not reduce the prices b,cos in hyderabad there were 2cars of city zx one in each sundaram honda and pride honda even atfer nearly 2-3 months after city s came and it was sold at the same price as it was sold earlier.
  11. i just read about civic face lift is coming in few months how soon is that and will then the base model come asnow altis is selling more that civic due to its price .
  12. hi guys aci mag quote civic E MT price nearly 11.5 -11 8 lakhs but when i went to the dealer to buy they say it has been out off production for two monthe and will not come back ,so now if i want to own one civic i have to shell out 13.50 lakhs for the base model which is S MT . please suggest
  13. i went to honda showrooms in hyderabad and they said E MT is not in manufacturing and now the base model is some 13.67 lacks on road in hyderabad could anyone tell if its true with other cities
  14. i like to know about the offer if anybody knows
  15. they say its the tax structure but when everything is made here why will a civic cost nearly 50-60% more in india compared to US.they are not importing anything i guess, but still that heavy price tag
  16. i dont know about taxes though but if i am not wrong car companys like hyundai has been exporting its cars from india and if taxes where high it whould not be doing that and for what my klnowdege goes labour cost compared to countries like US,UK its is nearly half so they are making lots of money right,but still not passing that benifit to customers in india.governement should see in the matter and do something as companies like these are using our resources and man power and making money and exporting and still trying to LOOT us.
  17. this cant be true as this car was launched just a year ago and this high octane fuels are been there in india for couple of years
  18. i with the advice of all guys and my own knowledge have bought a swift vdi and in the first servive the maruti fellow says that dont use high octane fuel says its gud in the tv noy in reality and have adverse effect please advice .
  19. there is no point in changing the tyres if they are not low as its going to cost a wopping 45-50,000 bucks for the alloys and the tyres only .and there will not be much difference in the looks either as my tyres are new and nearly the same 165/80 .
  20. as 185/65 or even 190/65 are not low profile and if i want to go for R15 's will it void the warranty
  21. thanks man but what 's the best size if i am looking at low profile ones without effecting the warranty