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  1. this car has strong potential to compete with rivals, maruti need to improve its Ground Clearance and quality of Plastic used .........
  2. Mahindra has done something wrong in pricing of XUV 300, hope Hyundai will not repeat same with overpricing. also boot space should be equal or more than i20, not like Xuv
  3. Hyundai is Planning to Lauch a Compact SUV (named IX-ONIC) in India. ACI please Update on this New Hot Bird In Indian Market. Got a Breaking headline from AAJ TAK
  4. on innovation Parameters Maruti is now loosing the ground.. this decisons has been taken due to tight competition in the market (hatchback seg is now moving slighlty towards the compact SUV) with approx 5 new launched into compact suv segment there will be no space for high priced hatchback's. customers in India now love features, comfort & style along with economy in fuel. hope maruti will check out its strategies in future..
  5. Excellent Concept By Toyota....& Update By ACI but pricing as mentioned in post is quite high for 1.4 L engine.. Comparative segment of this size Engine is below 8 lakh (Indian Market) however it can be a game changer product in market if positioned properly.. Let us Wait & Watch What Actually Happens in 2014!!
  6. From last six months, Maruti is Silent “May b a silence before Storm ".. Like is previous launches Maruti plan will remain same to launch new product around Diwali. So we can expect something new by Nov 2013. It ll be beneficial for maruti, if it wanna to eat a major share of Renault, Nissan & ForD Eco. Success will be on Maruti Side if it keep its pricing in tune with Ecosoprts... i would like to upgrade My i20 to this new hot bird.
  7. 60,000 Dusters are shininig on the road.. just because of delay by Ford.... till ecosports delivery i hope this figure is going to touch 1,00,000.. better to have a car in hand than a box of innovations .. if the company is thinking to increase in demand just by launching it late then they ll pay heavily for this strategy.. Delay in launch and unacceptable pricing will be a backbone experiance for Eco..
  8. Found a Link online regarding the launch of this eco: Ford Confirm it's Arrival in June 2013 on Social Newworking Site Facebook. Check Image Below this Text Bookings will Start in June 2013..
  9. Why to shed 7 to 11 lakh for this box of cosmetic innovations.... Better to go with Duster who is performing very well in market.. At this pricing complete hatchback segment will remain safe.. HONDA AMAZE is another good option with price savings.. We have Chevy, Maruti Alpha & Nissan SUV in Pipeline, i hope for same price range... Now its competition like Samsung & Apple. Ford Synchronization Like Apple positioning (only brand name pricing) & Other's Maruti, Nissan, Reanult, M&M Quanto positioning says(Product, Performance & Pricing)
  10. Nyc Information dear, i feel it ll be an excellent package from Ford.. But the price bracket u mention here is somewhat high for the size of engine (may be highly refined) & 5 seater MINI SUV,.., It must be in the bracket of (5.25 to 7.50 lakh) as per pictures and reviews of ACI.. **Duster is not a cool bird now, Company strategy is ready to launch few more versions just after the launch of this ford suv.. **Coming to Nissan (upcoming suv) they ll definately hit the ford in terms of pricing after the launch of ecosports. **Why not to Remember Maruti & Hyundai or Chevy (they are Silent on SUV) but the concepts and news shared by one of the most trusted site autocarindia directly indicate the tough competition from these Co's too. FORD WILL NEVER USE PREMIUM PRICING FOR ECOSPORTS, I FEEL IT IS THE TIME TO PURSUE PENETRATION STRATEGY. Note From Mod: While Quoting a post, use only a relevant part & not the entire post. Also don't create the entire post in Bold.
  11. yes presently on small cars of tata & chevy (upto 50,000) as mentioned on ACI home page also... but if the current trend continues time is not very far when we ll see justified pricing strategy by automakers..
  12. Rs 50,000 and the minimum price cut on passenger cars (excluding Nano) will be around Rs 29,000. Tata Motors will hike UV prices by around Rs 50,000 to offset the hike in excise duty announced in the Union Budget. The Finance Minister had announced that the excise duty on SUVs will go up to 30 percent from 27 percent. Thus, the price of Sumo and Safari will go up by Rs 35,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively. Sources:
  13. In Punjab we are paying Rs. ~78 Per Ltr.. also note that wholesale price of DSL are now approx 59Per LTR Delhi. & for regular customers these are increasing 45 to 50 paise per month,, it clearly means that in coming months we all regular & bulk purchasers have to pay about ~60 per LTR for DSL... I HAVE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS GRATITUDE TO 10 YRS OLD GOVT FOR SUCH WONDERFUL GIFTS TO BHARAT.. (INFLATION, SLOW GROWTH, TAXES, VATS, DUTIES, INSECURITY, CORRUPTION)
  14. This is the response from Ford Ecosports When Asked for launching Date on Social Media Site..
  15. Excellent Superb........... capacity is very good even the sapre tyre is adjustable in such space.. love to see more pictures in future and car in my Parking......
  16. I personally feel this SUV looks impressive, but in India Drivers are not very Concious about safe driving.. in such segment giving so many features on front panel and on steering may increase the chances of "concentration Lost" while driving.. Waiting for Test Drive to answer the questions of "librankur's" in earlier comments. @ CarCrazyASTL, u r an expert man, share some good information regarding this Mini Loveable SUV
  17. OMG..... Where r the Pics Uploaded By Me.......!!!!!!! I posted 6 pics (Internal and external, Front and Rear) & u posted only 2 ........ Why
  19. Ford Ecosports starts arriving @ dealership points hope to see this on roads before 5th March check our link below Post Edited: External links not allowed.
  20. nissan has done an excellent work on this product... but the demand in market is for Compact SUV's... can compete with innova in price & space... but the engine & comfort of innova ll remain on top... it is better to design sleek & compact designs than a mini truck
  21. Love to see Innovations from Indian Co's... These co's must be given advantage for R&D in India... I m 101% sure these co's has great potential for future, if given proper chance by Govt...
  22. As per ACI Video Reviews, the complete package seems fit for Indian Mid/upper Mid class families. Two factors will decide its success 1 " its launch time, more the company will delay more the options the customers will get" Diwali is a good season for Indian Shoppers.. 2 " Price Strategy (hopefully not Skimming like other ford cars), it should be Penetration Strategy (To survive competition from Ertiga, Quanto, Duster, Evalia etc) if Ford want to set up it into Customer's Minds the right price tag can be petrol 5.5 to 7 and for Dsl it should be 6 to 8L".. Just Think for 1L Petrol or 1.4 or 1.5 L Dsl engine who will shed 8 to 10 lakh rupees. Indian Customers are now very much literate for technology...
  23. go with i 20 dsl model.... difficult to afford petrol prices. Initially Dsl model prices are high but in long run these are economical.... i have i20 petrol giving Avg about 15 to 16 Kmpl. smooth on ride .... nyc interiors... but poor apollo tyres & poor service quality by dealer. Dsl choices (i 20 , Nissan Micra)
  24. Post deleted: OT. BornFree2011-05-22 17:59:06
  25. hello autocar friends, greetings can u please guide me best quality tyres for my i20 Magna petrol (size is 175/70 R14 84H) please advise me good life & best quality tyres... presently using Apollo tyres (total Run 27000 kms) fitted by company , getting punctured & repunctured again & again. (purchased from Joshi Hyundai Mohali Punjab) Thread moved. BornFree2011-05-15 09:50:41