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  1. Considering your friends monthly use it would make sense to go in for a Indica Turbo. It has good performance and mileage, plus its a diesal. In the list of cars you have given there is no other car to beat the indica in terms of efficiency, cost per kilometer, power and space. The down side is the resale value as Tata cars are mostly good for the first 1 lakh kilometers. After that the reliabilty of the car is always a question. Unfortunately the earlier Tata cars have kind of spoilt the reputation of the Indica name and hence the resale value is not very great. On the flip side think of all the money you saved driving a diesal. The Maruthi vehicles always command a good resale especially the ones u have listed. The Alto alwasy fetches a good resal. I not too sure about the Estillo as it is still new in the second hand market. The Chevy Spark would give you a good balance of space, handling and efficiency while the Santro is good on performance. So the choice is yours as to what you need... FuelRunGod2007-09-29 09:22:13
  2. Youd have to go in for a 30+ lakh car like a Merc or a Bmw. Or maybe a Porsche:). Other than that an affordable rear wheel drive would be a Ambassador , Fiat or a Contessa. Good Luck.