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  1. ok. thanx for the info. I am planning to get a scorpio soon. It comes with either JK or bridgestones. which one is better?
  2. Just curious. Exactly what how would the tyre change benefit?
  3. congrats. I m sure u must be loving driving around in ur new ride. Looks great.
  4. Yes it looks great even without the claddings. The holes that need to be drilled may result in corrosion and are avoidable. And may be u can use the money saved on some good set of alloys.
  5. Yes anjan, i m definetely going to get myself an M Hawk soon. May be a few months away though as i need to get the funding in order. Will keep u posted for sure.
  6. Hi anjan, so u finally get to see ur new ride. Must be a great feeling i m sure.The vehicle looks great. And nice colour. This silver seems a little different from the regular whitish silver that scorpio usually comes in. I dont know if its because of the camera or something, but is this silver colour slighlty in greyish shade? Looking forward to some more pics. Do click some good pics without those guys working on ur ride when u get the delivery. Looking forward to some more good exterior/interior pics. Congrats again.
  7. Anjan , are u sure you are getting the dual tone beige interiors? "cos as far as i know, the earlier Lx (CRDE) used to come with grey interiors that are different from both dual tone beige and balck and allure ones. Looks like its going to be tordeor red for me.. (wife loves this colour and other colours are a strict no no for her).
  8. Hi anjan, congrats on ur decision to go ahead with the scorpio. Iam sure it will give you many years of reliable and thoroughly enjoyable ownership experience. I have decided to upgrade to a scorpio myself. I currently drive a wagon -r. However, its still a few months before i lay my hands on one as i need to get my finances and a couple of more issues in order. I am still to decide between the Lx and SLE. Except for ABS, i dont think that the other gizmos in SLE really add up to too much. And by saving all that extra money, the Lx can be done up in a realy nce way wth some good ice, alloys, seat covers etc. Havent been able to spot an Lx in any showroom though. have u seen one? In case u have some info on the kind / colour / fabric of interiors, the dash etc, do let me know. also the middle row leg space since it doesnt have sliding seats. and of course, i would request you to put up detailed pics of ur vehicles exteriors / ineteriors as soon as u get the deivery. Cheers and all the best.
  9. Thanx fuelrod. I am really not looking at resale value of the car. I am sure i am going to keep the vehicle with me for long. The only thing i am looking at is that the performance of the vehicle should not deteriorate, say 5 years down the line. How long have u had ur 3.0? And u say some issues are coming up in the 2.2 as well? What exactly? Cheers.
  10. Hi guys, this is an old one. I'm sure this has debated ever since these two "Beasts" or "Trucks" have been plying on indian roads. But its time for me to make a move up in life and get one of the two in my garage. Lots of questions, and any answers forthcoming would be a great help. From what i know, Safari is great for the highways, and a pain in city traffic. And of course the Tata quality issues. Is the vehicle reliable?? Not really looking forward to a lot of trips to the service centre. And 4-5 years down the line, would it be trouble free ownership experience? Scorpio - the only thing i have heard being said against is the ride quality (bumpy) and middle row space. Please help me out. Cheers, Saurav.