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  1. Frenson, i'd recommend not install theft alarm because it is an additional electrical component which is connected to the battery,self starter of your bike. Though lot of people use it, and there aren't any problems with it, battery usage could be more, since it also is kept on after u lock the bike, as a security measure. Apart from that, nothing really good or bad about fixing something like that.
  2. there we go... Already doubts arising about the FE of such a good product. While it is very important for a new car owner, i think we should first learn to appreciate that we have bought a new car, and depending on which part of the country we stay, we should adapt more. Lineas got a low 1st & 2nd ratio, so mostly people who switch on A/c , travel in stop start traffic would remain in that band of the petrol engine powering this car more. Now im not saying that you should immediately jump to 3rd gear for relaxed revs, but keep the accel with a light foot, and stop thinking constantly about the economy display in the dash, for all you know, it may not be perfect It is a common phenomenon that engines deliver better economy only after running in, and the way it has been driven for the first 5k kilometers.
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    Euro-IV Fuels?

    Namaskar Whatever changes occur to the fuels in terms of their chemical composition, there's always a problem at majority of petrol bunks in metropolitan cities, reason being adulteration! It's well known dealers add unscrupulous stuff to the fuel they buy, so nobody can be damn sure unless they know the dealer personally or its a company owned outlet or some reputed company like Shell
  4. Accelerator cables generally do not have any problems. I'l give you a simple advide, first check if the Choke is in its proper position , cuz even if it is engaged a little bit, the engine Rpm's get fuzzy. And BTW when you change gears Rpm's will not come down instantaneously as you've said, the rpm's come down when you lift off the throttle and engage the clutch. IF the acceleratir cable is damaged then thats why ur engine keeps revving.
  5. The Accord's 3.5 may rival the Superb's 3.6 in terms of fuel efficicency, but be rest assured the accord cannot match the new superb's dynamic handling, german build and the very fact that you are sitting in a Volkswagen Auto group's family car! Besides the Bi-xenons park sensors and other techincal stuff trumps the accord. If looked carefully accords dashboard has been copied from BMW's X5 with the central console display area and the Chromed Speedometer and tachometers. Again here is the originality of the Superb with its high quality dash and buttons and limo like seats.
  6. Umm we "ride" a bike or a motorcycle. Ok, jokes apart, a helmet is a number one priority followed by correct tyre pressures, with a pillion or without a pillion rider. Check the Motorcycles manual for running in period , operability of the engine in various gears (Shift timings) and always concentrate on the road while riding. Pretty girls, fast cars and bone head jay-walkers are important factors to be taken into account as from my 5 years of riding a motorcycle in Bangalore has taught me. In chennai i think u shud be more careful about rowdy Bus drivers ! Oh and if external weather is harsh like its raining very heavily then the best option is to pull over or delay your journey by staying indoors. trust me riding a bike after its rained is too big a headache, right from mud around your shoes and dirty water from the road splashed by cars ! Even when the weather is perfect always stick to the correct lane, as most l-boards have the tendencies to drift on roads. Last but not the least, have a valid driving license, up to date insurance policy, emission certificate and some spare cash if the cops are acting too cocky! Happy riding!
  7. The 1.8 will be the 20V Turbo engine/ the octy's RS engine with the same 150 hp tune. That is seriously powerful if nothing else. If not this engine it'l be the fully loaded 1.9 Tdi PD octavia engine.
  8. Sometimes i can't believe that only competition from a rival product is needed to improve or update any existing product in our motherland India. With hyundai having value for money image now, they're going the Maruti way.. Besides the interiors still look plasticky especially the steering wheel. Hyundai India is so busy making exports of getz, i10, i20, santro, accent that theyr're least bothered about Indian buyers. Thats why they never really focused on Verna and it did not sell on its own credits but rather acted as an upgrade to an existing santro or accent customer. One more thing about hyundai's sedans, apart from decently functional they love taking the Gullible Indian consumer for a Korean Joyride.... What i mean is, if you remembered the Accent during its peak sales, it had 1.5 GLE,GVS,GLS,GLX and 1.6 GLX,GLS,GTX "TORNADO".... boy you'd go crazy counting their trim levels... Hyundai also loves sticker jobs a lot.. so much so that the accent tornado had 6 decals altogether at the boot, with names like tornado, 1.6 DOHC, ABS, GTX and ofcourse the ACCENT name! wonder if the tornado came with automatic gear box where would hyundai fit that decal?? In the current generation the automatic badge has been given a spot below the Hyundai name for their verna model. This verna update is nothing but a make up for new city, and other mid segment cars. Infact it does not ORVM indicators which even the Fiesta has!, and currently HONDA being HONDA will release a new variant only around diwali with alloy wheels, automatic air temperature, fog lamps etc all which the competition has, and then charge customers 50,000 INR more!