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  1. The Worst & Best Part Of GM India

    I noticed that GM petrol engines namely the Optra 1.6 and Aveo 1.6 and 1.4 ltr engines recommend a 5000 KM interval for oil change and service etc. Most ironic because average indian drivers who rely on his/her car for A to B transport feel like giving their vehicles for service when economy drops or engine exhaust fan works too much ! And then you understand why chevvy in India offers Korean GM-DAT engines and alongside gives a 3 years maintainence thingy free.
  2. Honda says G'Bye to diesel and Kei.

    Diesel development doesn't come cheap. Honda started earnestly after 2000 onwards and came up with i-CTDI and other clean diesel drivetrains which sold well in europe. Even today Honda's diesel accords outsell the petrol ones especially in Scandanavian countries etc. This has more to do with Honda's attitude. Direct injection petrol was given up by Honda in 2002 due to the limitations of the DI technology back then, but now it's different. Hope Honda is not digging its own grave by simply relying on VTEC and petrol engines. Hybrids or not, diesel is here to stay.
  3. Some nice cars in South Africa

    South africans love German sedans !
  4. Skoda changes gears, to launch a new car every yea

    I remember the days when the single Skoda dealer of Bangalore, Tafe access behaved to all high and low as if it was dealing in Mercs ! The sales guys would be too bothered about how you dressed up and quivered if any questions were posed to them by the public. Heck they even locked the cars in the showroom until people started walking out of their showroom. Bah, the arrogance Skoda dealers had. Skoda's success boils down to the after sales of its vehicles which falls under the, ahem, SKODA INDIA DEALERS category. Even the other day i went to Vinayak cars ltd the second dealer for the Yeti showcase. I went on day one by 10.30 and the car was not even ready to be kept in the showroom floor ! Boy talk about enthusiastic indians and exactly opposite dealer sentiments!
  5. Your wallpaper

    2 Stroke Dirt bikes don't get better than this.
  6. Bugatti Veyron in India

    Actually, there's a big difference between people who have become overnight rich and people who were born rich. Most drunk and driving cases in India do involve the upper crust of the society but it does not mean they did not know the damage and loss of lives that can happen if a 20-50 lakh car crashes. Over here, the VEYRON costs 17 crores. But still accidents are accidents and they do happen don't they. Whether caused or created.
  7. Last Dodge Viper

    Apparently the Reva's DC motor and battery setup should and must be replaced with a new one one every 4 years OR earlier than that if it fails. Sounds simple, until you find out the price. Rs 50,000/- ONLY...
  8. Last Dodge Viper

    Internal combustion engines are different from EV. Different stories. Damage done by ICE engines or No. Chapter closed. It's almost as if EV lovers get sadistic pleasure out of owning a battery ! Just imagine the EV era. No oil change, no fuel filling, no oil and fuel filters, no additives, no torque steer, no exhaust sound, no petrol smell..... Just a motor running on DC.... SIGH
  9. Guess the car

  10. Last Dodge Viper

    DODGE VIPER + GIANT SPOILER + FRONT TO BACK STRIPS = NOTHING LIKE IT My tribute to the Viper vr.462010-07-06 18:47:31
  11. Replacement of Apache's suspension with fz 150

    you would be better off by changing the fork oil and inspecting the Oil seals of both the shock absorbers.
  12. Future of Indian Diesel Car

    Something fishy in this petroleum products pricing. Ok it's understandable India needs to pay in petrodollars ala American invention, to oil suppliers but simultaneously the Central govt is making lot of money through peoples taxes! Indirect taxes contribute majorly, which was not the case 10 years ago. VAT CST SERVICE TAXES, everything is going up. The government must wake up, and use their head to do a bit of number swapping.
  13. Pics of Weird and Wacko modified cars

    Whacko paint job on a Bus
  14. This car is French no doubt. And i love it! The fourth picture from the Start shows it's rear, and i think its the best design i've on a station wagon.
  15. Bugatti Veyron in India

    I remember in 2004 when the chairman of Manikchand group paid 5 crores for the Maybach, it was the first in the country. Fast forward now, 17 crores is still in the big leagues, but India has the worlds largest number of millionaires ala crorepatis. So Bugatti's got it's share of maybe a few buyers.
  16. Interesting video's thread

    He's a pakistani journalist reporting from karachi railway station about public going for holidays and the festival season etc. But he gets interrupted by the people in front of him, and take after take, he gets fed up, and in the ending he uses expletives to shout at someguy. Its really funny if you can understand Urdu/Hindi. vr.462010-06-27 13:43:14
  17. Your wallpaper

  18. Interesting video's thread

    good thread DD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uujuL9KZeBA This is hilarious ! Watch it till the end vr.462010-06-27 08:17:16
  19. Bugatti Veyron in India

    yes buggati is a fine creation but the fact that being a W16 it needs four turbo chargers to be 19 km/hr faster than an 1988 Mclaren F1 which runs on a naturally aspired V12 and goes 391 km/hr and had costed half the price of buggati. although a second hand Mclaren F1 would cost 1.2 million pounds today 1988 and 2004 is 16 years apart. Yes, lots has changed. Emissions being one. Who knows, ten years later when the potential of electric propulsion is fully achieved the electric veyron might manage less than 400 km/h ! what was awesome back then has been marginally approved today, but keeping all laws intact. By the way the Mclaren F1 started production in 1992, not 1988. Where you referring to a Ferrari F40 of 1988 that topped out at 320 km/h
  20. Verna Transform(ed)

  21. I don't think you need to spend a bomb buying a 3.25L car, but hey this has a new battery, tires, and good interiors. But a 2001 VTEC no matter how good, cannot be more than 3L, and moreso you need a temporary car, so why spend cash on a premium midsizer of the yore. FE is going to be relevant if that particular VTEC has its clutch plates overhauled. Otherwise expect about 8 to 8.5Kpl in chennai roads.
  22. VTEC's have been known for a faulty/not good oxygen sensor which fails after a 50k + kms. And a 2L budget would probably fetch you a pre 2003 worshipped VTEC which again in all probability has crossed 50k +kms.
  23. Verna Transform(ed)

    Hyundai India is purely focusing on exports and cannot bring in the new accent/verna launched abroad nor the new sonata launched in korea/usa. The way i10,i20 is being dolled out locally as well as for exports, Hyundai cannot do more than changing the Bumper and maybe changing the music system. Anyways this verna facelift will pass like the existing one. vr.462010-06-23 09:02:22