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  1. Even when the koleos was launched it was like 30 lakhs on road because of high import content. Now it seems pointless to buy something costing more than 30 big ones for something which has interior bits of a duster and a low quality plastic dash.

    This will mostly go the Chevrolet forester way.

  2. Wish Honda can price it sensibly at launch in the indian market.

    C+ segment sedans will face a tough future as every global manufacturer is working on Mini suv's. Station wagons can be bid goodbye.

    Time for Vw to bring in the Tiguan and Skoda to lower the prices for the Yeti.

    Rav4 , Hyundai mini suv, maruti xa alpha all can and will gate crash into the party in the next 2 years.

    Who will trump the sales charts in this segment will be very interesting to watch once all launches and market consolidation takes place :)

  3. I feel it has nothing to do with weight of these modern aluminium engines (as against old school cast iron petrol engines). Failure i guess is more out of the engine/cylinders fiddled with all sorts of sensors to match emissions leading to more loss than gain. Modern fuel pumps and new gen scroll type turbochargers have fine tolerance levels and using them beyond their scope (vis a vis a N.A engine) i;e; not following what the car manual says very strictly like idling time, service intervals etc is what makes them more vulnerable to failure IMHO.

    For eg the oil heating up in the Dsg's of Vw & Skoda due to our humid&hot operating temperatures and also because the aam junta/drivers would never actually follow what the manual says leading to premature wear and tear of mechanical parts.

  4. Civic is dead and gone. Lets not create pointless threads like this.

    It's like creating a thread which asks "how come the corolla is still around" or "how come hyundai launched the new elantra when it was written off in 2008"

    I only hope Honda doesn't bring in older platforms like the etios etc just to have a presence in India (forget about market share).

    That would seriously hurt the brand image of Honda.

  5. I own 2 fords. 1.6 Ikon nxt 2003. 1.6 Fiesta Duratec 2007.

    2003 had same steering rack failure within 2 months of ownership. 2009 1.6 Fiesta had it within 1 yr.

    I have seen many Figos, Fusions and the new fiesta as well with the steering rack issue.

    It is a common problem for these fords and it doesn't make sense. All these car's including mine have been bone stock.

    Ford never addressed this issue and I have proof of it with multiple owners complaining about as well as 2 invoices with me which contain the details of the replaced steering rack for free (after throwing a fit at the dealership.)

  6. if they plan to put the puny 1.2 Tdi in this then forget about it.

    What skoda needs is atleast an 1.4 Tdi. Their cars are to heavy for the 1.2 !

    But I feel the 1.2 tdi cr is quite good for the fabia. Has good grunt to reach 60-80 kph in city with a/c & occupants. Atleast this is what i experience when i drive my friends example. Even beyond 80 it decently moves up to 140 on the highways (good speed for indian highways), ofcourse with a little bit of rowing the gear box.

    Are you referring to the older 1.2 tdi pd? Did the fabia come with 1.2 tdi pd at all? Afaik it earlier had a non responsive 1.4 tdi pd (which even you owned recently), and then that was discontinued & 1.2 tdi cr was bought in.

  7. Wish they stop getting engineered cars from Daewoo and ask Opel to make something for this platform.

    The Cruze simply cannot rival any german/European C+/D Segment passenger car.

    Sure the diesel is the only thing they get right, but once you "sit" in the car you'l immediately realise it's an Asian car (not even close to Japs build quality).

    Far from the Impala it looks like a toyota prius from the back.

  8. Why single out toyota? Every thing on the market post the millenium is designed to fail after it's warranty is over.

    Why? Then how else would companies be in business if everything worked hunky dory for a very long time. Electronics, automobiles, generators you name it.

    Not one company makes something like our old household japanese transistors which even today work brilliantly.

  9. I can confirm about the scoterette. In november 1st week on a rainy day i saw something real sporty. Stopped at a signal in Koyambedu chennai and saw the Liquid cooled badge found on the R15 present next to the engine. Its the same 150cc 4 valve used on the R15 with a CVT. Asked the chap riding it and he confirmed. I could not take pics. BUT, i definitely saw the YAM tuning fork logo and the engine.

    Yamaha's new ray scooter was the exact same thing i spotted 2 years ago. That was the test mule with the R15 engine. Now it's 100 cc.