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  1. Call it bad luck or simply unoppurtunistic for Nissan, made-over-night companies like ICML are selling their look alike qualis model, the Rhino, & its selling pretty well. The rhino simply addressed the demand for the shortfall of cheap,hardy, SUV's/pick-up drop vehicles in India, and now every tourist car operator has that vehicle. Atleast thats the case in Southern India.
  2. Its been quite sometime since i heard about Nissan or its products on sale in India. The last time i checked with "Shahwar Nissan", the sole dealer for Bangalore, i got the Info very reluctantly though from the attendent that hardly 15-20 cars are sold from their dealership per month. If this is the case all over India, then we would be looking at sales figures of roughly 150-170 per month! What happened to Nissan's plans? I remember reading in ACI a few months ago that the bosses at Nissan have outsourced their entire marketing & appointing of new dealerships to some company. After that no news at all. Rumours/News of the new 370Z were floating a few months ago, with even a few pics of the car being tested in bangalore came online. If Nissan is going at this rate, then the Micra will take its own time to come. Without the Micra or even Sentra for the matter, Nissan cannot hope to survive in India just by selling very expensive Teana's & X-trails.
  3. O my God why is the site becoming so unstable? problems i'm facing... 1)Virus alerts every 5 Minutes. 2)error message saying "your Ip address search enquires are limited to 20 times", even if i just do it once. 3)Internet explorer,Firefox,Opera,& offlate even google chrome is getting conned by this forum(SERVER) into displaying error messages. 4)Refreshing the main forum page takes lot of time compared to 3 or 4 seconds earlier. Moderators,Special Licensees,Top posters please attend to this problem ASAP.
  4. HANDA made it a point to launch the car at this price & see if some of us gullible but rich Indians lap up this car like the City i-VTEC. IF the car does manage to sell , then greedy HANDA will jack up the prices even more citing Japanese Yen & Indian rupee fluctuation. The truth is Thailand is HANDA's new international base for R&D for Entire Asian market. It's not Japan, as HANDA-SIEL claims. They're doing their Job well & duping us guys.
  5. Is the JOSH MACHINE tag still used for marketing these Ikon Tdci's?
  6. These mods are from a company called DAYTONA which manufactures all mods for any motorcycle. Its based in Japan. For company mods YAMAHA would have to spend time & money for creating the above mods, which is not worth it fully. So its "outsourced" to other people.
  7. Guys Yamaha will be launching their performance kits by this month end for the R15 & FZ-16. I have captured these images exclusively for YAMAHA fans in this forum. ENJOY. (power & torque details will be updated later) FOR FURTHER INFO = http://www.youtube.com/user/Mronsitejp
  8. Guys Yamaha will be launching their performance kits by this month end for the R15 & FZ-16. I have captured these images exclusively for YAMAHA fans in this forum. ENJOY. (power & torque details will be updated later) FOR FURTHER INFO = http://www.youtube.com/user/Mronsitejp
  9. Thats because i20 is selling like hot cakes & a waiting list is already started in metros. Hyundai is planing to produce the car somewhere else in europe to cope with demand. Automatic version will be added a year later i suppose.
  10. Oops you got me on that one .. the front of the bike has a real street presence like the FZ 16 when viewed in real life as the headlight dome is exposed. vr.462009-06-07 19:47:15
  11. The old Rx & the RXZ of yore had an ancient chassis, but good looks. Its the engine cover off or on which makes the difference in the appeal of the bike.
  12. Folks this is the FZ 150 in Malaysia. It has the same delta box frame used in the R15 & pretty much the same body w/o the fairing. Its also liquid cooled. The only diff b/w the indian FZ16 & this is the absence of the Mid ship muffler & the graphics. The same bike in Indonesia is called the Vixion.. Wonder if Yammy can give is the diamond frame for our Fz 16 vr.462009-06-07 19:45:57
  13. It's high time Yamaha bought the latest Rx's to India. The pics below show the Rx's still being marketed in countries like Malaysia & Indonesia, where a demand for 2 stroke still exists genuinely and these bikes obviously meet emission norms. The govt over there doesnt F*k around like here in India These bikes have been constantly updated in Malaysia and indonesia. The current 6 speed models produce upto 19 Bhp! Talk about 2 stroke power & the possibilities of tuning these bikes with custom pipes :-]]]]. Look at the engine design. Its a modern 2 stroker with a compact design. Malaysian RX : No fancy alloys,graphics,or turn indicators but 6 six speeds & mighty 20 PS of raw 2 stroke power from a 132CC displacement!! Indonesian Rx King : More basic model, but still got 18 bhp & 5 gears Only ... Only if BHarat Sarkar gave a go to 2 strokes. then the indian biker would be more happy.
  14. Almost every car maker is messing up on styling cues these days. the front & rear maybe styled very nicely to look sporty , but as always, car makers do not touch the sides , which is awkward to look at.
  15. "Now Fiat is giving us world class safety & mileage cars and we still want to complaint." Every big car maker is offering us world class luxurious & safe cars... but just where, o where, are equally good roads meant for driving these cars??
  16. http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/7027/kdmnewverna1.jpg
  17. http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/7146/kdmnewvernajpg.jpg
  18. This is not the M7. Its the hybrid which will be displayed at the geneva motor show.
  19. No new post yet?? it's been 11 days
  20. vr.46

    Fiat 500

    Guillame Bonjour, mon francais n'est pas bon. Votre voiture est tres agreable. Pourquoi a fait vous pas achetez l'accord si c'etait plus bon marche que l'Ordre cinq cents. L'ordre est tres petit, mais l'accord donnera le haut pouvoir What i'm asking is, even though Fiat is very expensive but its small & nice, you could have bought an Accord and had much more driver oriented car.
  21. Will post more MUGEN CITY & ACCORD pics
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