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  1. If anybody on ACI forums knows about Honda engines... the fit dynamite is a K20 A which revs to 8800RPM producing 260 ps, and the fit spec-d is the L15A (prev gen City Zx VTEC) which is supercharged to produce around 145 ps. Look at the supercharger boost gauge in the second last pic, rite in the centre, its very cool. These cars have kept up with the NSX-R at honda's tochigi circuit in Japan, which is mighty impressive.
  2. 2004 & 2006 Dynamite Fit Proto & Fit Spec-D Proto. ENJOY
  3. Guys, i'd like to share these pics which are the two prototypes created by Honda's official Tuning company -- MUGEN. p.s: since these pics describe the prev gen Fit/Jazz, its a new thread. ENJOY! http://img520.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=m1jpg.jpg
  4. vr.46

    Hyundai Airbags !

    "SEX AIRBAGS"... Wow, i thought they were talking about 6 Airbags for a second...
  5. Seen On Hyundai's Indonesian Website.
  6. Head to your dealer. How many KM has your car covered yet? DO you hear the engine noise while driving with the A/C on or Off?
  7. T-JET is turbo charged. Which is a good thing, & it may not turn up in India, on the Linea alteast, could be possible on the Grande Punto or Bravo.
  8. Yes the Indian currency is denoted in rupees. But, i do not know the actual price of the parts your looking for. Moreso, dealers in India would not be bothered to actually get back to you positively about your queries, so i'd still say that you'l have to contact someone personally in India, whereby you can get the products shipped back or otherwise come down here, which really does not make any sense. I'm currently not in a situation to help you out, but i'm sure somebody on ACI forum will try to help you. Also i would like to mention, since the new Fiesta is just launched in Europe (u.k) you might want to try searching some european country where your fiesta sells. Try various Ford sites, it may work out. It would be monumentally easier trying to get the parts in your corner of the planet, rather than trying half way across.
  9. Since your fiesta's interior is like the the fiesta's in our country, you might be better of trying to contact someone you know in India, preferably in the Southern city called Chennai, and try to source these parts from the factory itself which in in the outskirts of chennai. Unless you have plans to come down to india. But you must also know that the Indian Fiesta was uniquely designed for the Indian market keeping the market conditions, customer likes & dislikes in mind. So even if you can source parts from the Factory or any Ford authorised dealer, be wary that it "might" not be the perfect fit & finish for you car's existing interiors. Fiesta's made in India are also sold in South Africa, and a few other countries in Afro-Asia. All the best mate !
  10. As for the Fortuner, its platfrom is based on 4wd small SUV's.. so products like the Prado which 4wd never became successful because of direct importing & the v6 petrol. But... the fortuner will be localised as much as the innova & should hopefully atleast target the captiva buyer if not the Cr-V buyer. The fortuner is also styled along the landcruiser family range, so the indian buyer shud get the feeling of owning a 50 % landcruiser if not a real one!
  11. It's high time Toyota expanded it's facility in Karnataka. That is the primary reason for delayed production & secondary reason for them not being situated in the hub of Automotive manufacturing of this country. Eg; neighboring CHennai's already got BMW,FORD,Hyundai, Hm, and so many other manufatcurers, plus the motor city in the outskirts of the city will be ready by 2012/14. Toyota if it wants to really compete. they can in bring in products such as the Vios, which is similarly priced as the new City elsewhere, but offers more standard kit, & retains the traditional looks of fender , hood & windshield design unlike Honda's radical man maximum- machine minimum philosophy. I for one would definitely buy a Vios if launched in India, not as an alternative to the city, but as a real good product. It may not rev to 6800 rpm's and provide 118 horses (compensation for overall weight of new city), but what it does provide is quality, features & overall desirability of owning a chic city travelling car, w/o the "snob" or "rich" or "smug" tag Honda owners carry.
  12. Was the Tyre pressure under check? I dunno if under-inflated tyres can burst... What was the tyre looking like after u took it out? Was it appearing normal or did it look like you must have gone over something last night and tyre exploded next day... Cuz my Octavia Rs's tyre one night accidently went over some rough patch and by the next afternoon the substance of Tubeless tyres had come out and tyre was flat. On inspection it was something like a small jagged piece like a nail and it had ripped through the Tube less tyre material...
  13. No worries mate. Hope all goes well. BTW i heard Apache Fi has a real time mileage indicator like the TVS flame.... If u have it can u tell us how it works..oh and also the 0-60 timer function... is it accurate.?
  14. Air intake problem?? explain...
  15. Funny, considering majority of the Buyers of this car would be computer Illiterate!
  16. Finally the CR-V is gonna have some real competition...
  17. vr.46

    I20 v Fabia

    Why has the 1.4 petrol Fabia been stopped? Any reasons?
  18. Hahah back to the days when original citys were available with 1.3 engines.
  19. 7000 units a month?? Msil wants to sell the Petrol Dzire too, since everyone wants to buy the diesel. In many showrooms Dzrire and Swift Petrols are already stocked, and one fine day when the customer has had enuff of waiting for the diesel they finally give in and buy the Petrol engined car. It's a strategy which is used extensively by MSIL. Not that Maruti does this deliberately, because everyone wants the diesel itself, the company also has a priority of off-loading petrol Dzire & swifts too. They can have a better margin too by doing this. Gone are the days when in 2005/06 Swift petrols were so much in demand that "dalals" all over the country started a business by buying cars in bulk from dealers & then sell them too innocent new buyers of the car who were so desperate for the swift.
  20. Is the Jazz gonna come with the 1.2 i-VTEC engine?? Would be fabulous with its very good economy and low end torque.
  21. Congrats brother. Now i'd like to suggest somethin. While theyr'e fittin the new fuel pump, make sure you stand next to the mechanics, and find out what was the problem with the old one. Also start using Speed petrol for your bike (no questions asked about it being good) or SHell if its available in Delhi. Ride the bike immediatley after fixing the part and check for any problems. And lastly, don't let the Service guys keep the old fuel pump. They might claim that they require it since you've replaced the old in warranty, but usually they just sell it off later w/o actually lookin to see what the problem was...
  22. I pity you prabhat... no i mean if u buy a bike mainly known for its straight line acceleration and u get a sh*tty bike along with accidents, it's high time you throw that junk aside. Nothing personal, but its pretty pathetic what happened to you. Stick to Japenese Products, Indians will never match japenese quality and relability ever.
  23. Yamaha is going to bring out its activa competitior.
  24. Yay one more overpriced Honda coming along with little or not features, during it's initial run of 6-8 months. Still Honda loyalists will buy it just for the badge's sake even though they have to deal with Pathetic dealers (bangalore) and less than average experience of the Jazz's real ptential. Indians are sure gonna love it's interiors, fall head over heals with the new car smell and shell out something unreasonable for a car of this segment. It's actually quite high on interior space an all, just bordering on Mini - mini van status. In Bangalore for example the top end will retail for on road 8.5 or 8.9 easily because the taxes here are a lot higher compared to Delly an bom... Just pick up a recent ACI issue and look at any vehicles on road price in Blr vis a vis other cities. Nonetheless its "HONDA" and "HONDAMENTALISTS" will lap it up