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  1. Does this deserve a new thread altogether? Or would an update to the existing polo thread have been enough?
  2. Use 91 octane in your Laura & see the difference/drop in performance. 97 octane is expensive but it makes the engine perform to its best potential (economy & performance). If i was in the market for a pre owned laura i would surely buy your Laura. Only reason being you've used 97 octane.
  3. vr.46

    5 years of RTR

    Whatever bike you settle for (except TVS) you will be surprised that TVS does not understand the meaning of vibrations.
  4. It all depends on how you interact with the dealer. Otherwise Skoda has improved now.
  5. I believe this would be a negative step. Already Honda brio is used by Honda lovers who love petrol engines. Don't believe me? I know of 3 guys who dropped their jazz,city, and Civic bookings for the sweet brio. Cute design and good quality has lead to Honda acquiring quality conscious customers and also teenage college students. A diesel in this would be great for market share and all but the exclusivity of the vehicle regards to it's image in the market may not necessarily be a good thing for Honda. Instead Honda should bring out the city diesel and convince customers of a robust product and then gauge market response for a smaller diesel engine. Janta products like swift sell good numbers in petrol and diesel because it's USP is different. As of now Brio has a different set of customers who could have very well gone in for better hatches.
  6. Toyota is not even competing in this segment. The previous camry is enough proof. But in case they change their mind, they have superb competition in the Skoda superb and ofcourse the accord. Give it a diesel and see the death knell for accord, new sonata, jetta, superb.
  7. Actually New fiesta is a niche product. Whoever drives it get stares. It should remain this way. I drove a petrol fiesta to chennai and i couldn't tell if the car engine was on or off. My 1.6 Ikon is the exact opposite.
  8. Don't worry. Fuel sold across indian cities is 91 octane. Enjoy your brio
  9. @scorpionragha, get some tyre polish also done. your car will look damn good then.
  10. Where are the pictures of your skoda rapid?
  11. So this is what happens if you redline an engine for 2 minutes. Bus 2 minute and you can make "maggi" out of the engine. I found this video in pakwheels. You can hear the people surrounding the car goading the driver to give it the stick, and eventually the engine dies. There is black smoke from the beginning, indicating that some sort of problem existed. vr.462012-03-19 13:53:29
  12. vr.46

    New SX4 2012

    Maruti needs to update the interior on the current car. Simply does not belong in this segment
  13. Did RE just dig up some ancient relic from their chennai factory and ship it to Gujrat? The entire handle bar and shock absorber assembly is rusted. The same greaves engine was on those diesel enfields way back in the early 90's. Whatever this monstrocity is.. it'l end up in Koyambedu area of Chennai sooner or later.
  14. @bornfree Lousy policy? I beg to differ. Mahindra sure damn well knows that the demand for this vehicle is equally high from "lousy" cities and hence the policy of "ignoring" major markets. I mean common big metro's have always enjoyed SUV's sedans due to earlier delivery dates. In this case ignoring a few hundred customers in a major city is better. Eventually in our country where buyers buy a car in one region and drive down to another region to register it will continue here as well. It's a win-win situation. vr.462012-01-14 17:56:15
  15. @Dr Nishu, You saved me the pain of going to a dealer!! Thanks Your detailed explanation has already given me an understanding of how much improved the 2012 Punto is.
  16. I saw a W8 Left Hand Drive XUV 500 being driven today near Mount Road, Chennai. Could not take a pic. But i'm sure it's a test vehicle for Mahindra's LHD markets. Will the XUV500 make it to the USA?
  17. I call this the Harley davidson effect. Too bad Indian's get something better only when there is competition. Dont tell me RE all these years could not carry out style changes of such?
  18. Tres Bien! Can we have more pictures of your 500 in your hometown?
  19. Around 11 years ago on way to school i saw, TELCO Safari and was like nice.... Cut to the present all i can think of is will this so called updated safari ever feel like an SUV or remain a Truck true to it's parent company TATA MOTORS lineage?
  20. Damn... Is every mid segment car on the road a diesel now. Hope GOI finishes those diesel subsidies. No where in the world there exists such a skewed and biased demand for diesel driven things as seen in India for the past 5 years. A petrol sedan/hatch/ driven with a light foot without blocking others is my answer to a diesel driven alternative. It may require extra gear changes but it drastically improves mileage.
  21. Horrible. It looks worse than those racing bikes at gaming arcades.
  22. The one thing Fiat has not been able to understand till now, is that no matter how much their brand is loved, Fiat never reciprocates that "love" back. 1. Tata obsessed dealers who favour a tata instead of a fiat being sold. 2. Service guys wantedly changing parts which can last longer. 3. & Fiats faint attempt at communicating to their buyers through TV ads which just talk about the vehicle but does not strike a " Wow what a car" kind of response from the viewers. I seriously feel the Bravo had a segment of its own in the indian market. Now that its not coming, what else will Fiat lauch? An estate Linea, or a smaller entry level car. Palio new model would mean nothing to an Indian buyer who would end up getting up confused why a better hatchback exists in the form of a punto. Unless fiat really differentiates its model range i feel even the existing range would fade away from the minds of new car buyers.
  23. But apparently the bluetooth module doesn't work in the Vento right? Or is it working?