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  1. Mahindra planning on some esponiage mission again? They lost a few hundred crores of their partnership with renault but in turn got a huge bargain = A CAR

    With this bargain someone making rugged SUVs over night had access to how to make a car, which if they used their own R&D, im sure it would not be pleasing.If indeed this deal goes ahead and mahindra does its jugaad again, then yamaha would be at a loss.

  2. When the Classic Fiesta was launched in 2005, Ford did a good marketing campaign. The whole Go fida idea did work out rather good for Ford. 


    2011 New fiesta. No serious marketing campaign except a few ads about people going gaga over the voice activated command system. And the price? Well over 70-80 K over its rivals. And now an Auto on the petrol fiesta?


    Ford India please wake up.

  3. First the reason was global crude oil pricing is sensitive due to Turmoil in Mideast. Next was OPEC countries overpricing crude. Third is Indian Rupee is getting hurt by appreciating $.


    The fourth time the Indian govt does their "middle of the night act" in such a cowardice manner, their reason will be


     "Well since corruption has gone down so much, we though we'll officially swindle peoples money by raising petrol prices" smiley26.gifsmiley26.gif

  4. I am not against Helmet' date=' but against those morons who keep helmets on the tank or RVM and shaking the vehicle violently in the name of balancing and brushing other vehicles.For no mistake of theirs, many car users gets dent or scratch on their car.What could be the solution for this? Half face helmet?[/quote']

    Solution is fine for riding without helmet. Mobile courts of traffic police in chennai look out for this specific mistake at Koyambedu junction every weekend. Any rider who "balances" with his life on a bike should keep getting fined. It may not be easy, but a day would come when it's pointless not wearing a helmet.

  5. I know what you are talking about Bala. Not just sweat but the helmet itself accumulates lotta dirt. Ok jokes aside, the idea that helmet need not be worn during 5-10 Kms speed is not feasible. Majority of bikers are not quick enough to wear the helmet once the traffic moves on to a higher speed.

    An accident can occur at low or high speed right. So if im at a red light w/o my helmet cause it's hot, and if our share autos plunge into the bike rider he is asking for it. The rider will injured if he/she takes a fall to the head and then blamed by cops and family because of not wearing helmet.vr.462011-10-22 10:50:58

  6. Saw a news brief wherein the anchor asked jagdish khattar Ex maruti chap, that could it be the workers are disillusioned with their payscale compared to the revenues MSIL earns?

    Not a very good reason i'd say if it were indeed true. With the recent fallout MS had with VW, i think daal mein kuch kaala hai.

    Could VW be directly influencing the Unions at M.S.?

  7. When the Nano was lauched i thought the bike market would be hit. Reality was different. The ex showroom price zoomed upto 1.4 Lakhs and despite being a good proposition for a wannabe car owner who rode bikes all his life, the nano fell behind. Simply put a bike is a bike and a nano is not a bike.


    Coming to the Eon. I'd say the interiors and exteriors command a premium in this segment. BUT;


    1. Does it appeal as much as an Alto to a first time car buyer?

    2. Will it be as inexpenisve to maintain as an Alto over the years of ownership ? (current hyundai small cars are definetly not)

    3. Will it be as fuel efficient as an Alto? 


    The TV ads portray it to be a better choice than many small cars and not directly as the best small car. But were not just talking about small cars here are we? Were talking about beating the segment king, and its challengers. Which is were atleast 90 % first time buyers would be confident of buying a tested maruti than a Fluidic small Hyundai. Agreed Eon is spacious looks good etc


    But IMHO at the end of the day it would be never be a true alternative to the small car king the alto, and rather be a chic small car to be owned in addition to the family sedan.

  8. CB... dude Relax!! Words like RIP would be confirmed only by looking at the sales chart like 2 months later only.. The absence of a diesel is still not gonna help Jazz fly off the shelfs like you are probably thinking, and above all is the maintainence aspect. Service charges are pretty fancy at Honda dealerships regardless of parts being localised. For the Jazz to really take off it translates into prospective owners of the new swift, Etios, Liva, Polo etc etc actually cancelling their bookings and lining up at a Honda dealership.

  9. About modern mid size petrol engines being a bit luggy with A/c and luggage, i can proudly say my Ikon 1.6 Rocam pulls like a train with or without load. No worry of keeping foot pinned down on accelerator after crossing a speed braker until a shift to 3rd gear is required.

    The same applies for steep ramps in urban malls where one has to be careful about cars immediately behind you, but not with the ikon ! It simply does it's job of staying at 1600 Rpm and tugging along without even touching the accel pedal. And once you do press it, the car takes off brilliantly.

  10. Maruti bungled up big time on the Brand positioning of this particular product.


    They tried to brainwash people into thinking SPORTY ZEN of the old is Luxurious-uber stylish-Econo tall boy hatch. What were they thinking?

    Two ends of the spectrum could not be merged and this product never got established in the minds of the buyer as a " estilo",  nor a new "zen" too.

  11. In this ensuing mess of baba's supporters and women being beaten up, and anna's planned fast against cheating government the entire subject of making politicians accountable for their actions is taking a back seat. People forget things easily and irrespective of TV news anchors behaving like they are on steroids to make the "people" remember this entire " JHOL " will keep continuing in our country.

    No two ways about it.  & thats what the political class in India wants.


  12. Well Mr ashish choradia is definitely not the ratan tata types who means it when he says "a promise is a promise". My point is, these days nothing is believable unless it is in writing, so that incase things turn sour the same can be used as evidence in the court of law. Why not look at an Audi for now. You would get the same diesel engine you were looking for in your would be Cayenne. Besides Audi takes care of its customers.