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  1. Unless Mitsubishi get's rid of it's parasitic twin in India, HM and come out with its own investment, it will never be able to compete as a serious player in the indian passenger car market. Renault bid goodbye to mahindra who back stabbed them. Yamaha kissed escorts goodbye. Suzuki split with TVS when proprietary issues started coming up. Its about time Misubishi bought in its small kei cars, and its full range 4wd vehicles.
  2. Your engine oil is getting burned. hence the smoke. Oil spilling above piston and coming out is serious business in 4 strokes. Get the head checked immediately. Also check for rust.
  3. Obama Bin Laden, oops, Osama bin laden denied his as well al qaida's role within 2 days of staged 9/11 attacks. Did anybody get to see it? No? Ofcourse not ! Why would evil america allow such things to be broadcast.? BBC news, Canadian news channels. Many european channels etc broadcast his message, and the few U.S channels who did were asked to shut up. Less than a year later an egyptian newspaper published about Osama's natural death in the mountains of Afghanistan. Either this dude was dead long back or was captured long back by CIA only to be finished when the president has to face elcetions.
  4. Get ready boys. Petrol to go up by Rs 5. I'm considering buying a horse/bull sometime soon. Some other reports say diesel price will be increased by Rs 18 to match global prices. This brings me to the inevitable question. Does the current ruling party think that every "aam Aadmi" is a relative of some Policeman or politician? If price's are to go up after elections by Rs 5 for petrol and rs 18 for diesel everything will literally shoot up, mark my words, shoot up everyones .
  5. Anjan as you have owned the Rx 100 for 20 years I believe you would have seen oil at the silencer end..? Common with two strokes if the reed valve gets damaged, the oil starts getting used up more than required and gets deposited outside. These are a few signs of a two stroke not in good health. I'm sure your 100 has run in since January, and you did a good thing by fixing a new oil pump as mixing oil-petrol is commonly done by two stroke owners, it is not at all recommended since the actual oil mixing work is handled by the dedicated pump. Good luck with your lady in red, and don't forget to rev her up !
  6. Visanj i understand your concern. Hyundai Santro, i10, Verna all feel like pogo sticks because they rock too much, and this bobbing up and down is what very irritating moreso on potholed roads. Look into your owners manual and try setting the air pressure for your tyre's one less than whats mentioned. It may help. This jumpy nature should not be confused with ride quality though, as once the surface is smooth the i10 glides over them.
  7. A honda diesel. Without honda crying about poor diesel quality in developing nations ? Honda is sure changing.
  8. Your Skoda Superb is Superb. Have you gone through your manual yet? There's something about topping up the engine oil as the TSi engine uses quite a bit of it initially. Oh ya try to stock up on your SHell premium engine oils. Never know when you'l need them.
  9. Hey DD when you start using your Gps in your car, make sure your charger is plugged in. Otherwise battery gets rapidly discharged and the phone temperature hot. Oh and don't pay too much attention to the gps lady, sometime's she tries to force us into the smallest by-lanes of chennai !
  10. Fiat better bring some new models. before the "sleep effect" takes place, wherein people forget the BRAND. I don't see Fiat making any effort to prevent this. Diehard GTX loyalists is all Fiat will have in India, if they don't think about future models, and ofcourse model refreshes. They could learn a thing or two from other MNC's that to have a volume seller they need a grounds up design made for the indian auto market.
  11. This SUV is a real good looker among all Suv's in India' date=' & besides it's carved out a niche in the Suv market because of its features, which are a steal at this price. The sonata theta engine is the same, but this SUV with its CVT is really nice to drive, and is not so much of a guzzler when compared to the 2.4 CR-V automatic. Something is better than nothing in this case! Mitsubishi better get a smooth Crdi for this and keep its appeal going. Otherwise it would end up going... vr.462011-02-13 16:43:30
  12. I have had it with driving and riding in chennai's roads ! Every car uses high beam and i am literally blinded when cars with high beam on pass by me. Today i got into a scuffle with a Superb owner. He had used his head lamp leveller to such an extent that it hits an oncoming driver's eyes even if low beam was on. Fortunately for me he was an educated chap and i made him realise what High beam and Bi-xenons feel like by making him sit in my car and parking it right in front of his superb. He immediately apologised and assured me he would use low beam. For this to happen i had to stop in front of his car. Luckily it was in Annanagar and the roads were empty that time.
  13. One look is enough to say this is no italian design !
  14. This is the poor man's lamborghini gallardo so to speak. Reduced power & Audi refinement along with the quattro system makes this uber special.
  15. Note from Mod: Posts that add no quality to the thread are best avoided. BornFree2011-01-09 17:22:57
  16. This A/C issue on the Linea is quite absurd. When the Linea was launched, ACI as well as Fiat themselves informed prospective buyers that the Linea has a beefed up A/c unit for India's harsh and humid climate. And now this ?? Seems like a case of left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.
  17. TVS did not offer the performance kits as promised when the RTR was launched. Offering enhanced braking power without extra power is... well a decent marketing effort but a half hearted one.
  18. 8 Valve Sohc layout. Insufficient for it to be a beast. The Rocam engine was expected to be a reliable engine for developing markets where fuel is bad. It can take in anything except leaded fuel. It's a different thing that it has a lovely torque output due to its chain driven timing belt. A Free flow exhaust and a K&N will make it a rowdy wheelspinner.
  19. Im quite impressed with all these fuel effiecient methods... Bow how about making it more interesting, by actually testing how much economy a car returns in chok-a-blok traffic... the same that we face in city traffic everyday. That would make better sense. " 11.8 Kmpl (until diesel remains 49 bucks )in my Fiat equipped Tata, in bumper to bumper traffic of Bangalore/b'bay/delhi/ and amar sonar bangla with AC on and music system on full blast"
  20. Since every body steals the chance from me in saying "please go through the rules and regualtions" to a new member... well in that light " Dear yash, please go through the forum's rules and regulations before posting" Welcome aboard !
  21. So did you happen to drive the T-Jet? Please post your experience.
  22. My sister wants to buy the Lx nano. Comes around 2.2 on road Bangalore if im right. Showrooms have Nano's ready to roll of the floor in bangalore. Our Dealer Prerana motors call up 3 times in a day to "confirm" my booking. I for one smell something fishy here; 1) Ready to roll of the line Nano's in a city like Bangalore where roads are at best, well "NARROW" and no BUYERS ?? 2) Dealers are so exuberant when interacting about the Nano it seems they want to get rid off the "fire" problematic Nano's , and recieve the latest Nano's which are supposed to be "fire proof" 3) OR is it the classic Indian car buyer syndrome; " 2011 ki MODEL hi khareedna hai / I will only buy a 2011 model come what may" I have advised my sister to not book a nano until atleast i see the latest fire proof Nano's in front of my eyes
  23. 930 KG kerb weight with ABS and AIRBAGS is quite a feat for such a roomy car no?