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  1. So another competitor ready to take away Maruti's share of the small car market. MSIL must be in a way thankful also because every new small car launched means a little more burden off its back.
  2. The aisle space is what i hate on all Volvo Buses. Impossible to move around with other passengers jostling for space while trying to lift their heavy bags into the overhead storage... Regarding the interiors of these volvos i've seen uptil now, every other private Bus operator has messed up with the seat comfort what with adding fancy upholstery which end up poking your body in odd places ! vr.462010-11-21 15:24:33
  3. Lohia machines Limited was supposed to re-enter the market with a 2 Stroker wasn't it? That was the last i heard of LML a few months back.. Dr nishu any details on the same?
  4. Why is Quattro not possible on DSG boxes of Audi Vehicles?
  5. The TSI turbo stratified injection isn't available on the Beetle right? Isn't the 115 Hp engine the erstwhile 2.0 Mpi petrol of the now dead octavia.
  6. I think Skoda is cashing in on the imported SUV factor that the Fortuner and Santa Fe is riding on now. Regardless of the Yeti even being assembled here or directly imported a price less than 15 Lakhs would deem it to be cheaper in snob value in public eye when compared to the Fortuner atleast.. irrespective of how big the fortuner is. vr.462010-11-15 09:33:53
  7. OMG! dude awesome... the last 2 pics seal the deal bro! the alfa competizione looks unique with the black theme on around the windshield and the 458 is simply amazing..
  8. At this price it comes loaded with lots of features too' date=' like; -Driver Side Airbag. -ABS. -6 CD/MP3 Changer. -Height Adjustable Driver's Seat. -Luxurious Beige & Wooden finish Upholstery. -6-Spoke Alloy Wheels & many more. To already a VFM car, these adds up to make it even more Fantastic value for money at this Price. [/quote'] In marketing terms, chevvy is trying to beat a dead horse back to life.
  9. how about gettin a better muffler which doesnt make the 600 odd cc engine sound like a TEMPO TRAX from behind or when it passes by you..
  10. The ninja 250 is a full fledged entry level sports bike. 4 cylinders 32 BHP. This upcoming 250cc of Honda is a worldwide release, even the USA is going to have this model. Poor attempt at trying to get back a suitable engine for the entire world and marketing it as a proper sports bike.
  11. Every year in the Autocar spare parts survey, the column for the 3 germans spare prices reads * * = We want to take indian customers for a ride. They've paid so much for the car, they should not mind paying a few lakhs for 1 single part. BTW, is the 50 K price diff the dealer margin?? And does BMW import parts like the suspension only when Indian customers face such problems? vr.462010-11-09 09:42:14
  12. Honda is messing up things. Firstly they should focus on the Dazzler which is beginning to sell in good numbers now. If they launch this so called 150 R the dazzler will die a slow death much like the Hero Honda Hunk which is practically invisible. What happens to the older CbF150 a.k.a Unicorn? Highly impossible they will phase out this model because it represents Honda's commuter cum mileage bike cum ready for racing image even with the 13.5 Bhp engine.. Secondly if the pricing on the earlier reported CBF 250 R was right i.e; 1,50,000 and odd then this bike would fall head on with the yamaha r15 which no doubt honda intends to compete with at 1,10,000 or so. But then again Indian junta is desperate for the 250 Honda and here begins the gamble b/w the 250 flying off the shelves at 1.5 Lakhs and this 150 R being held back. Thirdly this 150 R which Honda proposes, but i oppose, is actually launched then in the Design department Honda doesn't have a patch on the Yamaha R15. Even though the Chassis looks like the delta box of the yam, it still looks too commuterish to appear as R15 rival with those VFR looks in the front and the rather same and cheap looking rear lamp which again resembles the current Dazzler. Honda should focus on the 250cc which is not a pure sports bike, because it is a single cylinder 250 cc albeit people over here are hungry for a 250 Honda. Yamaha will follow suit by launching their 250 which would again look much better than the VFR'ish 250. Kawasaki 250's already have a fan base here. vr.462010-11-09 09:09:09
  13. Congrats on the same exact car again.. U must be one of them lucky customers who don't face the ; 1)rattling 2)dashboard reflection 3)mileage issues 4)etc etc which many i10 owners have been reporting since the past year so. I live in bangalore and i know the i10 is easy to flick around, but i'd rather have a bigger car to complement my small car.
  14. You mean there was one tuned M5 which was faster than this S class?
  15. Probably we can see more of this 458 if and when gautam takes part in the upcoming gumball series.
  16. vr.46

    bumpy ride.

    Having Driven a Fiesta 1.6 S on a newly laid Concrete road and a rather well maintained asphalt road, what i felt ; * Steering feedback is far better on Asphalt * ride quality is much smoother * no irritating expansion gaps of concrete slabs * Tyre Noise is far better as a form of feedback to the driver's ears on asphalt compared to concrete when car is driven in full throttle with atleast driver side window down * Black asphalt glistens more and grabs drivers attention more than plain grey of Concrete
  17. And are they going to kill the accent finally and replace it with the Verna. And replace the Verna with this ? It better be good enough to lure away crazy Honda city fans all over India. Something like what Hyundai did with the i20. Hope they don't give it an i label though !
  18. Any updates to the now defunct Euro 5 K20 series engines.? I'm guessing it will be a more suffocated engine which probably can no more boast the VTEC kick experienced in all old Gen Honda Engines,
  19. The last i heard Fiat has a separate arm called "fiat powertrain" something.. Apparently this is not connected with the car business and is totally seperate. Fiat supplies its diesel from this place. Don't know how true this is, because once a viewer had asked sorabjee about FIAT terminating its supply of diesel engines to Maruti to which he said that Fiat engines is a separate business. vr.462010-10-05 17:44:53
  20. Skoda should have brought this update long back. Regardless of it being a "baby" of mommy VW. I think Skoda did lose out a good chunk of buyers who simply booked the Figo and Punto becuase of the waiting periods of Swift and Polo.
  21. vr.46

    Linea T-Jet

    About the Car. Hope it doesn't become as popular as the regular diesel multijet ! that way this turbo linea will lose out on the novelty factor that the erstwhile Palio Gtx and the other 1.6 variants still have
  22. wish these trucks make it to india!
  23. Hope GM india doesn't make a mess of itself by lauching these china cars here. I mean Gm always launches a car with big fanfare. Then sales slow down and they give a big price cut. With chinese vehicles they'd better be sure to concentrate on their so called premium vehicles cruze and captiva otherwise urban buyers would desert Gm india.
  24. DD i dont think toyota intended it to be a Laura Tsi competitor. It's supposed to inspire envy in all but a petrol heads mind. ( a bit OT thought)