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  1. This is happening all too often. Car explosion in india, errant dealers. Consumers who do not understand Jaago grahak Jaago (no reference to you sir).

    Point also to be noted is that many car buyers who are first timers do not know about these practices of dealers. Car companies also would not care because once the car is by resold by the dealer to the customer it's the dealers responsibility thereon. OH the pity ! smiley19.gifsmiley19.gif Customers get fleeced this way...

  2. First thing is' date=' do not get too optimistic with Maruti people. They sometimes say fairy tales.

    Even if it comes it should not have a VW engine now. There is no such plans so soon. If the 1.3DDiS is planted then 75bhp would be too less. Or is Maruti doing a Ford Fiesta/Toyota corolla in diesel ?

    Its doing a Fiat Linea in Diesel

  3. The YBR 125 may fail to sell properly yet again, due to its similar gladiator-cum-fazer-all earlier yamaha 125 cc look. Also being priced at 47000 just a 2 grand lesser than the 150 is a little weird.... Even if the focus is to sell the higher capacity 150cc more, then there is no use of 125cc bike.

    On the more important side though the SZ series was launched to battle other lower priced 150 cc's than the FZ, and give features like a kick starter, cheaper body panels, and a homely 150cc'ish look the indian biker has been used to. Hero Honda must move up its game. Cbz extreme should have a redux with lesser kit.

  4. The old zen base model...? did not have a tachometer, came with thin tyres, had the same 750 Kg kerb weight, noisy aluminium engine. This k-10 has similar looking rear view door mirros, similar looking power window button console, and the rear uncannily resembles the Zen classic. Neither did the old zen come with ABS too. Some sorta revival of  sorts. Only if buyers take to it kindly.

    Does anybody have/remember the performance figures of the old zen??

  5. So be it. LOGAN now for indians and the upscale new logan nee fluence mini...? for the Indians who are prepared to pay for a french car. Renault should do some sorta pooja to rid off Indian car market side effects like Mahindra grabbing an entire product and the erstwhile peugeot 309, though not a renault but still frenchie being boobie trapped w/o dealers