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  1. The suspension/tyre setup on this thing bobs up and down on urban roads. Petrol engine not efficient. And if i remember correctly back in the hey days when the Accent was selling like hot cakes, Hyundai aggressively sold that car with many promotions, accessories etc. Apparently Hyundai is not doing that now for the Refined to perfection VERNA, because it's quality hatches outbeat the verna which isn't a well rounded sedan. A bumper change is not going to help me thinks !
  2. Had a Header and side pipe setup for a month in my car. Went near deaf with my own cars exhaust note, and the teeming "open silencer" Auto's of bangalore. With the stock setup back it feels good to be driving a passenger sedan the way it was meant to be.
  3. If the Saree guard is meant to protect the Pillion riders feet or clothes safe from getting entangled due to any reason, then again, bike manuals never talk about the "side sitting" position which most Indian lady pillion riders are accustomed to. Doesn't it seem Ironic ?
  4. Inference out of this thread. 1) Cars can catch fire anytime. 2) Walking is best. So, Take a walk. Mods close this thread.
  5. Honda is managing to sell about 300 units of the Jazz as of now. "One life, Why so serious" Being a bit serious, might help this premium, overpriced Honda to sell more. vr.462010-06-09 19:19:08
  6. whats next 0.8 Litre Diesel? I personally feel auto makers must pursue petrol engines with the same gusto as they do for diesel engines. Europe is high on diesel, Volkswagen and Audi in America are selling their 2.0 Tdi's very well, India is inching further everyday. Merc has taken forward with their CGI, but again it is hi-tech like the 1.8 DI petrol units of Vw.
  7. PROs - 1]Good top end. 2]Muscular feel. 3]Projector lamps. 4]Stable ride. 5]Low price of Spares. Cons - 1]Yet another "PULSAR" 2]Engine gets harsh when power needs to be extracted. 3]Heavy kerb weight, making it difficult to flick around. 4]Low resale value, because of low ex-showroom price. 5]New generation of Pulsars to be here by 2012 If you do not want outright power, then i would suggest buying a Pulsar 180. Keeps up with the Big boys.
  8. You've had me in splits. I stay just around mogappair. The only other decent COCO i've come across is BP in shanti colony, Annanagar. Haven't yet faced any problems with regards to fuel quality from here.
  9. Hmm, moreso like the Hyundai Accent Viva's real tail lamp... Besides, google up Vento and its known that it was a earlier generation Jetta platform car of the 90's. Wiki has a pic of the dash, which is shaped similarly when seen in this new Vento. Deja Vu But the vento above shows a LHD... we drive RHD vr.462010-06-01 17:18:02
  10. 2004 December : Honda Unicorn CBF-150 Purchased. 2010 May : Honda Dazzler Launched. It took 7 years and stiff competition from Yamaha for this to happen. The original unicorn was really long in terms of WB. Ug II reduced it by 5mm's. Apart from that, the bike was really good, but horrible dealer services and costly spare parts made it a bad ownership experience. But this is my 1st love. Still running along smoothly and can put up a fight with the new kids on the block. Dry weight : 124 Kg's. CC : 150. Power tune and proper filtration does wonders on this bike, except for the "commuter style" foot pegs. Dazzler would fizzle out if HMSI cannot produce it in good numbers.
  11. Thomas kuehl isn't really bothered about bad Skodas per se. It's about how Indians let themselves continue with "chalta hai attiude"... Lawsuits ? In India? The judges,lawyers are all fixed from the start.
  12. I fail to understand. Is it just the classic case of a few handful cars gone bad due to faulty/bad supplier components... It's even more confusing when the same VW group produces the highest quality cars like the bentleys and the fastest uber-car the veyron.
  13. the current corolla sells in spain and other neighbouring countries with the 1.4 D-4D.... It remains to be seen if corolla does a satisfactory study of the feasibility of introducing a diesel engine, for the corolla in india regards the etios, i think it would be a better bet to launch a fuel efficient 1.2 petrol.
  14. ホンダは非常に良い自動車会社..ですそれはそうかそう!vr.462010-05-03 18:32:38
  15. When will Indian manufacturers realise that they have to be more innovative than just releasing engines which are upgraded by 20-30 cc. This way they will not see even half the success of their japanese counterparts regards to engines, reliability, performance, endurance, who sell bikes in india, and also who were their erstwhile technology partners. Going by their moves by 2020 a bajaj or tvs 600 cc may roll out.
  16. I can confirm about the scoterette. In november 1st week on a rainy day i saw something real sporty. Stopped at a signal in Koyambedu chennai and saw the Liquid cooled badge found on the R15 present next to the engine. Its the same 150cc 4 valve used on the R15 with a CVT. Asked the chap riding it and he confirmed. I could not take pics. BUT, i definitely saw the YAM tuning fork logo and the engine.
  17. This Chrysler Windsor from 1940's--1950's was parked in front of my friends house. A man in his lane sometimes gets real old american cars and restores them... Painstakingly. This model featured something called "fluid drive". Look it up on the net, interesting stuff. I did not find a thread for vintage cars, so posted it here. NOTE : mods, if the pictures posted are too big, please resize them as i tried doing it, but it did not happen.
  18. looking forward to vBulletin battles vr.462009-09-28 12:35:31
  19. Old switchgear remains. Rear view mirrors in the old location have just been covered with nuts. Seat, Tank remains same. Integrated tail lamp and indicators without clear-lens. Same shocks. Same engine. New PGM-Fi unit (supposedly). I suspect Bajaj knew this Zmr's shortcomings & launched their P220 as the "fastest indian" nearly two months ago. The sad part is, even though internationlly this 223 cc engine is used, HH in no way can modify it. This means HH would have begged Honda Japan for a better top end & Fi, but it got a raw deal of 0.6 Bhp increase ( or rather nothing ). i'm assuming Honda did this because it would have conflicted with one of their own future launches, say, a 250 cc bike to compete with Kawasaki's upcoming Ninja 250 & maybe Yamaha's further launches.
  20. Bajaj should either stop producing motorcycles completely and do a full fledged marketing for its erstwhile tech partner Kawasaki's motorcycles in India. Quite simple. It has been upgrading the same 150 cc engine which Kawasaki desgined, upto 220 cc. Honestly i think this engine can't take it anymore. Neither can Bajaj concentrate fully and create an entirely new engine with its limited knowledge as compared to the Big 4. Or the other option is to beg Kawasaki for a new engine, which Kawasaki will not give, because it will conflict with the company's plans to enter India with the Ninja 250 as its bread and butter model. So, Bajaj will keep refining the gear box, improve its bikes electronics to full DC, create more and more stunting Tv ads, and thats it. No more scope.
  21. This car looks like the current Hyundai sonata (except the front grill and head lamps area), albeit in a smaller package.vr.462009-09-06 03:52:25
  22. Hope the dealers of Mitsubishi are as excited as the parent company in bringing in this car. The last time i visited a Mitsubishi dealer in Bangalore, the sales person lamented "SIR, we are not interested in numbers"
  23. When Hyundai can make India as their global manufacturing hub to male & sell cars such as i20, Santro, and other models to european and south african countries, using this same reason they could have concocted a "price-rise" theory like Honda India and sold their cars at Honda's price points. But over the years Hyundai have learnt that simply overpricing a car and downsizing its features wont make it sell. Honda is getting away with its pricing only because its market is limited to metros, and maybe a single dealership in tier 2 cities. Whereas Hyundai is next to Maruti in position 2 compared to A.s.s and no of dealerships across the country. Regarding Honda technologies, its another gimmick. Toyota has VVT-i, Hyundai has VTVT, BMW has VANOS, and the same for all VW group companies. Valve timing technology is not new. Honda may boast about VTEC, being superior to all other camshaft phasing systems, but its not true. In america all of Toyota's models outsell the Honda at the same price point. Not because of Toyota boasting of mid -80's valvetrain technology,like HOnda in INdia but because it enjoys reputation of being highly reliable way more than HONDA. vr.462009-07-26 08:22:24