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  1. So much for increasing 20cc in every bike.
  2. AHEM. "In India, the Honda City is actually considered an upscale car. In fact, often it is even chauffered driven. So the owner will more probably be sitting in the back seats rather than in the driver's seat. India domestic market Honda Cities actually comes with an audio remote control as an optional accessory, for the owner to control the sound system from the rear seats" source : http://asia.vtec.net/Reviews/3GCityTrivia/index.html "The air-cond works well and even in hot weather, the rear passenger gets plenty of cooling. This is important because Honda explains that in countries like India, the Honda City is actually considered a higher end car and some are actually chauffered driven. So rear comfort is considered crucial. This could also be the reason why the Ultra-seats were deleted, because Honda could not extract a high enough level of comfort from them to meet the chauffered driven role." source : http://asia.vtec.net/Reviews/3GCity1Drive/index.html It's always been this way. We Indians have been cheated with glitzy adverts and conned into thinking that owning a higher priced car proves that you are owning something which is "considered" as High end.vr.462009-07-24 13:39:17
  3. Bajaj Auto has the Uncanny ability to change stickers, add new graphics, change the cylinder head with 2 sparks instead of one, all of this... OVERNIGHT and release the same bike ALL OVER AGAIN.
  4. Poor sales and marketing campaign apart, Bajaj positioned the 220 as the most technoligically advanced motorcycle. IT relauched it as the "fastest indian", but bikers have come of age and are no more restricted to buying their bike based on a glittzy advertisement where stuntmen do stunts. Dtsf-i disadvantages were : It had Fi (an open loop one, technically speaking its outdated compared to close loop Fi, and then also the indian mentality of using cheaper components). Fuel used was always a concern. It has Paoli forks, which are thicker than Karizmas but new Fz's have same thickness in their forks. In bangalore numerous p220 owners had problems with the Fi system giving wrong mileage figures, and with some owners who reported that Fi system did not practise what it preached... Eg: Cold morning starts still was a problem., Fuses were getting blown leading to ignition always remaining on even after engaging kill switch. Bajaj is still using the twin frame, and not a single one like on the Unicorn or Fz. No mono shock. Bajaj may claim otherwise with gas charged shocks but ask any pulsar rider about how stable and comfy a unicorn or Fz feels while riding. Rear disc always locked up under hard braking. R&D issues aside, any bajaj bike in long term is no where close to its japanese engineered counter parts in terms of engine refinement, quality and reliability of switch gear. RIde a Pulsar 150, 180 , 200 which is 2 years old. Now ofcourse you'd say that the owner was always a rash rider etc etc... BUT take a similar bike like Unicorn, HH CBZ extreme, Karizma which was ridden rashly and you'l notice immediately what levels of quality remain compared to the other bikes in the pulsars. I am not biased against pulsars, but the fact remains , BAJAJ learnt its bike building from Kawasaki and after the collaboration ended, they've used the same basic 4 stroke engine and produced 100 cc, 125, 135, 150, 180, 200,220 etc etc etc. Any engine upgrade should be done whole heartedly and not just about power increase and strenghtining the clutch for added power. The same goes for TVS apache. APache RTR 160 Fi is no where as good as the carburreted 160 Rtr in terms of performance. Sure on the track it may make a difference, but on public roads the carburetted one makes mince meat out of the Fi. With the new KArizma ZMR coming out, naming terminology asides, it should re claim the mantle of the performance machine. Still, its gonna be outdated compared to Yamaha R15's technologically advanced engine and track tuned suspension.
  5. "Bajaj P220 Fi owners feel cheated" Bajaj is distinctly ahead. So to speak.
  7. If this is really the new Karizma, it should obviously get better tyres, a split seat, a less bulbous, preferably a sharper looking fairing rather than the one in the pic which is exposing the engine. People other than bikers will definitely be amused if not confused that such a big fairing houses a 223 CC mill. Sure the PGM-Fi promises to take refinement & performance to another level along with the price tag. I'm guessing HH will relaunch the "ALL NEW UPDATED ZMA" with a 95,000 Rs price tag reminiscent of the 2003 original launch. Ofcourse now with a rear disc & a Fi system, and am assuming it has an Oil cooler, then it maybe worth it. Going by the pics, it seems the wheelbase is the same. It remains to be seen whether HH's new Karizma uses an open loop or a closed loop Fi system. Bajaj & TVS use Open loop Fi, which in Bajaj's case proved expensive to maintain & ofcourse raised the price much more. Hence the new 220 DTS-i with a 70,000 price tag. vr.462009-07-09 13:51:23
  8. Has HH tried to replicate the GSX-1300R fairing on this Karizma.? one word = UGLY
  9. Merci tres beaucoup monsieur subzero
  10. FABIA FTW ! . Please Post Some PICS. vr.462009-06-26 08:28:52
  11. Here's a Nissan Advertisement in the "right" newspaper on 25th JUNE. It's an AD mainly highlighting the FE of the X-TRAIL & its other features. Kinda weird actually because FE wouldn't be top priority to an X-TRAIL buyer. The reason they've specified the FE is because of rule 115 of CMVR. Atleast they got a reason to give out an AD. It also talks about free insurance & special accessories package [zigwheels toi, 25/06/09] vr.462009-06-26 08:26:55
  12. That Bravo is giving me Goose bumps.!vr.462009-06-24 16:47:01
  13. Umm i saw a P200 today parked aside a Kerb. The bike was on centre stand. The owner was standing next to it, when all of a sudden he clumsily nudged his bike, & the bike fell on its right. The bike landed on the ground and the right foot-rest just flung away from its place. Within the next ten seconds while the owner tried to lift it up the carburettor started leaking ! I do not know how, but a lot of petrol had spilled out. The shiny exhaust had a huge dent on it. The Right hand brake lever was bent into a new shape. Now normally Karizmas, Unicorns or even fieros have tipped over, but they don't fall apart like Pulsars. I suspect this to be the poor quality of materials used by Bajaj. Back in 2008 beginning when the P200 was launced reports were out that its front Forks were breaking apart!. Bajaj should first focus on quality instead of portraying a "distinctly ahead" stance.
  14. Dearest vicky, your brain needs some serious repairs. Do you remember the Kawasaki KB100, KB125 , Chetak? Well if you don't KB stood for KAWASAKI-BAJAJ... Nuthead. Bajaj never could & never can make anything on its own. i hate it when people like you who don't know much start blabbering. You say pulsar is an indigenous product of bajaj w/o any technical collaboration with any japanese bike maker. You must be plain stupid. The mainstay of bajaj technology, the so-called "DTS-i" was engineered in Japan and the whole bike itself was designed in Japan you fool. The KB two strokes, the chetak's, the PULSAR engine was all concieved, created by Kawasaki. I'l give you further proof. Do you remember the KAWASAKI ELIMINATOR?? Ah yes, it had the Kawasaki engine, displacing 180cc. Then KB technical collaboration ended, & since then your indigenous bike maker has copied the same engine design & scaled it up to 220cc. Ofcourse with Bajaj there'l never be any miracles. Thanks to this 150,180,200,220 all have their "indianised" engines now suffering reliability problems from day one. People like you love talking what they feel like. I say you will never improve, much like Bajaj.. Get a brain first & then a life. If you still want to be stupid, check the latest news. Bajaj is going to bring down the Kawasaki Ninja 250 & market it in India along with after sales. NOW don't tell me you will call it a Bajaj product.. . Put simply even DTS-i for which Bajaj has got a patent, is purely illlogical. European manufacturers had introduced twin spark engines in the 60's ! (Peugeot). Bajaj is happy fooling gullible Indians like you into thinking it created all its bikes by their own technology. vr.462009-06-22 11:39:29
  15. What with the Ritz petrol & diesel readily available, MSIL does not want the swift to Fade out of Buyers minds. Beige interior is a good upgrade. But i think MSIL should get more experimental & do something again like they did with the Zen Carbon.
  16. Bajaj Will never improve. I'm guessing a year later when this Rs 70,000 140 k/m hour pulsar has sold poorly, Bajaj will come out with a 240CC pulsar with a top speed of 150 k/m !...
  17. This Pulsar is ridden by an Uncle-ji in Bangalore. I've seen it quite a few times.
  18. It's a shame we cannot buy the R6 or any another 600cc segment bike.
  19. These new headlights are projector type.
  20. So much for reading "wrong newspapers"
  21. About the Ikons holding up well... I have a 2003 1.6 Nxt Ikon, & have driven it across Karnataka, TN and a bit of Kerala. Though the suspension has definitely become noisy due to horrible roads encountered along the states, it still has not gone in for any major replacements after crossing the 60K mark., except for the bushes in front suspension. Just a week ago the ignition coil went out of action, & it cost 4800 for replacement. The steering is the best part of the car, & even today is very responsive with good feedback. The only time the belly touched the roads were when it was fully loaded with lugage. p.s : i still have the "Checked for Josh" sticker on my windshield.
  22. If Nissan is actually setting up its new manufacturing plant in Chennai, why have they not issued any press release as of now. If my knowledge serves me right Maruti talked about commissioning of its new plant for diesel engines, Honda got its rajasthan plant opened by the CM of the state, FIAT did a lot of campaigning about its new restructuring plans, GM india opened up Talegaon plant, VW group (skoda audi) kept talking & updating news about their new plant in Pune... Heck even HM-MITSUBISHI talked about their renewed partnership & management plans. All these served positively in the consumers mind & turned helpful for the respective manufacturers. By all accounts , either HOVER the new marketing chain appointed by Nissan, likes to do things quitely, or has a bad management right from the start. Nissan better update its product line up in India. Pakistan has the Sunny,PATROL,Teana,X-trail, but also the commercial division vehicles like buses trucks etc of NIssan. vr.462009-06-13 17:33:49
  23. Thats funny. Im on Opera right now & its getting foxed (VIRUS ALERTS).
  24. Go in for Motul. See the Difference. I do not know if its 20W40 but if definitely mkaes my unicorn very responsive & lasts longer than the regualr castrol.