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  1. A Diesel option

    or wait for tata Indigo Vista -sedan with fiat engine,.
  2. Wagon R or i10 or Indica Vista

    yes as rahul said, you can go for diesel. Diesel cars give more mileage than petrol and costs less. Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet is a best choice.
  3. Wagon R or i10 or Indica Vista

    i10 is little overpriced. Go for wagon R or Vista
  4. Which diesel car ?

    Indica Vista looks different from older Indica. Vista build quality is good. I own Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura, it is a real VFM car. Suspension in Vista is better than other hatchbacks.
  5. Indica Vista vs Wagon R

    i have some doubts experts...... for how many kms i have to drive in limited speed, say <70 km/hr
  6. Indica Vista vs Wagon R

    Extra items that i had added are floor mats and vehicle cover and anti-rust coating.
  7. Indica Vista vs Wagon R

    Hi forum members, thanks for all your views. I had bought Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura on april 8 2009. Till now i had faced any problem. Not yet taken Long trip. The suspension is very good in Vista , like a sedan. Very spacious....... Less noisy..... Light streeing... nice gear shifts...
  8. Re: UVA 1.2 - GETZ 1.3 - SWIFT

    As you said, Getz production will be stopped in future, better avoid getz. Swift is good vehicle. You can consider Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura , which is best diesel hatchback with foldable rear seats, height adjustable driver seat etc.. and rear seat comfort is very good. I had paid advance amount for Vista quadrajet aura after 1 and half month research.
  9. i20

    Check Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura .... diesel car, VFM....
  10. Indica Vista vs Wagon R

    Hi all experts, Thank you all. I had decided to go for Vista. I will be keeping the vehicle for 5-7 yrs. Intially i will be driving less, and later i will be driving more . Can i go for Vista TDI as vista quadrajet will be out of my budget.
  11. Indica Vista vs Wagon R

    I am planning to buy new car. City driving <200km per month and highway >800 km per month(to native) I am confused b/w WagonR and vista WagonR is old,but proven vehicle. Vista is new,but VFM,spacious and fiat Engine. give your suggestions. i10 is little overpriced.
  12. Best car around 4L??

    I feel i10 is little costly. I checked A-star and Tata Vista , i feel tata Vista has more rear space and has fiat petrol engine. A-Star also looks good, but rear space doesn't match with vista.
  13. I want to buy a new car . Budget is around 4L. only Maruti,Hyundai, Tata cars. Whether Can i wait for few more months, will there be any possibility of any decrese in price ? Monthly usage will not be high.